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Goku's untold adventure

March 1, 2011
By Splenda BRONZE, Baldwinsville, New York
Splenda BRONZE, Baldwinsville, New York
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-Goku has finished his battle with the evil dragon and is riding on Shenron.
M: Hey you on the dragon!
G: What who are you?
M: My names Megan I've come here to take you on a journey
G: What kind of journey
M: A short one. I want to show you firsthand how much u have grown
G: no thanks 
M: to bad I'm not given u a choice
- She smiles then grabs his arm and teleport them to Gohan's/ Goku’s old house
M: We're here do you recognize it?
G: This is my old house, but where is the rest of the house?
M: Take a wild guess. I just told you I would take you on a journey to see how much you've grown up
G: The past. You've taken me to the past!
M: Bingo! To be specific the day you first signed up for the martial arts tournament. You are going to participate
G: What! I can't do that!
M: Oh yes you will.
G: And why would I? 
M: How else will you get back to your time, Hmmm? Bulma's a teen and Trunks isn't going to come for a while. So how are you going to get home?
G: ...
- He shows a distressed face while she has none
G: Fine I'll agree only if you promise to send me back right after
M: That's what I was panning. I chose this time because I know if you win it won’t change the future.
G: that's a relief
M: Yep and to make it so they won't recognize you, would you rather wear a costume or go super sayin level 1?
G: whose they?
M: Don't you remember? Your friends came to watch. Bulma, turtle, Ulong, and master Roshi!
G: Oh yea.
M: *sigh* Goku.
- Megan smiles.
M: Ok now teleport us there please. 
G: Ok first I have to go to level four.
M: Of course.
- He transforms to level 4 where he looks like a monkey.
G: Ready?
- She grabs his hand.
M: Ready when you are.
- He puts his finger to his head and Megan closed her eyes, then they teleported

-Megan opens her eyes and saw a pair of frightened eyes looking at her. The guy had slicked back blond hair and wore a tuxedo. It was the tournament announcer and they were in the middle of the martial arts ring. It was only the three of them.
Announcer: Aaahh! Who; how; what are you. You just appeared out of nothing!
M: Oh it's a new kind of capsule. It teleports you where you want to go. We wanted to see the fights...And the handsome announcer, if that’s OK with you? 
Announcer: Uhhh ...
M: Goku please fly us out of here, you have to sign up
- He lifts Megan up into the air and they head towards the front gate
M: Land in the ally way.
G: Got it.
- They land and megan fixes her windblown air and smile up at Goku
M: That was sooooo much fun! Any way time to sign you up for the preliminary.
- She was about to leave the ally then she remembered
M: Hold it switch to a super sayin now so no one will recognize you.
G: Good idea
- He puts on a serious face and powers up to level 1
G: ready
- He leave the ally will Goku not far behind. They walk over to the monks taking names 
M: howdy!
- He smile
M: I’d like to sign up my friend here
G: Hi!
Monk: didn't u sign up already? Also aren't you a bit young
G: I guess I look like it, but actually I'm over 50 years old
Monks: ????
M: His name is Conan and I'll be leaving as you guys finalize it
- She walks away 1 min later Goku comes up beside her
G: all finished! 
M: cool, so the fight is tomorrow right?
G: yep
M: good 
- "Grrrrr" went Goku’s stomach. 
G: I'm hungry 
M: I can hear it but I don't have any food or money. Ummmmm...
G: Oh! I know I could teleport back to my old house and go fishing! But that would take too long and I’m starving!!!
M: that's right... You could go to corn's tower or fortuneteller Baba's place, I’d go to the tower though because those beans last ten days so you won't have to worry about food. While you're there grab me one too and remember make sure Corn can't sense you. If he does there'll be trouble, k?
G: got it I'll be right back then.
- He goes to level 4 then teleports.

