Akio Ch10 The battle

July 25, 2010
By , fortwayne, IN
That night seemed to be the darkest of all the other nights. Lezing and d Mirocho were getting ready to leave. Lezing then saw two little glowing cat eyes in the back of the dark room. Shuo watched them leave. As Lezing walked out she waved to him. Shuo pounced of the bed and ran to his Mother’s room.
He looked in the corner and found his Dad’s blue sword. It had the most amazing glow to it. Shuo picked up the heavy sword and closed his eyes. Then, he entered a bright majestic place. The sky was beautiful. Birds chirped all around him. Shuo started to walk through the green grass.
He saw a figure of a man. Shuo ran to him, “Father?” Takeshi turned around Shuo, Why so grumpy bunny.” Shuo shook his head, “I can’t do anything right!” “I shouldn’t even be associated with the Gazima last name!” “I am a horrible son aren’t I?”
Takeshi replied, “No!” “Listen I know that you left Mirocho and your Mother to fight alone Akio.” “You were going through a lot so Lez took the amulet.” “But you can still fight Norotex, Zoto, and Zota. Shuo looked up at his Father, “How?”
“My sword probably isn’t as powerful as my amulet but, it’s powerful enough to kill Zoto and Zota.” Shuo backed away with shock, “You want me to wield your sword?” “Of course my boy!” “Now go fight for the ones you love and keep your head held high!”
Shuo opened his eyes. He rushed to the door and yanked his black coat off the coat hanger and jetted out the door. He rushed outside to a huge surprise. Zota stood outside waiting for him. She grabbed him by the collar. Shuo gasped, “Who are you?”
Zota giggled, “Just call me your murderer.” Shuo kicked her in the abdomen and told her, “Not a good name you should try something like soon to be defeated or just a psycho.” Zota threw a burst of ice knives at Shuo. Shuo flipped and dogged them all.
“I’m tired of playing these childish games lady, Where is my sister!” Zota yelled, “Somewhere you won’t know!” Shuo tried to stab her with the sword but, she disappeared. Shuo wiped the blood from his lip he whispered to himself, “Who was she?” Shuo had a feeling he would see her again. But, he didn’t have time for that he needed to rescue Shui.
Meanwhile, Lezing and Mirocho entered the palace. They were taking down member after member of the Hanko. Then a strong voice yelled, “Stop with this madness!” It was the evil man himself, “Norotex.” Norotex had a smile Lezing couldn’t stand. Lezing walked up to him and slapped him.
“Wipe that smile off your face Lezing screamed!” Lezing said in a angry yet, settle voice, Where’s Shui.” Norotex bursted out in laughter, “Right now you should be worried about Shuo!” “I just sent Zota after your little innocent Akio.” “I swear Norotex if my son is hurt Norotex cut her off for right now don’t worry about that worry about fighting me and my most powerful warrior Zoto!”

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