Into the Night

December 17, 2010
By Abbz7193 GOLD, Denver, Colorado
Abbz7193 GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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I always thought I would be the girl who would always have her life set on the table for her. Where everything would be laid in my hands. But to some extent I knew that would never happen, no one had it that lucky. Not even me...
I remember that cool fall day as if it was yesterday. I sat on the couch looking out the window. A warm breeze floated thought the house as the heater kicked on. A blanket was around me to provide extra warmth. But even that couldn't keep the odd chill from entering my body. I knew something was wrong, I just sensed it.
I looked around the house feeling the presence of someone looking at me. I found nothing. It was a weird thing, that feeling. It was indescribable to every degree. And yet it was hauntingly comfortable.
I now got up from my seat on the couch and attempted to warm myself but making some hot chocolate. Five minutes later the entire cup was empty and I still felt the unforgettable feeling in the pit of my stomach. I rinsed out the cup and returned to my seat on the couch. And looking out the window I had the sudden urge to go outside. This was an urge that I, for some reason, could not resist.
I put on a warm jacket and opened the door to the outside. It was cold. Colder than every inch of my body. I continued out the door and into the front lawn. My legs were moving on their own and I couldn't stop them. I was moving quickly not knowing where they were taking me. I tried to stop, to go back to the house but I couldn’t.
Finally they stopped. I took notice of my surroundings; a dark alley loomed in front of me. Once again my legs began walking. They went forward into the darkness. I knew once again that something was off, but it was if a sudden bodiless voice answered my question.
“There’s no need to fear. You’re safe. Unless that is you are a bloody fellow.” The voice had a thick English accent. It was soft and kind, but somewhat harsh and truthful with its words. My legs no longer walked and I fell on the ground as my knees returned to my own minds power. Not expecting the sudden weight to come crashing down on them. I sat stunned for a moment and then answered the voice,
“Who are you?” My voice trembled slightly.
“Thou would not know me, but I go by the name of Peter.”
“Peter…” My voice was just above a whisper. “Where am I, who are you, why am I here.” The questions seemed to come out all at once.
“You’re in an alleyway, I’m Peter, and you’re here because I made you come.” His voice turned husky. “I just couldn’t resist anymore.”
“What… what are you talking about?”
“You!!” He shouted. “You, I can take on this life anymore. This is too much nothing can change my mind. And you’re the only mortal that can change anything.”
“Your making no sense… what are you trying to tell me?”
“I’m not like you. I not like any of you mortals! I’m different. But the only way I can change is through you.”

The author's comments:
I'll write the next part soon! So I hope you like this one! :)

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