Life As a Pokemon Trainer

January 27, 2011
(Professor Oak)

“Your great grandfather was the best Pokemon Master in whole world!”

“But Professor, I don’t want to be a Pokemon Master. I want to be a dentist!”

“A dentist! What are you thinking lad! All the men and women in our family have all trained hard and became victorious Pokemon Masters of all different varieties of regions!”

“Yeah I guess so. It’s just not my thing okay gramps?”

“You will be a Pokemon Trainer. Even if I have to spend ever moment of the rest of my life teaching you something new about Pokemon!”

“Fine, if you really want to waste your time, then go right ahea-…”

“Let’s start right away then shall we?!

“Uhhh, sure…”

“Okay, first you need to get your first Pokemon. Which one will it be?”

“Well, I guess I’m going to have to go with Pikachu. He seems to be very arrogant, but strong in the mind as well.”

“Excellent choice! Here you are! Your very first Pokemon!”

“Wow, thanks! Ya know, he actually is kind of cute…”

“Now be careful of his tail. If you pet it wrong, it could make him scarred and…”

“OWW! He shocked me! Professor! See, I told you! I’m just not cut out for this!”

“I warned you! You have to take things slow with your Pokemon. Friendship and trust between a trainer and his/her Pokemon is gained by battling, training, contests, and so forth. But mainly by caring and looking out for one another.”

“Your right Professor. I guess it will just take sometime. But I know that one day, Pikachu and I are going to be great friends! Right Pikachu?!”

“That’s my granddaughter! Now, go out there and become a Pokemon Master!”

“I will Professor! Hee hee, I mean, Granddad!”

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Wolf-Pup31 said...
Feb. 25, 2011 at 1:15 pm
lol that funny, thought why Pikachu, r u doing it as Ash?
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