Good and Bad

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Good and bad.
Both can seduce people. Yet people aim towards the bad side, people like Marquise a noble and very important man. He was very nice and helped a lot of people, but when evil was introduced to him he took the invitation. He became the thing he told people he would not be.

Evil sucked him so much he tried to do something nobody was able to accomplish, and that was to take over the world. Yet in order to do that he had to get some money, and a symbol so that everyone would know who took over the world. He came up with The Chiseler.

In a cold and very windy morning in Empire City, Christian Price, (head of Price technologies) was standing by the window. He was trying to figure out what the people from the break in were getting.
“Sir have you tried seeing from his personal office,” the head guard asked.
“Yes I have actually but when I do you see that nothing happens it’s blank, shows no one coming in or out. Speaking of which what happened to the guards last night?” asked Christian.
“We don’t know sir 1/4 of them were unconscious and they all were around that office.”
“Who used to be in that office?”
“Marquise Dean, a French man who had an insanely good imaginations. He quit one year ago, I just wonder what the thieves wanted that was his office.”
“Well look into his file I want to know more about this guy.”
“Yes sir.”

Christian took the remote at his nice couch and watched the news for a little bit. Like the usual it showed the weather and economy, then it went to robberies…
“Last night there was a robbery at Price Technologies we do not have the whole report but what we do know as that the police are on this contingency. There was also another robbery at the Johnson’s Jewelry store, we have a videotape of the robbers but we will show you after the break…”As usual Christian would go down to his basement and check out this information.

People would say that everyone has two sides. Christian Price was one of those people; one side was rich and got all the girls. The other side was wearing an armor suit and protecting the people. Now as he stepped up to the computer the computer asked . . .
“Name please,” the computer asked.
“Christian Price,” he answered.

It made a loud beeping noise and the door opened, and then behind that door was a very thick door, which looked like a vault door. He stepped up to the door and there was a lock combination on it. Now the combination to this lock was the time period that changed his whole life. It was when he vowed to help the messed up world he lived in, and give them hope for a happier life. As Christian slowly turned 9, 29, 96 he thought of when he first discovered his powers.
A kid named Zack Fork (a bully in the school) for no reason wanted to fight with Christian, and Zack grabbed Christian and threw him on the floor and started punching him. After three punches Christian stopped the fourth punched with his hand grabbing onto Zack’s fist. Zack looked into Christians eyes and realized that they were turning red, and he became afraid. Christian stared at Zack and punched Zack. With one punch he knocked him out. From then on out nobody ever messed with Christian ever again.

After he intertwined the combination you heard the door click and saw it opened. Inside that door was Christians own secret retreating hide out. Being rich Christian had all the technology he needed to track down criminals. Along with his motorcycle and his very own concealment that helped him protect the city. On the middle part of his suits chest had a letter R for Rampage.

Christian sat in his chair and logged onto his computer, and he got into the Johnson’s Jewelry security camera, and he went back to the robbery. He saw the tape and noticed all the guys were dressed in black except one, he was dressed in black and red body armor, black on the left and red on the right. His gloves were huge. His right glove was red and left was black. The guy also wore an armor helmet with boots. Christian thought, I wanna see this guys’ tailor.

Beaming in self-confidence Marquise was ready to attempt another criminal act, having no clue of who was coming to stop them.
“One more store boys … then the future begins.”

The Chiselers boys opened up turned off the burglar alarm from the other side of the store where the electric box was to cut it off. Then they picked the lock the door so no one would realize anything until later on. Click, went door meaning it was unlocked, and in the store they all went. Now the Chiseler being a man who has some taste for exaggeration, decided to waltz ride in the store. He stared at all the diamonds in that were in their cases, and his mouth dropped.
“Now is this place a sight for sore eyes or what gentlemen. But what I really want to see is the inside of that vault right there, I mean look and size of this bad boy.”
The Chiselers men opened the vault.
“Open … Sesame,” the Chiseler said very passionately.

In that vault was 100million dollars worth of diamonds. The boys pulled out bags and put in as many diamonds as they could. Once they were done they headed back towards the car. Just before they stepped outside The Chiselers boys see a big red man standing outside. They pulled out there guns and started shooting at him, and then they guy goes down. They go to check to see if he’s dead, and just when they come near he gets up and knocks all of them out. The Chiseler (who was at the back of the line when his men started attacking) popped out of the store, and started clapping.
“Very good. Very good, but lets spice it up a little.” He implied laughing. Then he ran at him and punched Rampage, grabbed him and threw him through the store. Rampage got up and his eyes turned red.
“Just a tip but you might want to see a optometrist and try to get those eyes fixed,” Chiseler said with a chuckle. Rampage began to run towards Chiseler and punched him very hard he flew backwards ten yards.
The Chiseler got up and told Rampage laughing, “No fair I wasn’t ready.” The Chiseler heard sirens coming towards them.
“I see that things are getting hot so I think I’ll cool it off a little.” The Chiseler said. He pulled out a bomb and threw it at a car driving by. The bomb had a time showing there was one minute to stop it.
“Choose Rampage me or the innocent people.” The Chiseler got in his car and drove off. Rampage quickly got on his motorcycle and went after the car. By the time he caught up with the car there was only twenty seconds left so he quickly grabbed the bomb and raced towards the river. Five seconds left, just then he came to the bridge and threw the bomb as far as possible. The bomb exploded in the water and made a big splash.
As soon as he saw that the bomb explode he quickly got back on his motorcycle and went after the Chiselers getaway car. The Chiseler saw Rampage closing, so he rapidly turned right and took the long way back to his lair. Rampage started to gain up again and he pressed a button on his motorcycle that made him accelerate. Then when he caught up to the back of the Chiselers car he pulled out spikes and threw them in front of the back tire, and when he did that the car flew upside down. The Chiseler was very beat up, but he managed to pull himself out of the car and stood up.
“Is that all you got?” he asked.
Rampage went right up to the Chiseler, and head butted him, the Chiseler was knocked out. Later on the cops came, and they saw the Chiseler hanging from a rope by his arms. There was a note on him, It said, If there is any help needed by the police dept. signal me. Rampage.

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