my weird dream

December 26, 2010
By Anonymous

My freakish dream that I had a while ago
I was Harry Potter and I was with someone I don’t remember, and we were flying on our brooms when all of a sudden I see an arena and it’s full of Deatheaters and Ron is in the middle. So I say ‘we’ve got to save Ron!!!!!!” so we fly down and drag him away. Then I have a duplicate, and we’re being attacked, and I tell my duplicate to stay behind a pile of barbed wire while I go fight, and I take my Styrofoam® baseball bat and go fight evil, and my friend James is there, and I batter him, then my other friend Alex Wood appears in a blue bikini with a rubber inflatable tube around him, and I whack him and run back to my duplicate, and he tells me to stay there while he fights, and then I wake up.
My other freakish dream (lol Alex might like this)
Alex Wood is the king of an island, and I’m one of his soldiers, and he’s at war with James, whose kingdom is a patch of land on the other side of a muddy ditch. And Alex’s kingdom is totally awesome, and there are massive rope swings, and a cruise ship, which my mom and I go to find, then I go on the rope swing, then I’m called for some food- it’s all delicious. Then I go off to fight in the war, and while I fight I’m lying in the muddy ditch. And Alex is next to me, and I ask, “What is in this ditch?” and Alex says “Slowgee mix and milk! James uses it because it eats like rice!” and then we beat James in the war, and I go on the rope swing and go into some water, under which is a waterproof movie theater, and I see some movie I can’t recall, then a bunch of policemen come up and arrest me for doing thing. That’s exactly what they said: ‘We arrest you for doing thing.” and I go to jail and there’s a Labrador in a bonnet, who tells me to run, and I do through a door in the wall that appears out of nowhere, then I’m up on land, and James comes running up wearing a bunch of weird ragged clothes, and then I wake up.

The author's comments:
erm... I had a weird dream.

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