Zena and the Magical Pie

December 6, 2010
By Dstar BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Dstar BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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There was a magical pie,
in a magical land.
It was guarded by
a big scary man.

But the magical pie,
unknown to I,
was sitting behind
this door of mine.

As I was sleeping
and resting my head,
Everything was silent
as I lie in bed.

Then I heard a thud,
a crash, a ka-boom,
it came from the closet
inside my room.

I went to the door
and reached for the knob.
my heart beat so fast
it began to throb.

I opened the door
But nothing was there,
Neither far nor near,
But then a whole world appeared,

Into my closet
I went with a flash,
Into a meadow
away did I dash,

I went to a village
That was not to far,
and i saw some creatures
that we really bizarre.

There were no people around
so I yelled “is anyone there?”
One of them came up to me and said,
“Hello I’m right here.”

I screamed “what are you?!”
Because she frighten me.
She said “I’m a zigzam,
What might you be?”

I said “I am human”
Then they all screamed
“She must be the one” a zigzam said
“The one that’s in the kings dreams.”

“What dreams?” I asked,
Then another came up to me,
“I am a kaboomba,
And as you can see,

There are few of us left
They all got taken away
you were in his dreams
And you saved the day”

"What? Me?
Saving the day?"
"Yes my hero,
you must save us right away,

There is a monster on the mountain.
a horrible thing.
He lives in the castle
And yesterday he took our king."

"Why would he take you?,
You guys are so nice,
Is his heart
As cold as ice?"

"Well I will go now
And talk to this thing.
I will go now,
and rescue your king."

A zigzam and kaboomba
Said "we will go too"
And I said "Don’t worry,
I will save all of you"

We left for the mountain
And once we got there,
We saw zigzams and kaboombas

They were in cages,
And so very sad,
But once they saw me
They became glad.

I saw the monster,
And said "You took these creatures why?"
He said "Because I wanted
the magical pie"

"I need its powers
To go home you see
So I took these creatures
So you would get it for me."

“Where is it?” I asked
He said “In the castle right here
There’s a man who has it
He’s right over there.

I then turned around
Just to see
A big scary man
Looking at me

I said "Give it to me now."
then he said "No."
I said "He needs it to get home."
and He said "I know"

"Why can’t I have it?" I asked
he said "Because you aren’t polite"
I said “Please may I have it?"
And he said "Yes because that is right"

So I gave the pie to the monster
and took the zigzams and kaboomba home.
Now they are free
and finally can roam.

So I went back to bed,
after shutting off the lights.
Oh how much you can get done
If only you’re polite.

The author's comments:
This is my favorite childrens book that I wrote so far.

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