Akio Ch3 Expect the unexpected

July 25, 2010
By , fortwayne, IN
Shui ran up to Shuo.”What are you reading?” Shuo quickly jumped in defense.”I’m reading nothing but, a regular book I promise!” Shui grinned,” Okay I won’t ask again.”
As Shui started to leave out the door Mirocho walked in. Mirocho pounced on the bed,” What’s up?” Shuo quickly scooped up the book and held it to his chest. Shuo stepped back,” Nothing much.” Mirocho said,” You don’t have to hide the book; I know all about it I helped Takeshi write it. Hey, Show me some of the things you learned!”
Shuo smiled,” Okay here we go!” Mirocho leaped in mid air and threw a fire burst. Shuo countered with blistering wind. Then Mirocho caught him off guard with a powerful move only Mirocho and Takeshi knew, “The Gleaming Star.” Shuo fell to the ground. Mirocho helped him up and dusted him off.
Here is something new to learn. Shui looked up at Mirocho with anticipation. “Expect the unexpected.” “Alright, Shuo and Shui it’s time for school. School started and Shui quickly ran to her friends. They called themselves, “Sugar.”
Shuo didn’t like her friends at all. They were very preppy, wore revealing clothes, and he worried if Shui would ever become that. They were also a little too comfortable around Shuo. Shuo usually hanged out with the Skaters. They were just like Shuo. They liked many kinds of music, causing mayhem, and most importantly skateboarding.
One of his best friends was “Zack Bryson”. It was like they were long lost brothers. Zack was the king of all outcasts. He had spiky hair, he changed his hair color every month, his contacts changed colors too, and baggy jeans with chains hanging down the sides. Zack glided to Shuo’s locker. “Dude I have a surprise for you!” Shuo rolled his eyes and took a deep breath.
“Please, let this be good news.” Oh, Shuo this is awesome to the fullest.””I have two tickets to tonight’s Taking Back Sunday concert.” “Whoa, Dude!” Then a frown developed on Shuo’s face as he looked at his father’s book. “Sorry but I have something to do at home.” Zack smiled and gave out a sigh,”Fine, I’ll just take your lovely sister she so perdy.” Shuo let out the biggest laugh.
Shuo pushed Zack against a locker, “Ha, you’re such a perve.” “We need to get to class before old man Fleischer eats us alive.” The moment they walked in Mr. Fleischer quickly started to pick with them.” “Finally, our juvenile delinquents have arrived!” “Tell me boys when are you planning on getting your mug shots taken.” “Zack giggled the same time you plan on going on the weight loss plan.”
“Okay smart aleck you and your little buddy has detention!” Shuo stood up, “what? Mr. Fleischer gave Shuo an evil look. “Did I mention you will be staying till 5?” Shuo sat in a desk far away from Zack and whispered, “Thanks idiot.” Later that day, 5:00 came slowly.
Zack broke the thick silence with a,”I’m sorry.” Shuo said, “Its okay it’s just that Mirocho is going to have a cow.” Shuo spotted Shui skipping to him. “Shuo we need to talk!” Zack laughed out, “Someone’s busted.” Shuo yelled, “Go away!” Zack skated off.
“Shuo I don’t like you hanging out with him.” Shuo had a bad day he didn’t feel like hearing more nagging. “You know what Shui you always ask me what happened to us well the answer is you!” “All you do is nag at me!” To be honest with you I can’t stand to even look at you anymore.” Shui’s eyes started to flood.
Shui held on to Shuo, “You don’t mean that you’re my best friend.” Shuo pushed Shui away, “Go!” Shui ran home with speed. Shui ran in the house and cried on the bear Shuo gave her for a Christmas present. Mirocho came into the room and bent down next to her.
“Shuo and I used to be such great friends now, he hates me.” “What happened Mirocho?” Mirocho couldn’t help but to tear up a little. “He still isn’t over you guy’s Dad’s death.” “We just have to give him a little while.” Shui wiped her eyes, “Yeah, I’ll help!”
Shui jumped out of bed. “He loves sunflowers, I can pick him a bunch. “When he comes in don’t tell him where I am it’s a surprise.” Mirocho yelled out,”Hurry back!” Shui gave him a thumb up. Two hours later Shuo walked in, “where is Shui?” Mirocho looked up, “ that’s what I’m wondering.”

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