History Repeated

November 10, 2010
By Ryuichinull1112 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
Ryuichinull1112 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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30 years later

Mary Maloney is fifty three years old and was driving home and thought she went through many husbands who were going to leave her and she killed them. Then she thought she should tell her thirty year old daughter (who is having a baby soon) how her father really died. She lived in a small town outside of New Jersey in a two level house with a basement. Mary Maloney called her daughter to come over to talk about what really happened to her father. Her daughter Stephanie walked in the house and she slammed the door closed, Mary Maloney thought someone is about to rob her and screeched loudly.

Stephanie said, “Mom cool down, sorry for scaring you.”

Mary Maloney said, “I told you never to slammed doors!”

Stephanie said, “Sorry I forgot.”

Mary Maloney said, “Okay, now I called you here so I could tell you about how your father died.”

Stephanie said, “Mom we already did. You told me he died because a criminal killed him because dad put him away.”

Mary Maloney said, “I lied to you about that.”

Stephanie said, “What, then how did father die.”

Mary Maloney said, “Well…”

Stephanie said, “Well what?”

Mary Maloney said, “Well I don’t know how to put this.”

Stephanie said, “Just spit it out already (Loudly).”

Mary Maloney said, “Well thirty years ago, when I was pregnant with you….”

Stephanie said, “And.”

Mary Maloney said, “And I…um…killed him.”
Stephanie was shocked and she for a few minutes until Mary calmed her down(a bit). Mary Maloney calmed Stephanie down and right then Stephanie slapped her mother in the face as hard as she could.

Mary Maloney said, oh well I guess I deserve that.”

Stephanie said,” Your damn right you deserve that slap.”
Mary Maloney and Stephanie just sat on the couch silently.

Stephanie said, “How…how did do you kill him.”

Mary Maloney said, “I don’t think you need to hear that right now.”

Stephanie said, “No you tell me or I’ll…or I’ll will never let you see your grandchild ever (upset).”

Mary Maloney said, “Alright I’ll tell you.”
Stephanie stared at her mom for two minutes waiting for her to tell how she murdered her father.

Mary Maloney said, “Stephanie… I killed you father by smashing him in the skull with a frozen leg of lamb.”
Stephanie wined and moaned at her mother.

Stephanie said, “Why mom…why did you kill?”

Mary Maloney said, “I killed your father because he was going to leave us!”

Stephanie said, “That doesn’t mean you had to kill him.”

Mary Maloney said, “Stephanie it seemed the right thing to do at the time.”

Stephanie said, “MOM.”
Stephanie and Mary Malone stood up and walked furiously by the inside exit stairs unwittingly. They both argued at each until Mary Maloney saw flames in her daughter’s eyes.

Stephanie said, “Screw you mother.”
Stephanie put her arms up getting ready to do something drastic, and Stephanie saw fear on her mother’s face.

Mary Maloney said, “wait what are you doing…don’t do it please.”
Right then Stephanie pulled all her anger and pushed Mary Maloney down the stairs and then she saw a still body at the bottom of the staircase. Stephanie jumped over her mother’s body and ran out the door and into her jeep. Stephanie started her car and speeded off into the midst of sunlight. Mary Maloney woke up with her head bleeding and called 911, but when someone answered it was too late and Mary Maloney died.

When Stephanie arrived at her house she preheated the oven and took out a frozen turkey from the freezer. Her husband Steve was sitting in his brown leather chair drinking whiskey with suitcase by his feet.

Stephanie said, “Hi honey what’s with the suitcases?”

Steve said, “Oh yes these suitcases are mine.’

Stephanie said, “Where are you going…I just starting dinner.”

Steve said, “Dearest… I’m leaving you for a much more beautiful woman.”
Steve sat his drink down on a table… grabbed his bags and started out the door. Stephanie got so outraged and she grabbed the turkey and bashed Steve’s head into the floor. Stephanie then took his suitcases and unpacked them. Then she threw the turkey in to the oven and drove to the grocery store.

An hour latter she got back and yelled for her husband. When her husband didn’t answer she went into the living and found her husband dead body on the floor. She knelt down and cried. After five minutes of crying she called the cops and told them her husband is dead. The cops rushed over to her house. The cops arrived at her house and questioned her. After the cops questioned her Stephanie offered the cops a drink and food. The cops accepted and ate all of the turkey and drank all the whiskey.

The author's comments:
If you read the story LAMB TO SLUAGHTER then you will get this story!!!

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