Iris Black

July 29, 2010
By KristaRose BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
KristaRose BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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I smiled as I looked up at my cousin, Jacob Black.
“How are you doing?” he asked as he picked up my bags with great ease.
“Well fine, if you consider turning into a wolf a good thing.” I teased. He chuckled from deep within him. I laughed, Jacob was really awesome. I don’t see why Bella would ever put him in this type of situation.
Jacob and I were as close as you could get, we were like brother and sister. So granted he would tell me everything…well he told me everything when he found out that I too was a wolf. And ever since he told me, I’ve hated Bella more than ever. Even more than I did when I was younger, and not a wolf.
“Well if it isn’t little Iris.” Billy greeted me as Jacob and walked through the door, to the little house.
“Hey Billy!” I said, giving him a hug.
“Here, I’m sorry we don’t have too much room for another wolf. But the couch is pretty comfortable.”
I smiled. “It’s cool Billy. I don’t mind, as long as people here don’t think I’m a freak.” I mumbled the last part.
Jacob threw my stuff into his room, and Billy went into the kitchen to go get the phone. “Can I have my hug now?” Jacob asked, just as I sat down on the couch. I sighed and got back up.
We hugged, and for a second we tried to see who was stronger, by squeezing each other harder. Jacob won. I fell onto the couch laughing, and kinda choking for air.
“Jacob, Iris. Sam needs you.” Billy called.
Jacob frowned, and we both got up. I followed Jacob through the reserve, and started laughing when two guys tackled Jacob to the ground.
“Why didn’t you tell us your cousin was coming down!?” the two guys exclaimed. “When does she get here?”
I was still laughing, and then I realized that they meant me. “She’s right there.” Jacob growled, throwing them off. The two guys turned to look at me.
“Well hello there. You might not remember us, but I’m Paul, and this is Quil.” Paul said pointing to him and Quil.
I frowned. “Yeah I remember. I still have night mares from you two.” I said flatly.
They chuckled. “Sorry.”
I rolled my eyes. “What ever.”
“So your one of us?” Paul asked as we walked.
“As of, three weeks ago yes.”
“Sweet. Have you heard of imprinting?”
I glared at him. “Don’t you dare imprint on me. Because if you do, so help me-"I was cut off when there was a loud clap of thunder. I sighed, I hated Washington weather.
“So help you what?” Paul pushed.
“Your gonna find my foot up your a**.” I finished sweetly.
He chuckled. “Is that a promise?” I glared at him and growled. He backed off telling me to calm down.
“She doesn’t need to. From what I’ve seen, she has pretty great control over her anger some time.” A guy said. I looked up, and saw that we had walked right up to a house. “Iris Black, welcome to the pack.” He said.
I nodded. “Thanks Sam.” I answered; Jacob had told me everything over the phone.
“Now, Seth caught a glimpse of that red haired blood sucker-“
“Victoria” Jacob cut in.
Sam nodded. “Yes Victoria. And since Seth was the only one egger enough to go on patrol right now, he’s all alone, and could use some help.” He glared at the three boys. “So let’s go. And Iris, I’m sure you can get into the swing of stuff here. From what Billy has told me, it’s like your wolf instincts come naturally.”
I nodded, it was true. When ever I first phased I didn’t panic, I just stayed calm and turned back and then called Billy. I was also kinda good at keeping my anger under control…kinda…I really stress the kinda part. I was better than Jacob and the other guys, but no where near as good as I had to be to continue aging.
I phased and followed the pack.
D*** Iris, you’re hot even in wolf form. Paul thought.
I shuddered. Gross!
Paul, you do know she’s my cousin right!? Jacob thought angrily.
I laughed. And besides, she’s holding out for me. Quil thought.
Please. I’m focusing on bring normal for at least the first three months here. And I’m only fifteen! I thought angrily, a growl rumbling through my body.
Jacob and Sam chuckled, while Quil and Paul fringed away from me. If wolves could smile, I would be smiling and laughing.
We ran through the woods, faster than I could have ever imagined. We stopped next to a different wolf. His thought immediately flooded my head.
Who are you? He thought
I’m- I frowned getting cut off by Paul
She’s Iris, she’s Jacob’s younger cousin. Quil thought.
Don’t get any ideas Seth. She’s going to be mine! Paul thought. I growled, Jacob, Sam, and Seth chuckled in my head.
I think you mean mine. Quil thought.
Will you boys stop! We have a blood sucker on our hands, and humans to protect! Sam thought growling at us.
You mean protect Bella. I thought sourly. All at once the boys’ thoughts on Bella came through, like: Why do we have to protect her, she’s pretty smart, does she not like Bella and, I agree.
Forget it! Just watch the border! Sam ordered.
I lowered my head a little bit, as he yelled at me. He told me to stick around Seth. Since Seth was a wolf for about three months now, he told me just to work with him.
Together we ran through the woods, and I caught a glimpse of the red head vamp. She stopped running and smiled at Seth and me.
“You’re new.” She mussed. I growled. She clucked her tongue, and Seth ran at her. She dodged him with great ease, and then grabbed him and threw him into the air. I watched stunned, and then ran towards her. I snapped at her neck, she pushed me away. The rest of the pack came, and she threw them off of her.
Follow her! Sam yelled at me as the cold one raced through the woods.
I didn’t think about it and ran after her. We raced through the woods, and then we came to the boundary line. She smiled at me as she crossed it, and I stopped.
“Good dog. Now tell that wolf that you were following that he really needs to work in his timing.” She laughed. “Oh, and that he better be careful before I kill your partner.”
I eyed her as she ran away.
Who’s your partner? About five different voices asked.
I sighed. Does it look like I know?! I demanded.
They all eyed me, and I ran off. So maybe Jacob didn't know me as well as he thought. Or maybe I should really find someone to tell my secret to, maybe it was taking more of a toll on me than I thought.

