Akio Ch6 Hopeless

July 25, 2010
By , fortwayne, IN
Shuo didn’t get any sleep. He sat up in her bed hoping that Shui would burst in with multiple hugs. He held onto the bear she dropped. He tried to cry but, every time a tear dropped it was like her presence was still there. Mirocho walked in slowly and murmured it’s time to go.
Shuo rushed to the car. The car ride was filled with silence. Mirocho tried to make Shuo feel better with a joke but, Shuo just felt anger build up inside him. “Why did you let her go, huh?” You know that Shui is the most care free person we know!” “Now, she’s gone all because of you!”
Mirocho stuttered a little. He never heard Shuo speak with such words. “I’m pretty sure your mother would hate this new found attitude of yours!” Shuo shook his head and looked up at Mirocho, “Yeah, I bet Mom will also hate you!” The rest of the ride was silent. Finally they were there.
Shuo walked in the house first. Lezing gave him a hug. Akio go to the room over there. Lezing ran to Mirocho teary eyed, “he looks so miserable.” “He has black circles around his eyes; his hair is changing colors, he barely talks anymore, he’s just not Shuo anymore.
Mirocho then told her about the argument they had in the car. Lezing ran her fingers through her hair, “Shuo would never argue with anyone especially you.” “What’s happening to my little Akio?” Mirocho shrugged his shoulders, “Maybe we should just leave him be.” Lezing said, “No!” “I can’t leave him be!” “He’s my baby.”
Mirocho looked at Lezing deeply, “Yes he is.” “Also, you need to know that he is still feels pain from Takeshi’s death.” “Now Lezing, he fears he is going to lose his twin too.” Lezing felt hopeless.

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