Akio Ch4 a part of Shuo gone?

July 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Shui went looking for the biggest flower she could find. She lifted a bright yellow flower to her gentle nose. Then a hand covered neck. A scream came out from deep in her soul. So you’re one of Lezing’s little minions. Shui screeched out, “You won’t get away with this!”
Zota said calmly, “who’s going to save you?” “My brother Shuo!” He always saves me from horrible things like you!” Zoto kneeled his head toward Zota. Then he looked back at Shui, “Alright Shuo has ten seconds to come and if he doesn’t Zoto gave out a big laugh, “little girl you’re doomed!”
10,”I really want him to show 9, “I still have faith in my brother 8, “Shuo’s just a little late 7, “Please hurry 6, “Come on please!” 5, “I’m in danger help!” 4 “Calm down Shui he’s just a little late, 3 “He always saved me before what’s going wrong?” 2,”I’m losing hope.”1, “Shuo!”
Shuo felt his heart burst with sadness. “Can you take me where she is?” Mirocho looked at Shuo,” Let’s go.” They drove to the sunflower field. They couldn’t find Shui anywhere. Shuo was going crazy. Every scream did nothing but anger Shuo. Every thing started to spin out of control. Then he looked to his left and found Shui’s bear.
He screamed. He took his rage out on Mirocho. “Why’d you let her go?” “Shuo, I am going to tell your mom about this okay.” Shuo just stayed silent. Hello?” “Hey Lez!” “Mirocho, your voice sounds shakey.
“I think Norotex sent someone out to get Shui.” Lezing stumbled back, “What?” Are you telling me my baby is in the hands of that monster?” Tell Akio he is coming to Shura with you I’ll tell you the rest when you arrive.”
Lezing then blacked out. She awoke in this field of roses. She saw a familiar face. Then the man looked back. “Remember me?” Lezing ran to him,”Takeshi.”
“Lezing, I heard you’re doing a mission.” I also heard you wanted to quit.” Lezing stared into his ocean blue eyes. “Takeshi you just died I-you what?” Takeshi shook his head no excuses beautiful. “You will get this battle over with.”
“I’m counting on you tsuzukeru.” Takeshi always said that it meant keep going. “I will keep going Takeshi, I promise.” Lezing woke up and whispered to herself,”I won’t give up.

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