Midnight Munchies

August 27, 2010
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-an original Star Trek fan-fiction by Jedimasterathena
A/N: I do not own anything Star Trek (sigh). Also, this is my first Trek-fic if I have made some terrible error in my factual information please send me a message, we can't let that continue now can we? I've been writing Star Wars all this time so I apologize if my terms are mixed up.


Spock placed a slim fingered hand over his stomach as it rumbled. He turned over on his side, closed his eyes, and tried to sleep.


"I hear you!" he spoke to his growling stomach. How illogical, he thought, talking to my stomach. He shook his head and looked at the clock- 0200 hours. Spock groaned he had a very important examination in exactly eight hours which he had studied a great deal for and he calculated lack of sleep would cause his results to drop at least 4.7 points. Still. His unruly stomach had no use for this logic and once again protested. He was hungry.

Finding no point in resisting, Spock carefully rose from his bed and tip-toed out the door and into the kitchen.

"Alright," he whispered to his belly, "what do you want?" Nothing seemed appealing. He moved on to the cooling unit and peered inside. "Perhaps a salad?" his stomach made no reply. "Agreed, too much effort wasted in preparation." He continued scanning, "Well a sandwich then?" His stomach gurgled hungrily. "Well put. This way the possibilities are endless making the effort well worth the while." Spock smiled, "It is only logical." He removed some condiments, pre-sliced vegetables, and cheese from the cooling unit, stacking them on top of each other and walked towards the counter. On his way he grabbed a plate and put it under the arm carrying the vegetables and gripped a loaf of bread in his teeth. With his free hand he filled a glass with milk. He carried his treasures to the table.

"Spock, darling, slow down you're going to choke on something!" Spock's mother warned with a laugh. Spock chewed his breakfast more slowly and reduced the quantities of food in each mouthful.

"With all the food the boy consumes it is quite amazing he still remains so thin!" his father's eyebrow raised and his lip twitched, the Vulcan equivalent of a smile.

"He's seventeen! What do you expect?" She ruffled his hair affectionately. She glanced at the time, "Oh! Spock hurry you're going to be late."

Spock swallowed, he still had plenty of time left, but his mother was not the mathematician he was and was merely worried. "On my way!" His stomach was full and he was well rested. Today, he predicted, would be exceptional!



Spock chuckled and set down the PADD he was reading. It was late, at least past midnight and most of the crew aboard the Enterprise was soundly asleep; however, the galley would be open.

"Alright," he said calmly and with affection. "Perhaps there will be some pudding left!"

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