- He appears next to the 3 pots showing past, present, and future.
G: this brings back memories
 -He walks over to the kitchen area and starts looking through the cabinets. He looked for about 15sec.
G: Where are they?!
Corn: Are you looking for this?
-Holds up a small fancy bottle. 
G: Weren't you sleeping?
C: I was until I smelled you. I don't smell a gorilla too often. Anyway if you’re looking for the sacred water this is it.
G: No thank you I'm not thirsty
-Corn thinks to himself: this guy somehow got in here without me sensing him at all. I still can't sense him. The only reason I knew he was here was because I smelled the monkey fur. Who is this guy?
G: Do you have any Sensu beans ready.
-C thinks: How does this guy know about sensu beans? He doesn't even seem interested in the sacred water even if it only is tap.
C: I'll give you some if you can catch me. 
G: Ok, but only if you let me power down. This form takes a lot out of me.
C: Go right ahead.
Goku powers down to his child form.
G: Much better.
C thinks: This person is a kid! Wow, I didn't see that coming.
G: Ok, I'm ready. I'll give you a ten second head start
C thinks: cheeky kid
C: ou'll be regretting that
G: Your right, I am! Can you get 20sec head start instead of ten seconds?
-Corn falls on his back with disbelief
C: Kid, you do know how much time 20 sec is?
G: of course. 20 sec is 20 sec
C: whatever you say. I'm starting
-Corn takes off and thinks: this kid is nuts. Does he really think he's going to catch me if he gives me that much time? I won't go easy on him. Corn jumps off the tower. 20 seconds has ended now and corn just hit the ground about 400ft away from the base next to a river.
C: he should be searching the tower now but he won't find me
-Corn walks over to the river and stops.
G: there you are I searched the entire tower for you but I. couldn't find you. You usually stay in the tower for this kind of thing.
C: oh so you searched the whole tower, then you get all the way here, all in less than ten seconds. You expect me to believe that?
G: that sounds about right. Why would I lie?
C: Because the Sensu beans can give a person all of their energy back after being completely drained
G: That’s why I need them. I’m starving and my friend and I don’t have any food or money?C: you could just be lying.
G: but I’m not
-c thinks: this kid doesn’t seem like the type to lie about this kind of thing, but to be on the safe side…
C: Fine then let me read your mind to be sure
C: is there a problem?
G: that’s not such a good idea
C: Why?
G: I can’t tell you that’s why you can’t read it.
C: then how do I know your being honest?
G:… That’s it!
C: What’s it?
G: I hope he’ll come.
C: Who
G: Oh, Flying Nimbus!
Goku’s old Flying Nimbus flies towards Goku and stops in front of him.
G: Nimbus! I’m so glad to see you! I’ve missed you!
Corn looks stunned.
G: If I can fly nimbus is that proof enough for you that I’m not going to use the beans for evil?
C: That could work…
-But if he can ride it, besides the fact that he would have a pure mind, where did he get one? This kid is full of mysteries.
-Goku jumps on Nimbus and DOESN’T fall through.
G: I can ride Nimbus so can I have a couple Sensu beans?
C thinks: So there are people out there that can still ride these things.
C: Sure you can have one
G: Only one?
C: Yes, but who is this friend of yours?
G: *laugh’s* I don’t know.
C: What do you mean you don’t know? Isn’t the person your friend?
G: I’m not sure, but she seems like a nice person so I’ll trust her.
C: Kid, do you know anything about her?
G: I know she brought me here to look back on your like?
C: “Look back?”
G: Opps. I shouldn’t have said that. Well it’s too late now.
C: Kid, take me to that friend of yours. If you do I give you a few Sensu beans.
G: Deal. But can I have my one sensu bean now? I’m hungry.
C: Here (he takes out a small pouch that has the beans and tosses a bean to Goku)
-Goku catches it and eats it
G: That hit the spot. Ok now I’m ready.
-Goku concentrates really hard, powers up, and then turns in to a super sayin level 4.
C T: Holy cow! This energy is amazing! I’ve never felt anything like it! It’s a thousand times more powerful than the strongest people I’ve met. And I’ve met a lot of people. Just who is this guy?
-Goku cuts off the emitting energy
G: Ready to go?
C: Yea…but how do you plan on getting there?
G: Like this.
-Goku grabs corn’s wrist and teleports back to Megan

-Megan is lying on a bed in a hotel room when corn and Goku appear
G: I’m back!
M: I can see that, but why did you bring him here with you?
G: Because he said he would only give me one sensu bean if I didn’t take him to you.
M: Goku! Whatever! Anyway, I got a room by betting on a street fight with a couple of Zeni I found.
C: So your name is Goku?
G: Yea.
C: How did we get here?
-Goku powers down
G: Instant transmission. It’s a technique I learned that lets you travel at the speed of light. But I can’t do it when i'm in my child form.
C: So you turn into a monkey?
G: Yea, pretty cool right?
C: Sure Goku. So where are you from?
M: Well, I know you’re a good person and we can trust you, so why not? He’s from 50 years in the future. As for me, Corn, I’ll keep that a secret.
C: The future, hmp, well I’ll be. So what are you guys doing here?
G: I’m here to participate in the World Martial Arts tournament tomorrow.
C: Aren’t you a bit young?
M: no he’s older than he looks. He’ll do fine
C: OK then, are you in it for the money?
G: I’m participating so I can reflect on how I progressed
C: so your comparing yourself to those who are fighting?
G: Yes.
C: Well that will be interesting
M: More interesting than you thing….(smile)

