Blame the Sugar

January 28, 2011
By , San Jose, CA
It’s all because of the sugar. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. After all, it’s not every day that they’re stuck in a cell with window bars made of sugar. Although if it was every day, maybe he’d have built up an intolerance. Hmm…not too much sugar, a few cups a day would do it. He looked over at Rose, sitting in a corner looking shell-shocked and muttering something about swearing off sugar for the rest of her life. “Oh come Rose, it could be worse! On Regalious Four, wearing pink is illegal; we’d really be in trouble! See, they had this hot pink god, but then he turned gray after defeating Graxit’k, so they outlawed pink in his honor. Quite fascinating actuall—“He was cut off when a suddenly active Rose clapped a hand over his mouth. “How could it be worse!? I’m stuck in a TARDIS with a sugar high Time Lord who’s ADD at the best of times!” She glared down at him as he tried to answer her, but her hand was still over his mouth (not, he supposed, the worst situation, but it did make it hard to talk.) So he licked her hand, slowly running his tongue across her palm until she pulled away with a squeal. “You and your oral fixation!” She was giggling a little, an a little more time with him in this frame of mind, and it dissolved into a full on laughing fit. He made a fun sugar high Time Lord. So when he was alone in the console room after Rose had gone to bed, and he couldn’t get her taste out of his mouth (not that he was trying), not to mention found it mouthwatering (Time and mint and humanity, and something that was pure Rose so much that he almost wanted (did want to) kiss her, he blamed the sugar. But what will he blame in the morning?

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