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July 30, 2010
By Mclaughlin0321 SILVER, East Palestine, Ohio
Mclaughlin0321 SILVER, East Palestine, Ohio
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" Mel!!!"mom yells
" what mother?" i yell back
" hurry up and grab the hospital bag and meet me in the car!" she yell as the door slams.
i walk into my moms room and grab the bag. and slide down the railing to the front door.
great!!! she has to go into labor as i was getting ready to reply to Jett.
oh jetts my crush.
i walk out side and get into the car.
" what took you so long?"
" i didnt know if you had the car keys."
" well i do so DRIVE!!!"
" but mom...."
" i said drive"

16 long hours later.....

"mom shes pretty." jaden said. jadens my younger brother.
" ya mom she is. what are you going to name her?" i say
" i was thinking annie."
" o god no mom. what about anna??" i say
" ok anna it is" mom said

2 years later

" anna get out of my room! im trying to do my homework." i yell
" Melina do not yell at ur baby sister!" mother yells all the way from down stairs.
" whatever mom but please i have a lot to do 2 night." i yell back
while im yell to my ununderstanding mother, anna's just siten sucking her thumb on my floor. she was "trying to sing and dance" but tht failed.
stomp stomp stomp
great moms comming.
" melina shes just sitten there."
" but mom plz??"
" anna sweetie come with me co ur sister can work in peace.
" otay moma" anna says
annas 2. im 15 ! 1 more year till i drive and 3 till im out of this place! yes.

after 2 1/2 hrs of nothing but home work am i done.
" hey sis could i borrow your soccer ball?" jaden askes
" um yeah i dont need it but dont mess it up. its in the hall closet."
" alright thanks and i wont. promise."
" kay."
i go in to the bathroom and run hot water and poor some rose smelling bubbles in. i hurry back into my room and grab my phone.
i check facebook and myspace. i put it on the floor and get ready to sink underwater when it goes off.
omg its jett.
i dry off my hands and read: hey mel can i ask u something?
the 1st thing tht come to mind is our math hw.
i reply: yeah of course.
few minutes i read: will u go out with me???
OMFG!!!!! i say: yeah id like tht.
he say: kool me 2 ill see ya tomorrow?
i say: ttyl bye

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hahaha i liked that the little sister seems like a brat and plz check out my work nice job though i liked it

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