The next day the three of them arrive at the gates. Goku is already in level 1 form.
M: this is where we part. Good luck and be carful
C: good luck.
G: Thanks guys I’ll see you later.
-He goes into the pulmonary building. He looks around.
GT: Déjà –vu.
-He sees Yamucha and Jacky Chung standing alone. He also sees Krillin standing by a kid with spiky black hair and wearing an orange uniform.
GT: So that’s what I looked like.
--The older Goku goes to where the people hand out numbers and gets one. He is number 6. The same block as Bacterian.
Announcer: Can I please have numbers 69 and 70 in the ring please?
Little Goku enters the ring. People make fun of his size. Goku runs skids past his opponent then taps him on the back of his leg and falls out of ring
An: 70 wins
Every one stares at him and big Goku smiles. Jacky Chung/Master Roshi notices his reaction
MR: That kid doesn’t look too surprised. It’s like he knew it would happen. He looks kind of familiar.
-He walks over to him.
MR: You don’t seem too surprised by the outcome of that fight.
G: People tend to underestimate the small
MR: My name is Jacky Chung and you are?
G: My name is Conan. I hope I get to fight you Mr. Chung! You are very strong!
MR: How would you know that?
G: Because you are Master Roshi’s cousin. (He remembers)
-He shows a happy smiling face then hears it’s his turn for a match and enters the ring.
MR thinks: I’m not his cousin. I am him! I was going to tell people that if they thought I master Roshi. Why would he think I’m his cousin? Who is this boy?
-He walks over to Conan’s ring to watch, which hasn’t started yet. Conan is up against Bacterian on his first fight.
MR: This kid has it hard, up against a previous winner of the tournament for his first match. And it looks like others agree with me.
-People, watching this fight, are holding their noses from the stench Bacterian gives off.
Random person 1: My, children are getting bolder every year.
Random person 2: Yea, this is the third one I’ve seen in this tournament.
Random person 3: Except, those other 2 defeated their first opponents easily.
-They look at each other uneasily.
MR thinks: Yea, but those other two were trained by me this one probably is just some kid trying to prove to his friends that he is strong. I sorry for the kid.
G: You still smell bad after all these years. You should take a bath.
-Bacterian just shows an ugly grin.
An: Begin!!!
-Bacterian goes in to grab him but Goku pokes him with one finger causing him to fly across the room and slam into the wall. Everyone’s eyes bug out in amazement.
G: Mister, can you hurry up and call the match so I can wash my hand? It smells really bad.
An: What? Oh, yes, right, of course. Number 6 wins.
G: Thank you!
-He runs off in the direction of the bathroom.
MRT: Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. Who is this kid and who trained him to become this strong at such a young age? The boys might have their work cut out for them after all!
-With that he passed through the preliminaries easily.

Announcer: O.K. So here are our 8 finalists. I will now go through the rules. (Refer to episode) So when I call your name please come up and pick a number out of the box. Nam…number 5; Krillen …2; Monster…4; Jaki…7; Yamaha 8; Ran-fan…6; Conan…1.
-The announcer tries to pronounce little Goku’s name and can’t get it right.
An: We’re not missing anyone.
Yamcha: That’s-
Big G: It’s pronounced Goku.
An: Ah… (He blushes) Goku! Is there a Goku here?
LG: That's me!
An: Ok he’s 3.
LG: How do you know? I didn’t pull out a number yet.
An: Well, there is only one number left.
LG: I need to choose my number.
-He walks over and pulls out the number 3
LG: Wow he was right!
An: I'll just go tell the people the plan
- He leaves
Yamcha: How did u know his name was Goku?
BG: Uh, I overheard you say it earlier
Ran fan: You two look similar
Yamcha: Conan even has a tail
Krillian: What's the big deal about a tail? It is weird though.
Yamcha: Goku used to have one.
Krillen: Really?
Goku: Yea.
Krillen: That's just weird.
Yamcha: Maybe you are related?
BG: No, no. No relation. Ha ha.

-Meanwhile orbiting planet Earth there is a huge cube-like space craft that seems to be waiting.
Unknown person 1: Sir we have reached our destination
Unknown person 2: Have we now? Excellent. Have one of our fighters prepare themselves.
-Person 2 smirks menacingly.