I ran through the woods, as fast as wolf me could go. I didn't think about where I was going, until I saw the little house of Billy's and Jacob's.

I ran around the side, and found Jacob's open window. I jumped through it and found my bags. I phased back to human form, and changed. I didn't stay long inside the tiny room, which was taken up mostly from Jacob's bed.

After changing I ran back out, and slowled when I came to a cliff. I stoped running, and sat down. The memories came rushing back with full force, as what the red head vampire had said, rang in my ears. "Whatch it befor your partner dies"

I shuddered as rain slowly pelted my face, hiding the tears that slowly were begining to fall. I cried, my tears turning into steam as they hit my hot skin. The rain picked up, and the wind howled. My nose twitched as I smelled someone walking close by.

I wipped at my tears, and swung around to see a guy with a dark tan, wearing a grey shirt, walk up.

"Hey." he said.

I just looked at him.

"Seth! Dude, no fair, you cheated!" A diffrent voice complained. This one coming from a guy wearing a green shirt.

I smiled. "So this is what you look like...out of wolf form." I said standing up.

"Yeah. It's nice to meet you Iris. Formaly I mean." he said.

I smiled.

"Wow. Iris? The tiny little girl Paul, Quil, and I used to give nightmares to?" He exclaimed.

I winced. "Hey Jared."

He chuckled. "Hey."

Suddenly he walked forward and squeezed the living day lights out of me.

"Thanks Jared." I mummbled breethlessly. "Wheres Embry?" I asked when he put me down.

"He got sick. " Seth answered.

"To many wet days running around shirtless, and then running inside with the Ac on max." Jared added.

I nodded. "What are you guys doing here?" I asked after a moment of silince.

"We came to do some cliff diving." Jared answered.

"What to join?" Seth asked hopefully.

I shoke my head. "Nope. I might break something." I teased.

They both laughed. "Well later." I said, ready to walk back to Billy's.

"Not so fast." Seth yelled. He grabbed me,spun me around,and ran full speed to the edge. I screamed as he jumped off. He chuckled, and yelled at me to follow his lead.

After a few seconds of free falling, I followed Seth's lead and went like I was diving. I entered the water, and I quickly swam back up. The waves' current beingnot that bad, I surrfaced without haveing to worry about being pulled under.

"Fun or what?!" Seth called from a few yards away from me.

I glared at him. But my eyes caught his warm welcoming ones, and I stoped glareing. "You could have warned me."

He smiled. "You would have said no."


"So-" he was cut off when Jared jumped off the cliff, and landed close to him. "To land." he suggested.

