The un-Stoppable

September 24, 2010
By , henderson, KY
The cold black night was my only surrounding that accompanied me and there was absolutely no way that I could escape my doom and the one thing that will cause my death and if I even try to attack I die and it won’t be a quick it will be a god awful death and there was no where I rather be than in Edward’s arm. The feeling that nothing in this fantasy or real world could hurt me once any more, I closed my eye trying to wish myself out of this hell. But to my dismay that wouldn’t happen. As soon as I close my eyes I hear a loud shatter and it sounded so close. “ You get away from her now!” that familiar voice is all that I needed to hear to know that the hunter won’t hurt me anymore. But apparently I was wrong. I felt her hand grab my wrist and her venoms teeth bite down on my wrist. The pain was sharp and never ending. I screamed and cried for help but the fire burning pain wouldn’t stop. I tried closing my eye as if I could magically make the pain disappear. “EDWARD!” All I could think of is how he may or may not be able to save me but its worth a chance. I opened my eyes again and to my worst nightmare she was there with a huge, satisfaction smile and there was no way she felt bad for the decision she could possibly make. I was looking around the empty acre yard and then I spotted him he was in predator mode and this was my chance to save his and mine life.
The cold winter air was all I could feel besides the burning and nerve burning venom. Her fire colored hair was blowing in the wind and her pale marble skin was all I could make out besides her dark evil red eyes that were watching me with a look of pleasure that I was dyeing and that Edward was there watching as I struggled to stop screaming enough to yell again. I opened my mouth. “EDWARD. Stop it ..Stop the pain” Edward leaped across the sky and landed on her and snapped the enemy in half and then her remains were burnt and forgotten only the scent of her was left in the winter air. Edward was by my side and was there holding my wrist. “Bella I promise that I will just hold on” Edward pulled my wrist to his mouth and he placed his teeth against the one that veronica left. His teeth didn’t stop the pain but made it worst. I screamed like if it could stop it. Edward held my other to try to calm me but I couldn’t. Edward was sucking the damned venom out. Edward laid my hand against the snow to stop the sting. “Bella . Its almost over I promise you.” Edward leaned over me and kissed me. His cold lips distracted me from the pain.
“Bella, can you hear me?” I stammered to reply I was scared. I couldn’t tell if the pain had stopped or if possibly that now I am a vampire along with Edward and his family. “Bella..” there was a short pause in his sentence.”Edward…..” I struggled to get my word out all at once and there was a cool hand against my check.”Bella!” the sound of enthusiasm in his voice. “Yes…Edward?” I looked over to my left wrist I could see a bruise colored teeth indention on my wrist. It stung but no so excruciating as it was when she first bit me. “Edward what happened?” discombobulated memory was blocking me from be able to understand veronica’s reason to attack me? "E..E...Edward w..w..why me? " Bella love i honestly don't know why veronica would want...." Edward stoped mid sentence. "Carter" Edward hissed the name under his breath.

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