Akio Ch9 Shuo gone wild

July 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Shuo was finally home from the hospital. Lezing watched him closely as he was sitting at the computer as he was sitting at the computer. He was listening to something Lezing hasn’t heard him sing this song called, “Triple Baka.” Shui loved to sing it with Shuo. She would pull him off the couch and make him sing with her.
Now, it’s like the duet has become a solo. Lezing ran to Mirocho, “we have to get Shui quick!” Mirocho stated back, “That’s not part of our plan Lez!” Her eyes started to water. It was like her tears could populate the Atlantic Ocean. “Shuo is suffering.”
“His guilt is taking up space in his big heart.” “He doesn’t even sleep anymore it’s like he substituted sleep with crying.” “I don’t think he’ll be able to battle Norotex with us.” Mirocho looked at Lezing, “We need him he has the amulet.” “I know, Mirocho.”
Lezing stood behind Shuo. She tried to kiss him on the cheek but, he turned away. He leapt off the chair and reached in his pocket. He looked up at her with puppy dog eyes and whispered, “Here you go.” Lezing pulled on his arm, “Akio, I love you why are you beating yourself up like this?”
Shuo turned to her with rage, “Oh Mom cut the lovey dovey crap out. “If you don’t care about anything anymore well, I won’t either. He started to walk into the dark room. He then turned to his shocked Mother and said, “Like Mother like son, Eh.” He left his mother speechless. Lezing didn’t want to admit it but,Shuo was acting like his father use to when he was evil.

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