When I Found You I Found Me

December 10, 2010
By MusicIsMe30 BRONZE, Massillon, Ohio
MusicIsMe30 BRONZE, Massillon, Ohio
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Emily sat at her laptop focusing on her piles of homework she had it was all just overwhelming for her but she manages to keep her self in check and balancing everything that she has going on in life.

She pops in her ear buds as a rocking song is blasted through the earpieces as she concentrated on her school work.

There was only one person in this world that could make her forget about everything, just make her stop and smell the fresh air that was her boyfriend Kevin.

He was such a romantic and he was the guy who liked to pull off that classic fairytale feel and that's what she loved about him he made her feel beautiful and important.

Kevin Jonas tuned his guitar as he got ready to take the stage to perform in front of million of fans the only girl that would be on his mind while he was out singing to those millions of girls was his personal girl Emily.

She was always on his mind no matter what she actually gave him a reason to live a reason to love.

She was always focusing on her studies,always hard at work sometimes she doesn't even take a break that's how dedicated to her work she is. She likes to stay on top of things which made him love her even more.

They have spent almost a year together and he doesn't want to be with anyone else in the world except for her,he wanted no on else.

At around twelve in the afternoon Emily had gotten a call from Kevin asking if she could meet him at the Mountains where they first met. It was this little cliff that had a water fall,and rose bushes all around it.

When she arrived she was greeted by Kevin and his two youngest Brothers Joe and Nick.

"There is a reason I gathered you all here today I have something very important to say and I want you guys to all hear it." He said smiling as he took hold of Emily's hand grabbing it tight.

"Emily I love you more than anything in the world you make me the happiest person,before you I didn't know who I was and when I found you I found me. You've brought out things in me that no one has ever seen things I have never seen and I want to discover more of that so here I stand at the first place we met to ask you a question that's been racking my brain...Emily Smith, Will you Marry Me?" Kevin said getting down on one knee revealing the ring.

Emily let out a gasp along with Nick and Joe,She grabbed him by the arm as they went over to the side.

"Kevin, I don't know about this we are still pretty young to be getting married." she pleaded with the broken Kevin.

"Emily how can you say that when you know how much I love you,How I want to be with you forever?" he said

"Kevin you will be with me forever your never going to lose me you will always have my heart like I have yours you know that, I just need to go home and think ok I'll call you later tonight." She said as she let go of Kevin's hand walking back down the hill to her car.

"Kevin what are you doing?,she is not good enough for you." Joe said taking a step forward.

"Exactly you need someone better she is always focusing on her school work instead of you when was the last time she came to one of our shows to support you." Nick said as Kevin thought on it.

"Well about a month ago I guess,but that's not going to change how I feel about her." he said as he ran his fingers through his curls.

"Kevin listen to us we know what were talking about!" Joe said and that seemed to have striked a nerve in Kevin.

"You guys have no Idea what you are talking about,You have never been with someone who makes you different for the better just for the bad. Should we discuss your previous girlfriends Joe I don't think so,and Nick all you can do is bounce back and forth between two girls your afraid to love aren't you just need to stop fooling around and choose somebody already or you will have nobody!" Kevin shouted as he made his way down the hill leaving a stunned Nick and Joe to sit on the boulders.

Kevin waited anxiously for Emily to call his phone never left his side.

As Kevin was about to turn out the lights he heard a knock on the door.

He went to go answer it to see his princess standing at the door.

"Kevin, look I love you more than anything I just think it would be best if we wait." Emily stated as Kevin's lips crashed to hers.

"I'll wait as long as you need me too but will you please make more time to see me in concert. I don't want to have to imagine singing to you." He said as he pecked her once more on the lips.

"Promise." she said as he pulled her into the hug and they headed off to watch a movie falling asleep.

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