Midnight Dreams, Chapter 1:Hazel Meets Jacob

August 21, 2010
By MrzHazelBlack BRONZE, Mesquite, Texas
MrzHazelBlack BRONZE, Mesquite, Texas
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"Anything is possible if you just believe"

I felt that we were arguing about something totally stupid, but I still couldn’t get how this was even possible or how this could happen. I mean I know that I was born something that wasn’t normal but I didn’t understand how I had to deal with twice the problems I had to deal with, with just being one of something instead of two of something totally different, you know? Ok here is the deal, I am what society calls a Mixed Breed. I am mixed with werewolf and vampire which is like out of this world because when I have crazy mood swings I get all hairy and my eyes turn red.. Strange. I never knew what I was 15 years old. Now im 16 and it’s gotten worse. I stop my aging at 17 and im scared. In school I can’t really get mad at anyone or anything and I have to eat before I get to school, if I’m thirsty… “Mom, how did this even happen to me? How could this even be possible, this whole thing is ruining everything!” “ Hazel I’m sorry honey, me and your father are…. You should be proud of what you are.” “what I am is unfunctionable mother, didn’t you two break like a code or somethin’? I mean isn’t it a law that says vampires and werewolves can’t mate?” I know I was being a little irrational about everything, I mean I love my parents a lot but did they think of how it would affect me in any way? “Sweetheart, me and your mother loved each other very much and at the time”, he flinched at the past and how much they to go through to be together. “You know that we couldn’t really control our feelings. But we think that the best thing for you is to go on a…. um uh little… vacation.” “Dad, what do you mean vacation?” “Honey, what he means is you should go down and visit your father’s side of the family.” “Where and who are you talking about?” “Forks, Washington and you are going to visit Sam.” “Are you serious?? Forks is like a gazillion miles from here! Come on please mom let me stay here, please. And plus I don’t even think Sam likes me. I mean he is so mean and grouchy.” “Sweetie Sam really is looking forward to you coming out there, now go pack up because you leave in a few days!” Sam is looking forward to seeing me huh, wish I could say the same.

The author's comments:
The twilight saga has inspired me to write about a topic i love...hope you like and please comment:)

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