Goodbye Never Felt Worse

August 27, 2010
By GodsBandGeek BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
GodsBandGeek BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
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"I think you should take the offer Melina. You're a HUGE part in the show. Just renew your contract please?"
"If I'm such a big part of the show then how come you've made me to where I'm just the partner to run into in the hall? I don't do anything anymore! I'm saying lame lines that the audience knows I'm going to say before I do. How am I such a HUGE part Pam?"
Pam Veasey was speechless. She wanted to deny every word that came from the womans mouth but couldn't. She now realises her mistake.
"I am so sorry Melina. I didn't mean too. I-"
"Woman leave me my pride." And she walked away. Melina walked away, each step kicking Pam in the gut. Once she knew she was clear of her Melina she first checked her phone since it was too dark to read her watch and saw it read 11:43 p.m. Then she stopped and pondered on what she would break it to everyone. "Should I tell them or just let the press handle it." The Stella inside her started to scream at her, LET ME DIE WITH HONOR! YOU BETTER TELL THEM YOURSELF!! Her brain tried to entertain the thought of crying but she didn't want a puffy face when she told her friends. "Fine. Oh God please let them be okay with this," she prayed aloud and continued to where she knew her 'team' would be, in their trailors.
The first one read Cahill and she was somewhat glad to see the light on and she knocked.
He opened the door and smiled. "Hey Mel, you need somethin'?=
" Can I come inside?"
"Yeah sure." He moved aside to let her in and she saw that Hill was also there holding a laptop.
"Hi. Well this is good. I can take out two at once."
"Excuse me?" Eddie asked with a worried expression.
"Guys,... my contract is up and I'm not renewing it. I'm leaving CSI New York."
Eddie went to hug Melina and Hill got up also.
"I'm so sad to hear that Mel. I'm gonna miss you so much."
" I'm curious as to why if you don't mind telling." Hill asked after the group hug broke.
"Well partly because I need to spend more time with my kids and mostly because Pam is an idiot."
" I'm not going to fight you there." Eddie replied with a laugh."
"We will see you again though of course?"
" Of course. You haven't seen the last of Ol' Kanakaredes."
They all laughed and hugged again and all said their goodbyes as she walked out the door.
She ran into Carmine then Anna then checked her watch and saw that it was now 12:51 a.m. And Gary's light was still on. She stood there for atleast ten more minutes not wanting to go in. Not wanting to tell him most of all. Then a woman came out of his trailor. Afraid that it might be Pam she hid behind a wall she was standing next to. Then the woman came to where she was about to turn when she noticed Melina.
"Melina? What are you doing?" The familiar voice of Gary's wife calmed Melina's nerves and she started to slugged toward her.
"Um, I thought you were Pam telling Gary the news that I'm...well I'm leaving the show."
"Oh now that's a real shame! The show won't be the same without you Melina!"
"Thanks Moira, that means a lot." They both smiled. "I better go break the news to him."
"Goodluck. I'm going to miss you" Moira said hugging her friend.
" I'm gonna miss you too."
When they broke apart she sulked her way up to Gary's door and hesitated before she knocked. She heard him say, "Coming," and tears immediately sprang up and blurred her vision. She tried to whisk them away but it was to
o late. Gary opened the door to a almost broken down Melina and he felt a pain in his heart. "Melina what's wrong? Come in." He put his arm around her shoulder and led them to the small couch he had in there. Once seated she hid her face even more into his neck making him respond by holding her closer and tighter. "Melina talk to me. What is it?"
Again the Stella inside her aroused and firmly said, I said let me die with honor.
She lifted her head and met Gary's eyes head on. Feeling herself drowning in them those pools of blue ice. She know she was making them melt with concern.
"Gary..." She stopped trying to keep
another flodd from coming successfully. "Gary, I'm leaving. The show that is."
"What? Why? Melina." He held her close again. His second bestest friend after his wife.
" My contracts up and Pam as belittled my character to where I'm just walking around until someone comes up to me with evidence. Gary, I don't do anything. Plus I need to spend more time with my kids. They need me."
" Melina no matter how old they get they will always need you. Mine are all grown up and they still need my help just about everyday!" They both laughed softly. She smiled and locked eyes with him again noticing just how close they really were. Their faces just inches from each others.
"Goodbye never felt worse Gary."
"I'm sorry."
"No I am."
Her lips met his....
He tightened his hold thinking, 'God, I'm going to miss this woman.' Then he finally realised what they were doing. She pulled away and tried to get up but wouldn't let her. She complied and let him hug her tightly.
"Sorry," she whispered so softly it sent chills down his spine.
"Dont be," he whispered equally tightly. "I'm going to miss you so much Melina."
"I need to leave now Gary."
He allowed her to lift away to where they were no longer in contact but gently grabbed her wrist as she stood up tears unwilling to disapate. He stood up and move his hands to her face and wiped her tears away.
"Gary I need to go," she whispered.
"I need a part of you to stay."
"You'll see me again Gary." She smiled hoping he'd then let her on her way, but he did the complete opposite and did the second thing she wanted him to do. Their lips met again. Just a few seconds but it was more than any twenty hour speech could say of how much he really does love her and will miss her. She looked at him and they spoke with their eyes just like their CSI alter egos.
Gary's saying, just a kiss.
Melina's answering, to me yes to Stella no way.
They both smiled big and walked toward the door. They were both standing in the almost darkness.
"Will you walk with me Gary?"
"For you and Stella."
His arm still firmly around her shoulders they walked.
"I think this is the first time you were wrong Melina."
" How so?"
"This goodbye could never feel better." And one more time their lips met. Even quicker than last time, but the same effect on both of them.
"I guess though since you'll see me again this isn't really a goodbye."
"It is to Stella." With that Gary sighed.
"No Mac, Stella's still here." Their eyes locked again.
"Well then in that case. I love you Stella." She chuckled pecking his cheek.
"And I love you too Mac." Then he kissed her curly hair and they walked around the familiar California setting silently agreeing to never say goodbye.

The End

The author's comments:
This was born from pure concentrated rage and anger. I didn't even have to think while writing this piece and it's the best thing I've written in a long time! My fingers just flowed spewing the words from their very tips. I put this article on under my profile and I got a few responses saying that I made them start crying again... I hope you enjoy it though even if you don't know who it's about! :D

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on Sep. 9 2010 at 5:28 pm
GodsBandGeek BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
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Thank you so much! :D

on Sep. 9 2010 at 5:21 pm
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't worry about it." -V.Z.

This was cute, and sad. I don't watch this show, but when you said "CSI New York" I was like, OMG WHEN IS GARY COMING IN?! Cuz I love him :) But still, I liked it. Keep it up :D

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