Love Undone: High School Musical

October 21, 2010
His lips were on mine. But they felt cold. Not actually cold, just, like he wasn't that into it. I broke the kiss. He looked at me.
"We can't"
"why?" he seemed so confused
"Do you love me anymore?"
He blinked a few times "why are you asking me this?"
"You seem distant lately"
He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Not a good sign.
"I haven't been faithfull with you"
I sighed. I knew it so I wasn't surpised/ "with who?"
He mummbled something.
"What was that?"
"An Evans"
I blinked and my jaw dropped "An Evans, or Sharpay?"
He mummbled something again.
There was and awkward silence. I should have been mad at him but I laughed. He looked at me confused and asked "Why are you laughing"
"i thought you two were just good friends. Wow was i wrong?"
He smiled a bit. "are you upset?"
"no. well kinda. Just glad it's not Sharpay"
He laughed. He made me laugh and so we both just laughed.
That was 3 months ago. Now he was out with Ryan. The whole school knows, our friends, their family. Luckly, no one hated one them. Well actually not alot anyway. People picked on Ryan, but Troy was always there to stop it. People seemed a bit imtimidated by him. But they were happy and I was happy for them.
I started to date Kinnley Forrest. From my AP Calc class. we are happy and Troy is happy for me. (although he had some words for Kinnley)
SO the new Golden Couple of East High is Ryan and Troy, but in a way, It's a nice change.

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