Akio Ch7 Takeshi's return

July 25, 2010
By , fortwayne, IN
Norotex had trouble sleeping that night. He felt a chill that soon took over his whole body. The chill felt like it was sinking into his bones. Cooling his hot blooded soul.
Norotex decided to walk towards the bathroom that was downstairs but, he felt like someone was studying his every step.
Norotex looked up into the mirror and saw someone he never thought he would see again. It was Takeshi standing behind him. The voice sounded like it was crammed with anger, “Remember me?” The voice sunk into Norotex’s heart. “Takeshi is that you?”
Norotex tried to run but, Takeshi pulled him back, “Norotex why so jumpy it’s just a visit.” Takeshi slammed Norotex through the bathroom door. Wooden pieces went flying. Norotex never felt such fear and pain. Norotex looked Takeshi in his eyes and said softly, “But, I killed you.” Takeshi grabbed him by the throat, “Indeed you did.” “Yet, now you have the nerve to try to kill off my family.”
Norotex yelled back, “Can’t you see if it weren’t for you Lezing and I would have been married I loved her!” “Can’t you see you fool, Norotex couldn’t stop crying all this is because of you!” A rush of power went through Takeshi, “She never loved you idiot!” Takeshi looked to the side, “She always loved me.” “She always told me how miserable you two were.”
Norotex looked shock. Takeshi loosened his tight grip. “We were always close.” Takeshi smirked a little, “When we got married I promised her forever.” Takeshi giggled a little, “It was like it was meant to be.”
“I use to be so pinned up with anger.” “I hated everyone.” “But, Lezing was different.” “She was my angel.” “Then, she gave me to other reasons to live Shuo and Shui.” “They are my everything.” “So now that you are making there lives a loving hell how about I join the fun and make your life a living hell too!”
The bright intense sun started to show. Takeshi let out a huge sadistic mad man laugh. “Have a nice day Norotex I’ll be watching.” Norotex couldn’t breath. Never in his wildest dreams would have thought Takeshi would ever return. Yet, it infuriated him.
The mere thought that Lezing ever loved
Takeshi made him sick.

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