What Happened To My Life?

September 28, 2010
By McIntyreC BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
McIntyreC BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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I am Charlie Brown. I am 17 years old and am a high school drop out and I live in a red-dog house because my family left me. It all started when I got a Play Station 3 on my 16th birthday. Ever since I got it, I have been falling behind in all my classes and I stopped going to school. It turns out that I dropped out for good.

“Charlie Brown!” yelled the landlord yelled. “You have to get packed up and leave this house immediately.”

“I don’t have a job and a family no more and you’re telling me I have to get out and live on the streets?” I asked him. “What if I die out there, it’s going to be all your fault.”

“Well,” he paused looking worried. “If you didn’t get a Play Station, you wouldn’t be living on the streets!”

I guess he was right. Only if my parents encouraged me to get my homework done before I started playing games.

“Now listen, you have 24 hours to get all your junk packed up,” He told me. “If you don’t, I am going to keep all of your belongings that you haven’t packed.”

“24 hours onl.” The landlord turned and walked out the door.
I looked out the window and saw him looking at me. He put his hand up and waved good bye. I waved back with a tear going down my cheek.
I walked to my room and gathered all the things that I needed the most. I thought I can sell these things at the beach to get some cash. I put them in a card board box and put my clothes in a separate box. I didn’t put my PS3 and TV away because I knew that was going to be the last opportunity to play.

“Where do you think your going to be living now that your parents left you?” Asked the landlord
“I seen this little red-dog house near the beach, I guess you can drop me off there,” I told him. “I guess that’s the place that I will be living until I save a lot of money to live in a Motel if I ever get a job.”
When I got to the beach, I unpacked all my stuff near the dog house and started scattering all my things on the ground and put up a sign saying that I’m having a sale. People came every minute looking through all my stuff. One person bought my TV for $70. That same day, the same guy, bought my PS3 for $200. I wasn’t happy watching my baby leave. But, I needed money so I can buy food while I am homeless.

I looked into the red house and seen a little white dog with a black collar. I went into the doghouse while it was sleeping and right when I crawled in, it woke up and started growling so I quickly crawled out.

“What are you doing and what do you want?” The beast asked.

I stared amazed because I had never seen a talking dog before in my life. “I-I-I- uhh I was going to move into here.” I stuttered.

The dog told me that I can move in but I have to give him some money. I gave him 20 bucks from my money that I got from selling my electronics.

“What is your name?” The dog asked.

“Cha-Charlie Br-Brown,” I paused. “What is your name?”

“My name is Snoopy, nice to meet you Charlie Brown.” Said Snoopy. “Oh yea, one more thing, if you want to live in here, you have to get a job.”
I started to walk around looking for a job. I went into McDonalds and asked for an application but they told me I am too young to work there. I walked out and went to Burger King across the street and asked if they have applications but they told me they have any job openings.

After searching all day, I was exhausted and hungry. I went to a gas station called 7 eleven. I got a small box of pizza. When I was walking towards the door, I saw a sign saying, “HELP WANTED”. I ran to the cashier and asked for an application. She said that they’re out of papers but they will have some tomorrow. The bad thing was, tomorrow was a Sunday and 7 Eleven will be closed tomorrow.

I walked out of the door upset. While I was walking I can see Snoopy from a far range chasing his tale. I got to the house and played fetch with Snoopy for a bit until I started getting tired. So, I crawled into the house and went to bed on the cold sand.

The next day I woke up because Snoopy was climbing on top of the doghouse. I asked why he was climbing it and he told me I took all the space in the house. I called him a bad dog and I walked to the shore. While I was walking, he ran to me. After catching his breath, he told me not to call him a bad dog again or else he will kick me out.

It was lunchtime when I heard Snoopies stomach growling. I watched him holding his stomach and felt sorry for him.

“What do you eat when you’re hungry?” I asked.

“I’ve never eaten dog food before but I heard it’s really good! Anyways, I had to eat garbage out of the trash bin”.

“That’s gross. Why didn’t you just go buy some food at a restaurant?” I asked.

“Because outside of the restaurants, has a sign that says, “NO DOG ALLOWED!” Plus I don’t have any money.” said Snoopy with a growl.

But anyways, that’s how he had to keep himself alive is from eating trash. I left the house to go walking to look for a store. Couple blocks away, I seen a big sign that said Wal-Mart on top a building. I ran towards it and entered. It was so big that there were stores in that store. I walked around looking for dog food and got a little bag of dog food for $30.

I walked all the way back to the house with a 50 pound bag filled with food on my back. My feet were hurting and the weather was hot! Finally, I got to the house and Snoopy was happy that he seen dog food. I opened it up for him and he started chomping the food down him.

At midnight, I went to a 24 hour McDonalds and got me a yummy, juicy, big burger with a Pepsi and a side order of large fries. I ate it all in under 10 minutes. Yep, 10 minutes! I was that hungry.

I walked back to the house and snoopy was still eating. I told him to stop and save it so he can eat it some other time. He stopped and walked into the house with his belly almost touching the ground. I went in too, and went to bed.

Next morning, I woke up and ran to 7 eleven. I got my application and filled it out. I turned it in right when the boss came in. I gave it to him and he said I could start working right now. I put my work clothes on and started working. I only put some snacks on the shelves and swept the floor. I did that for the whole day.

The end of the day I walked home and didn’t bother to talk to Snoopy about my first day of work because I was too tired. I walked into the house and closed my eyes. Snoopy came in and asked how I was doing but I didn’t answer back because I had fallen asleep. I had to wake up at 7:25 A.M and be at work by 7:30 A.M.

I woke up at 7:28 and I knew I was going to be late. I ran as fast as I could to work but the only bad thing is one of my legs are shorter than my other leg. When I finally got to work, it was 7:40.

“Charlie Brown, if you’re in the store, please come to the bosses office.” I heard on the intercom.

“Is there a problem, sir?”

“In matter of fact, there is Charlie. Why were you late on your second day?” My boss asked.

“The reason why I was late is because I live in a house that is four feet long with no electricity and that I have no alarm clock and that one of my legs are shorter than the other.”

“Oh really?” he paused and looked at my legs. “Well, after you get your paycheck this afternoon, you’re going to be fired. Is that okay with you?” He asked.

“Yeah yeah, whatever, I hated this job anyways.” I argued.

“Now get out there and do what you’re suppose to be doing!” Yelled the boss.

I went out and cleaned the shelves for the whole morning. Finally, I got a paycheck from my boss. After I got it, I walked out and went home.

“Snoopy? Are you in there?” I looked into the house.

“Yeah I’m here.”

“I just quit my job at 7 eleven.”

“What! Why?”

“Because my boss was freaking out and being a big B word at me because I was late my second day. I was thinking if I can buy this house for $100.”

“How about $150?” looking suspicious.

“I’d rather buy it for $100.”

“Oh, alright, deal!”

With all the money I gave to Snoopy, he went to go buy some lumber and made a better looking dog house next to mine. Why haven’t I think of that?

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