The Selfish One

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

“Oh my poor Mathilde! But mine was only paste. Why at most it was worth

only five hundred francs!” (Poe 233).

The air around the two women seemed to get mustier, the grass; less

alive, and the children playing in the park that once brought so much joy seemed to

vanish. The park became a sort of abyss, with the immoral energy that radiated

from Mathilde Loisel’s aura.

A perturbing grin spread like wildfire across her slowly

wrinkling face. Her hoarse voice urged out a short cackle. “Oh Madam, you mustn’t

fret. I’m much happier where I am now! I can also see that you are too!” She

gestured towards the necklace so delicately dangling from Mme Forestier’s perfectly

shaped collarbone. Madam Forestier ‘s pale hand flinched towards the expensive

necklace once she caught Mme. Loisel eyeing it. “Why, I am happy, and I’m so glad to

hear that you are well. I really must be going but-” Madam Loisel interrupted her to

say, “As do I, old friend, but I really do miss speaking with you. What do you say you

join my husband and I for our evening meal? It would mean the world!”

Madam Forestier tried to fabricate an excuse in her mind but ended up giving in.

After a bit longer they both parted ways, Madam Loisel began to chuckle menacingly

As soon as Mme Forestier wasn’t able to be spotted. The irrational woman initiated

another menacing cackle, this time more daunting than before. With the guffaw

came a startling statement, “I will get back what I once had If it means losing such a

dear friend as you.” She sneered back with a cynical tone of voice.

After swabbing the floors and counters, braising the beef and boiling the

stew, all was keen at the Loisel residence. Careful not to soil the floors, Mme Loisel

hurried over the the window pane and sat down to read her hardback. After

skimming through a few pages she gazed out into the tumultuous streets and

watched Madam Forestier exit her taxi cab . She rushed into the kitchen to prepare

the drinks and set the table. She seized 3 silver goblets hidden in the back of the

cupboard, for special occasions. Tonight would be special enough she thought to

herself. She filled all three of the cups up with the red wine, but in she injected one

with a venomous substance. She sat the poisoned drink into Miss Forestier’s spot

just as the door buzzed. Mr. Loisel rushed from the bedroom quadrant of the room

to the door . Just before opening it he said to Mathilde, “Darling, Im so happy you

and Madame Forestier have come together once again, this could bring great

fortune to us! “ she waved him off and demanded he open the door right away.

“Madam! We musn’t start off with small talk I have such great news for you!

I took the necklace you gave to me and pawned it off for a good percent of the

original price! It was no bother so don’t worry about thanking me!” Madam Loisel

was without words. She was so speechless in fact, she forgot about the drinks

on the table . “That’s the best news I’ve heard in a year! Let us drink to good

fortune!” Mr. Loisel exclaimed. Madame Forestier grabbed the dirty flute and sipped

from it. “My, this wine tastes strange, what is it?” Mme Loisel started to say

something but it was too late, the substance was already in her system. “Let me take

look at it” Mr Loisel said grabbing the glass from her hand. He took a long gulp of it

and began to cough. “That’s not mine!” He said.

Just then Madame Forestier fainted into her chair lifelessly. Mme

Loisel’s Husband swerved around to face his wife. “What have you done?” an

expression of extreme disappointment spread across his face. Then nothing. His

limp body sat slowly into his chair. Suddenly, Mathilde Loisel’s largest fear came

true. No, it was not that she was poor, or lesser than everyone else. It was that she

was alone. Never in her life had she been without someone, and now here she was

standing in the middle of the room with all of the people who actually cared about

her lying on the floor, lifeless. She grabbed the goblet and sat down next to her

husband. She swallowed the remains of the toxin, and waited for it to set in.

The author's comments:
Alternate Ending to the story 'The Necklace' by Guy De Maupassant.

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