Announcer appears on stage
An: Ladies and gentlemen (refer to episode) now our first 2 fighters Conan and Krillen. Look at these two little guys.
Crowd: Laughs and cheers.
An: What does it take to get through the preliminaries at their age? I don't know folks but we are about to find out. Ready boys? Fight!
Krillen thinks: I shouldn't hurt this kid. Oh I know I could just hit him hard enough to fly out of the ring and land in the crowd.
BGt: I should go easy on him. He's not as strong as in the future
-Krillen runs toward Goku and does a flying sidekick. Goku puts on a serious face and catches it with one hand. He has a taken-a backed look on his face.
An: Krillen does a sidekick but Goku catches it with one hand
BG: I thought you were stronger than that
Krillen: look kid, I've be trained by the master Roshi I don't want to hurt you
BG: Ha ha, you don't have to worry about that Krillen.
Kr: Oh?
BG: I was also taught by him.
Kr: He told me and Goku we were the first ones
BG: Oops. ~laughs~.
Jacky Chung perks up.
MR: I never taught him. But he does seem familiar.
Megan (from audience): Conan, keep quiet.
BG: Sorry Megan. Ready Krillen?
Kr: yea
-They get back to serious stances. Krillen runs towards Goku and starts throwing punches; Goku dodges all of them easily.
G: You’re going to have to be faster than that.
K: Grrr!
Bulma: What are you doing Krillen? Hit him already!!!
KT: This kid isn't like those guys I've fought before.
K: No more mister nice guy!
-He runs strait at Goku then goes for a knockout punch. Goku moves out of the way and Krillen hits the wall behind him.
-A huge portion of the wall breaks. The crowd gapes at it.
MRT (from where the fighters are watching): Krillen is strong and he knows a couple moves, but this kid isn't flinching. It’s like he’s taking a walk in the park.
Little G: Yay, now I can see! Thanks Krillen!
K grumbles: My pleasure.
GB: ~laughs~
K: What’s so funny?
BG: Nothing is funny I’m just having fun!
K: Oh is that all.
BG: Now back to the fight. (Gets serious)
-Goku leaps, disappears, and appears under Krillen. Krillen is in shock and Goku kicks him straight up into the air about 150ft. He chases after and elbows him in the stomach throwing Krillen into the ground causing a giant crater.
-Crowd goes silent.
-Master Roshi, Bulma, Uulong, and the rest of the gang’s eyes bulge out. Megan smirks.
Corn Thinks: That was so fast even I had a hard time keeping up and to think this is only a portion of the kid’s power.
BG: Oops! Sorry Krillen I didn’t mean to hit you that hard.
Yamcha: He acts like it was nothing. I can’t compete with that. Just who is this kid?
-Crowd cheers.
An: I don’t believe it folks! Krillen, from what I saw, got kicked 150ft into the air then elbowed from there into the ground 5ft. From the looks of it I don’t think he can get up.
BG: He will.
An: Uh, O.K. then…I’ll start the count. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8-
-Krillen painfully gets to his feet and gets out of the crater. Crowd cheers.
An: I don’t believe it! Krillen gets up from that beating he took from Conan!
K: I’m not… (breaths heavily) not out yet.
BG:I knew you wouldn't be down with that.
K: hmp

Unknown person 2: Go, bring him here.
Unknown person 3: Of course.

BG: Let's contin-
-Goku stops mid-sentence, his face gets serious, and he looks up. The tired Krillen follows his gaze.
K: What?
BG: Someone powerful is coming, but it couldn't be him.
K: Who?
An: Excuse me boys, but is there a problem? The audience did come to see a fight.
-Goku gets super serious.
Bg yells: Everyone, get out of here now.
-Goku powers up. There is a giant ball of energy, 5 meters across, coming straight for the arena. People are starting to panic. Goku looks straight at it and gets into his famous position. He puts his hands together and draws them back.
BG: Ka-may-ha-may...(he holds it till the last possible moment) Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
-The Ka-may-a-may wave completely obliterates the blast and continues on to the person behind it, Pikkon. Pikkon redirects it by back handing it.
MRT: (stunned) The energy this boy puts out is phenomenal! It's ten times greater than my own!

The author's comments:
This is a continuation of what I want to happen to Goku next. He is taken back in time by a mysterious women and is thrown right into a plot that should never happen, one that has the potential to rid the universe of Goku forever!?
What will happen to our hero?

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Splenda BRONZE said...
on Mar. 14 2011 at 12:18 pm
Splenda BRONZE, Baldwinsville, New York
4 articles 4 photos 7 comments
This isn't finished yet. i'm working on it though. i need ideas on how to transition to the next part. Pleese help. And thanks for reading y first work!!! ^^

dotn_me BRONZE said...
on Mar. 4 2011 at 6:43 pm
dotn_me BRONZE, Camarillo, California
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cool, slightly confusing, yet still good :)