January 31, 2011
By Kary123 GOLD, Chelsea, Massachusetts
Kary123 GOLD, Chelsea, Massachusetts
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“Remember happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think.”


“Where am I? I was just dragged into the well and suddenly I am in a forest. Wait! There’s the sacred tree. Home must be close by.” I thought. I walk through the forest never getting the sacred tree out of my sight.

Everything is so weird. I was just sitting next to the well when suddenly strong arms grabbed me from behind and dragged me in. I fought whatever that thing was and then I was back in the well. But when I climbed up to get back home I found myself in a forest. Now I am following a trail back to the sacred tree. That tree is right next to my house. The sacred tree is sacred because there is a legend that a demon used to be stuck there when the demon tried to steal the shikon jewel. But of course I am not superstitious so I don’t believe in it. ”There I must be close home now. Once I get in the house I will take a nice long ba...” suddenly I am in front of the sacred tree and there is a boy pierced by an arrow stuck there.
He has white hair and white sort-of dog-ears, but that seems to be the only weird thing about him. His face is beautiful; his nails are long and pointy. He is wearing very weird clothes the only thing I can tell you is that his clothes are red and he has no shoes. I feel very weird staring at him so I turned around and started to walk away. Then right in front of me was the monster that pulled me into the well. It towered over the trees. It looked ugly, the half down body was the tail of a snake it scales rippled as it moved and breathed while its upper body was that of a human man excepting that it had six arms. Then I did the only thing I could – I screamed.


Her scream woke me up from my deep sleep. And there she was. The woman who betrayed me.

“Hey Kiki having some trouble?” I said sarcastically. Kiki turned around suddenly and I see she is scared. “How can she be scared? She is the priestess of this village she is never scared”.

“My name is not Kiki” The woman answered, “My name is Janie.

“Well you still smell and look like someone I hate so why don’t you get out of here and leave me alone” I say to her. Then she screams and then there is a demon attacking her. The demon attacks her at her side and something flies out. And that thing happened to be the shikon jewel. ”Why does that woman have the shikon jewel? Well it looks like i'm going to have to help her.” I try to pull out of the tree but the stupid sacred arrow wont let me.

“Hey girly stop screaming and come help me get this stupid arrow off.” I yell at the girl.

“MY NAME IS NOT GIRLY EITHER!” she yells. Know I am sure she is not Kiki. Kiki would never yell.

“ Well whatever you’re name is, just get the arrow off. Or do you want to be eaten by that demon?” I say

“ OK. Ill help you.” She climes on top of the tree and the suddenly I am free.

“ Ha. Thanks a lot gir…” Suddenly the demon attacks me. “Hey demon. You came here just at the right time. I have been stuck to that tree for a long time now and I am looking for a good FIGHT!!” I jump on the demon and use my claws to slit its throat. Then I cut one of its arms. The demon tries to throw me off but it doesn’t succeed. The stick my hand in its chest and in a second the demon is on the ground. I la nd on my feet with its heart in my hands.

“ Now girly it’s your turn.” I look at the girl with a smirk on my face while she stares with horror at me.

To be continued

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