The Problems Of ISP

November 12, 2010
By cynthia rosales BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
cynthia rosales BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
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An early Tuesday morning, I was arriving to the ISP. The ISP stood for It Intelligent Spying Pigs, since the ISP was only pigs that could talk none of the human
beings could know about this organization. Only the pigs that were involved could know about it and if any of then were to tell another pig that wasn’t involved in the organization it must immediately shut down and move to another country also they must punish the pig that told about the organization. The building was a secret it was located behind a huge McDonalds right around 25avenue. The building was crusty brown use to be a pencil factory but since the company went out of business they shut it down. So therefore since nobody used it the ISP Company decided to make it the office for the ISP! As I was getting to Mr. Clark’s Office the BOSS of ISP Company he organizes every single of our missions and gives us instructions for everything.
I walked into his office & said
"I have horrible news for you Mr. Clark" He answered
"What is it Mr. Wilbert?"
I cleared my throat & said
"Dr.Retrison got away!"
Mr.Clark said,
"How could you let this happen?"
"I don’t know sir as I was running towards him he disappeared, but I promise you I will capture him and bring him to you"
" I can’t believe you Mr. Wilbert you know how important he is to the IPS Dr.Retrison is 1 0f 10 most wanted in the ISP."
" I know Mr. Clark but I found out some information that could help us locate him, Dr.Retrison's real name is Kyle Smore.
Since he thought "Dr.Smore" dirent sound too evil he changed his name to Devin Retrison to him it sounded Evil.!"Mr.Clark stayed quiet for quit sometimes he spoke after a minute or two. He said
"That's good you found our some information about him but now you must go look for him and bring him to me, So Dr.Retrison so he doesn’t ruin any of our ISP organization."
"Yesir I will promise you he won't ruin any of our planes."
Dr.Retrison use to work for the ISP back in the day. But one day he was out in a mission in Nevada he had to capture the #1 MOST WANTED IN THE ENTIER WORLD Dr.Bacon was a very evil he wanted to take over the world. The ISP industry and Dr.Retrison had to stop him from doing that! When Dr.Bacon was on step away from taking over the world Dr.Retrison decided to make him an offer he told him that if he dirent take over the world he would join him and do something even bigger than take over the world and of course Dr.Bacon accepted the offer and from that day on Dr.Retrison became evil and was excluded from the ISP FOREVER!
I walked out him office and said
"Goodbye Mr. Clark"
As I was thinking in my head that I had to find him ASAP!
I remember that Dr.Retrison said See you at 4:30p.m I moved my hand to look at the time and it was 4:23p.m. I got into my BMW and drove off to where I was about to capture him and when I got to the building I heard a very loud manly voice saying
and then he just laughed "
muahahahahahhah muahahahhaha muahahahah muahahhah"
I ran to the 5th floor and I was in the 1st. floor so when I got to the 2nd floor I was exhausted I though I was going to pass out I felt like I was in the Sahara desert I was very hot I could feel the sweat running down my back and in my face. It was most felt like I was burning up as if I was being cooked in the over. As I finally got the 5th floor the 1st thing that I did it take out my large rifle and looked for Dr.Retrison turned to ever corner until finally there I see him again standing 6 ft away from he holding some kind of weapon he said to me
I stood there exactly were I was mouth wide open wondering how he knew my name he has never seen me before except that last one time a week or so ago but I never told him my name I asked him
"How do you know my name?"
he smiled and said
"Oh. I know plenty other things about you that probably know one else knows :)"
I was very scared when he said that I told him stop trying to scared while in my mind I was terrified. He just smiled and laughed. We were about 1 foot apart I was reading to shot him and as I pulled my hand up to shot I press the trigger and "BANG" I bullet went directly to the heart and I could see him falling down in slow motion. I walked towards him and to cheek if he was dead or alive, and as a result he was Dead!
Mr.Clark was calling to see if I had captured Dr.Retrison. I said
“Hi Mr.Clark I captured Dr.Retrison I have him with me. Im on my way to your office ill be there in a couple of minutes”
“Okay Mr. Wilbert.”
* * *
I was getting to the office & I was wondering how I was going to get Dr.Retrison to the 3rd floor. As a result I just carried him to the 3rd floor. I was exhausted when I got to the 2nd floor about to pass out. Finally I got to Mr. Clark’s Office
He was standing in front of his desk with a huge smile on his face he seemed as if he was a statue.
I just smile and said
“Your welcome. I am exhausted so I would just rather leave and go home goodbye
Mr. Clark. ”
I left and since that day on I was always smiled at and I was very important to the ISP. I would always go to the important missions. And every member of the ISP was impressed for what I did.

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