Akio Ch13 Finding you

July 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Mirocho found the keys to the dungeon where Shui was held. Shuo had a billion thoughts going through his head. Should he tell Shui about their long lost uncle? Or maybe he should introduce her to this new stubborn attitude? But, He couldn’t help but to find the old Shuo.
The Shuo that wasn’t crazy. The Shuo that adored his sister. The Shuo that actually loved his Mother. The new Shuo didn’t do any of that. The new Shuo was a loner.
Mirocho opened the door it was lit by a single candle. That’s when they spotted the weak Shui. She tried to run to them but, she was so weak. She fell into the hands of Shuo. He looked her in her watery eyes.
Shui mumbled, “I knew you’d come save me you always do.” Shuo didn’t know what to say. Shui I missed you.” “I’m never letting you out of my sight again!” Mirocho glanced at Shuo, “Here I’ll take her you’re wounded.” Shuo rejected the offer, “No it’s okay I’ll take her.
Lezing whispered to herself,” My little Akio.” That morning Lezing peeped through the bedroom door and saw Shuo watch Shui sleep. Mirocho walked by Lezing, “Adorable isn’t it.” Lezing nodded, “Yeah it is.” “It’s just that I can’t promise Shuo this won’t happen again.”
Mirocho shook his head, “I guess this is home for them now.” Lezing started to walk into her room. She turned around and said, “That’s what I’m afraid of.” Shuo laid his head onto Shui’s stomach and fell asleep. He saw his Dad again.
“Good job Akio!” Shuo shook his head, “Is this the end?” Takeshi smiled I don’t know expect the unexpected.” Shuo woke up, “He took a deep breath and said, “What ever comes my way I’m more than ready!”

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