Akio Ch2 Only for them

July 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Lezing was driving all of a sudden she felt someone bump the back of her car. She quickly noticed the faces of these people. It was Zoto and Zota. They were in this group called,”The Hanko.” The Hanko really want to get rid of all the Gazimas. Lezing flipped out of her car and prepared for battle.
Lez through a stream of lightning at them. Then, Zoto dodged out of harms way. He flipped Lezing over a building luckily, she fell on her feet. She ran towards the two with Takeshi’s blade. She screamed, “Don’t you ever give up?!” Zoto and Zota looked at each other for a few seconds.
Then they looked at Lezing and said calmly,” Never.” They vanished leaving Lezing in a confused rage. She walked to the leader of the Kemechi. She was out of breath. She a bruise on her left knee. “What was that?” Lezing, “what happened to you?”
“Rioku,” I was just attacked by Norotex’s little followers, my kids are at home without me, and I am basically losing my mind without Takeshi!” The old man grunted,”Lezing you are the greatest warrior we have we need you. Lezing wiped the blood from her lips. Then Rioku said something that got to Lezing. “Do you think your parents would accept you acting this way?”
Lezing rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. May, I remind you that my parents just used me for their plots. “They looked for me to carry on their legacy. They didn’t even want me to marry Takeshi.”” They believed he was a troubled soul and that if I married him I would turn into one too.”
“So, then I just decided never to talk to them again.” Lezing tried to hold back the tears that were beginning to pour. Rioku put his hand on her shoulder, “They had every right to. “Takeshi was a very evil man. “Yeah master Rioku, until he met me!” “I taught him the ways of peace.”
“Well, Lezing what did that cost you?” “I’ll tell you Lezing!” Years of suffering, some days he wouldn’t even talk to you and-Lezing cut him off, “and what to of the greatest kids. Rioku then said, “If you truly love them like you say you do you will fight for them. Lezing turned around flabbergasted. “For them I will fight forever.

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