Without Wings Chapter 4 -- A Maximum Ride Story

November 23, 2010
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After I was done crying (so embarrassing) I pulled Fang off to the side to tell him my plan. Angel tried to follow us, but I threatened to rip her wings off and throw her off the mountain. I’m pretty sure I scarred her for life.

“What do want to talk about?” Fang asked.

“My wings.”

“Last time I checked they were gone.” I started choking him and he yelled, “Kidding!”

I let him go and I gave him my plan. He thought it over, and then he said, “Switching Jeb for your wings. It’s too risky. So much could go wrong.”

“It’s the only way!” I yelled.

“You can’t do it.”

“You don’t know how this feels! I feel so…so alone.” I stopped talking. I was on the verge of another breakdown. Two in thirty minutes. A new record for me. I got hold of myself before the tears came and I squeaked out, “How can I stay with the flock without my wings?”

And, for once, he didn’t have an answer.

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