I followed himto the rocky shore, and collasped next to him. "Some water." I mumbbled.

He chuckled. "The first time gets you. Besides, back to what we were talking about. If I told you, you would have freaked, and took off."

I shrugged. "You barely know me."

He rolled onto his side, and smiled at me. "From what I've seen, I say I know you pretty well."

Some where, weheard Jared yell as he jumped into the water again.

"How so?" I asked rolling to my side as well.

"You hate Bella."

"Thats a given." I scoffed.

He shrugged. "Let me countine. You like to get your adrenile pumping. You don't care about what people think of you." When he said this, I glanced down at my clothes, why, I don't know. "And you have issues with Paul, Jared and Quil."

I nodded. "Well, duh to the adranaline, and I just threw on some random clothes, and what do you expect when three guys put spiders in you hair every time you came down?"

He chuckled. "They used to do that?"

"Yeah. It was ablast everytime I would come down here."

"Seth. Leah's looking for you."I glanced up to see a familure guy walking towards us.

"Embry?" Isaid shocked. Seeing all the other guys take on their new wolf bodys weren't that dastrict, but seeing Embry, was just wow.

He glanced down at me. "Spider hair?" he asked.

I shuddered. "Night mares." I mumbbled.

Seth and Embry chuckled. "Losers. I'm going, since ya'll cantdo anything but make fun of me."

"Hot head." Embry mumbbled.

"Please." I said standing up.

"You are."

"Not."I answered. I didn't feel like phaseingdue to my anger, or phaseing at all to where my thoughts were to those he happened to be listening. I rolled my eyes. "What ever. Bye."

"Bye." came three deep boy responses.

Iwalked back to Billy's and told him that I was going into town. Asked if he wanted anything,and then went to go ask Jacob if he wanted to go.

"So,you wanna come?"I asked, as he fiddeled with a stick.

"I guess. It would give us time to catch up. And I kinda have to go with you, because you cant drive."

I sighed. "True. Lets go."

I stopped laughing when Jacob pulled the rabit to a stop.

"Where are we?" I asked looking out the window.

"I'm I meant to tell you-" He started saying, but I figured out the rest when I saw a police cruizer.

"Really Jacob!" I complained.

"She called before you asked me. I was going to leave later but you I just figured."

I let out a frustrated sigh. "Jacob-"

"Hey. Charlie's there, you love Charlie. Just please stay quite. I promise after this we will go to the store and where ever you want."

I sighed. "Make it fast." I mumbbled, getting out of the car.

Together we walked up the driveway, and Jacob knocked on the door. We waited, Jacob pure and happy while I was silently fumming by his side.

The door was opened slowly, by no one other than Bella. She smiled seeing Jacob, and then her eyes fell on me. Her smile was forced, I could tell. She never really liked me.

"Jacob, and Iris." She said. "Hey. Come in."

Together Jacob and I walked through the door. Instantly my nose was filled with the smell of a vampire. I twitched, my body slowly shaking.

"Calm down. Its just Edward." Jacob whispered as we followed Bella to the stairs.

"Who was it Bells?" I smiled when I saw Charlie walking towards us. "Hey Jacob, and is that you Iris?"

I smiled. "Hey Charlie."

"Hey. How are you doing? Aren't you cold? What are you doing down here?" Hhis questions seemed to never end.

I smiled. "I'm doing good. No I'm not cold. And I'm here because-" I bit my lip, trying to come up with a good lie.

"Because her moms on a bussniness trip, so shes here." Jacob cut in. I nodded.

"Well ok. Your welcome here any time you want." Charlie said looking at the tv.

"Thanks." I answered and then followed Jacob and Bella up the stairs.

Bella opened the door, and ushered us in. There sitting on the bed was a guy vampire I took to be Edward. He sat stiffly on the bed, and Bella went to go sit next to him, and Jacob tensed.

"Jacob." Edward said curtly

"Edward." Jacob hissed.

Edward smiled then turned to me. A courious look on his face.

"Edward, this is Jacob's cousin...Iris." Bella said.

I frowned. Edward simled, and then I remembered what Jacob had told me earlier, when I first came down-- Edward can read minds.

So there was no doubt that he had seen me picture me shoving Bella. I sighed this was going to be a long day.

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I was inspired to write this by some other fan fictions on

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