The Brother's Failure

October 8, 2010
By King689 BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
King689 BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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It was a quiet day in Elderon. The farsdragl birds were singing their sweet song and the koupkoup fish were splashing in their ponds. Everything seemed great in Algron’s world. He was one of the more rare species in Eldron, a Dracolych. He was half dragon and half human. He had almost all the features of a dragon, tail, talons on his feet and hands instead of nails, wings, hard armored scales on his back and arms, and their keen sense of smell, and the ability to breathe whatever element their parents were. His body was built like a human’s though.
He awoke to find it bright and sunny outside of the den. Algron looked behind him and saw that his brother Alorn was still asleep, the pure blue scales on his back rise and fall as he lay curled up sleeping. His father was a black dracolych of the south with the ability to breathe poisonous gas or breathe fire by striking their teeth together. His mother was an ice dracolych of the north, which have the ability freeze things to an absolute zero temperature by breathing on them. Algron himself was a hybrid dracolych, he had black scales but had both the abilities of his parents.
Algron stretched his leathery black wings and with a powerful downward thrust he took off. He loved flying, the feeling of freedom. But he heard his brother’s roar across the valley and flew as fast as he could back to the den but what he found shocked him to his bones. His brother was gone, talon marks all across the cave, rocks frozen in some places, and pools of foul smelling black sludge on the floor that reeked of rotting flesh. He realized what creature made this destruction.
The malevolent and terrible Gog had been here. The Gog was neither living or dead, it was stuck in between worlds, rotting flesh falling off into black pools as it walked. If the Gog has taken his brother he’s probably already running as fast as he can back to his layer. Algron took off with a beat of his mighty black wings and scanned the valley below for any sign of his brother. He flew through the whole valley in search of his brother yet found nothing.
He landed in multiple human villages in search of his brother. But this was to no avail. He started to make his way to the land of the black-scaled dracolych’s in hopes of information. He stopped in the bustling city of Belgorn to find information about his brother. Every piece of information that had been given to him had lead to a dead end.
When he went to the ice dracolych’s grand forest and found a trail of mutilated animals, with blood that was still fresh, leading to the land of the west. He followed the trail for days but the trail ran cold halfway through the land. He told himself, “he must know I’m tracking him”. So Algron lay down for the night and continued the search the next morning.
Algron had been flying for some time now and no sign of the Gog whatsoever .He finally found a cave on a sheer rock face and a horrible stench was coming from it. He landed in the cave and found the same pools of black pungent liquid that reeked of a rotting carcass the day his brother went missing. The cave got darker as he went farther in. When everything turned pitch black he felt a pain at the back of his head then nothing.
He awoke to find himself in a section of an underground cave lit by torches bound by lengths of chain. “I see you have awakened my foolish friend,” said the Gog. Where is my brother you abomination said Algron. “Why he is right here,” said the Gog as his brother stepped out of the shadows with a smirk on his face.
“What happened to you?” said Algron, you were kidnapped by the Gog. “Actually it’s the very opposite,” said Alorn. I came here with the Gog to lure you in and finally end your life, forever banishing you to the depths of hell. Why would you do such a thing, I have shown nothing but love to you since the day you were born. But I have never liked you I was always jealous of you but now I’m going to fix that little problem by ending your life. Alorn stepped up to Algron and said with a sneer on his shining blue face “goodbye brother you will not be missed!”. And with a curved talon he slit his brother’s throat ending his life with an evil laugh.

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