Teddy Bear Brother (Revised)

December 9, 2010
By JohnnyTheSilverAngel GOLD, Los Angeles, California
JohnnyTheSilverAngel GOLD, Los Angeles, California
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It was the year 1936,the great Depression was ruining everyone's life.People were jumping out of buildings,people were losing hope and it seemed the world was going to end.People were in despair and hopelessness.The stock market crashed faster than most people would fall.Families were left homeless,in hunger and sick but this was only the least of the worries of two particular pair of brother and sister.Their names where Thomas and Rosemary.Rosemary was the youngest of the two,she was 8 years old and always carried a small light brown teddy bear,she always called Thomas Jr. since it always reminded her of his brother.Thomas,on the other hand, was the oldest brother of the pair but he was still young though.He's was 12 years old.Thomas had been hardened by the life he and his sister had to endure,not only because of the Great Depression,but because he also lost his parents in a car accident a year before.They were struck by a drunk driver that wasn't looking where he was driving and crashed head on with them.All three of them died in that crash.After that Thomas and Rosemary were put into a Orphanage but ran away together five days later due to the fact they would be split apart and the lack of food and living conditions of the place.Currently right now,Thomas and Rosemary were out in the streets,looking for things to eat.Since they didn't have any money,they usually had to steal their meal.Thomas always stole the food and gave it to his younger sister.He would eat but not as much as he needed to since his younger sister needed it more.Thomas always loved his little sister.He'd do anything to see her smile.Play with her teddy bear,trip a guy, or even make impressions of people they've met before.Thomas loved his sister so much that he'd rather die than see her starve.And that's what happened...a few months later,Thomas began to lose a abundant amount of weight.He was so skinny that you could see his cheek bones and ribs.His clothes that he wore looked too big for him,even though he was a twelve year old boy.Rosemary in the other hand,was very worried.She would ask him every now and then if he was alright.His response as always,"I'm okay,Rosebud.I'll be fine."Rosemary always thought he was okay but in reality he was dying.Then a few months later,when they took shelter behind a alley way,when she woke up one morning.She noticed Thomas stopped breathing.She gave her brother's body a small push but he didn't move.She did it again but this time with a bit more force.He didn't move.Her eyes began to water.She then knew Thomas was gone.She cried clear streams on her small innocent face.She hugged her dead brothers body so tightly and cried so loudly people began to look in the alley way.When they noticed the body of Thomas,they knew what happened.A lot of people felt anger rise within them,why should a little girl see death of a loved one?Others felt sympathy for her,she probably had one else to turn to...but in the end,all Rosemary had of her brother was the Teddy bear she named after him.Thomas Jr.

Eight years have passed since the death of her brother.The body of Thomas was sent to the morgue a while after he died, and it was said by the coroner that he died of malnutrition.Now Rosemary was sixteen year old girl.She had grown more taller and she was a lovely looking girl as well.She was currently living with a family that decided to take her in.(Since Thomas was gone,she had no where else to go and also she was taken back to the Orphanage.)Now that the Depression was gone and world War II ended,it was time of prosperity and joy.Rosemary on the other hand,felt sad and lonely with out her older brother Thomas.She still had the teddy bear she named after him but it was still dirty and old,but then again,that's how Thomas looked too.One day,she decided to take it out of her closet.She opened up her closet and there it was,sitting on top of a shelf,it sat there,looking down at her with it's large black eyes and it's now half stitched smile.She took it out and sat down on her bed.She then said to herself,"Thomas,I wish you didn't die on me.Life has been so bad but it has gotten a lot better.Thomas...I know what you did and I thank you for it...if it wasn't for you...I'd probably be dead."She took in a deep breath and continued,"Thomas...I just wished you could be here to see how happy you've made me..."She then hugged the teddy bear tightly and then a voice said softly,"I've never left you Rosebud.I've always been here."Then the small bear wrapped it's arms around her without her knowing.

The author's comments:
This is the revised piece that I submitted before.I forgot to do the corrections.I do apologize for this.

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