Akio Ch11 Only for Father

July 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Shuo finally entered the palace his footsteps echoed. He heard these loud screams upstairs. He held onto his Dad’s sword tightly. He tried to run up the stairway but, he felt a hand grab his leg. “Look lady leave me alone!” Zota said, “I can’t do that.
Shuo gave a punch to the face. Then, Zota retaliated with a stab to Shuo’s leg with her katana. Shuo yelled in aching pain. It was like a bolt of lightning hit his leg. Lezing had just got done killing Zoto she was going after Norotex but, then she heard Shuo scream. Lezing yelled, “Shuo!”
Mirocho spotted Lezing in danger. “Lez watch out!” Norotex used a ball of light to take down Lezing. Norotex ran to Lezing, “Oh, how I missed you.” Meanwhile, downstairs Zota was going to finish off Shuo. Shuo had lost all hope.
Then, he heard his Father say, “Come on Akio you can do this.” Shuo opened his golden eyes and said, “I didn’t want this to come to me ever doing this to anyone but, you deserve this!” Shuo grabbed his Father’s sword and stabbed Zota. Zota started burn. Little by little she was turning into thick smoke. Soon she was gone like it was all a dream.
Shuo stumbled up the stairs to find his Mother and Mirocho lying on the floor in pain. Norotex was holding the amulet in his hand. Norotex looked up at Shuo, “Oh, look we have Takeshi’s little minion.” “Well you look just like your Father.” “I guess you’ll die like him too!”
Shuo looked at him with an evil glare, “My father was my hero so I’ll defeat you just like he wanted to!” Lezing shot up with her last bit of energy and screamed, “Shuo no!”

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