Ryan's Dream

January 28, 2011
By Anonymous

The glass shimmered and the water behind it was a pale clear blue. Specks of dirt and bubbles encompassed the window; in the distance Ryan could see the entirety of his city, of his dream. The buildings were covered by hundreds of neon lights which flickered and sparked. Passing through the music hall and medical pavilion was a large humpback, his cry was somber, Ryan did not feel for the whale but he understood his sadness. He had been alone for quite some time and he knew the feeling, but he shrugged it away like a bad memory.
Ryan looked out at his city one more time and remembered the times he had here, good and bad. Children playing in the street amongst performers and citizens alike, they all came here for a common goal. Wealth, power, happiness; but this was no ordinary city. This city was built on a dream, on an idea, on one man’s vision. The dream of the perfect Capitalist ideology and of Andrew Ryan’s vision of a perfect society without morals, without taxation, without fear of government intervention. But this dream he believed, was so impossible that he could not build this city on land, he had to overcome the impossibility of creating a perfect government based on the Capitalism idea. To do something as impossible as this, was to do something equally impossible. He had to build his city at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
His dream had been a reality for quite some time but soon the citizens of Ryan’s city had betrayed him, but more importantly to Ryan, they betrayed his city, his dream. A small yellow light flashed on his desk and he quickly turned to the wall of monitors near his desk. He paned over the wall and spotted the intruder on #59, a small bead of sweat ran down his neck and he fastened his collar to breathe easier. Deep inside he knew his end was drawing ever closer, he sighed and was almost relieved. Through his cities’ civil war he had feared death every second and never knew how it would arrive.
Now he had finally known how it would end, for he had a secret that the intruder had not yet known. He was going to reveal it before his time was through, so he walked over to his miniature golf green in his office and started nervously tapping golf balls. He made none of them in, Golf wasn’t really his forte but he played on. As his Frank Sinatra record played “Beyond the sea” The words ran through his head over and over and his nervous attitude changed towards his intruder, scared no longer, Ryan had his speech prepared and his sacrifice ready. His life was not going to be the only sacrifice, only moments ago he started the self destruct sequence of his entire city. As cliché as that may sound Ryan was no Saturday morning cartoon villain, Ryan knew this day would come and he prepared. Before the sequence started he relayed these words over the loud speakers.
“You can kill me, but you can never have my city!”
The door opened, and Ryan finally met his intruder for the first time. He finally met his son.

“Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision,”-Ayn Rand

The author's comments:
This is a repost of the former story of the same name.

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