Blood Stained (Part 2)

July 27, 2010
I stared at him for a millisecond then wiped the bewildered expression from my face. Before saying,

“So… you’re Dracula. Seriously?!”

“In fact I am, you look… surprised?” He said adding emphasis to the word surprised.

“Well, I am very mush surprised. No offence I thought ’Dracula’ was dead.”

“That was the rumor, but it turns out I got buried in a grave just outside of Romania. Then a few hundred years later a couple stupid mortal teenagers, no offence, dug the coffin up from the depths of the earth. Wondering if I was really a vampire, and if so, still alive.”

“So let me guess… you needed to start over, find a place where no one knew your name.” I said.

“Exactly. I’m glad you understand me.” He said just as the bell rang. I felt somewhat uncomfortable so I basically ran to history, leaving him in a cloud of dust.

All through history class I was memorized by the fact that I had just meet Dracula. I doodled in my notebook about coffins and graveyards and those “stupid teens” digging up graves. I had barely heard a word my history teacher had said, when the bell rang, sending me out of my trance, I walked down the hallway to my last class of the day, Language Arts.

I sat down in my usual sit in the far back. And guess who was seated right next to me, Vlad. I briefly said ‘Hi’ to him and tried to focus on what the teacher was writing on the board. But one question kept on intruding my thoughts. I wasn’t sure if I could trust Vlad he seemed nice and all but I don’t know something was just holding me back.

My teacher was still explaining how to do a worksheet when a word she said made me question if I was daydreaming.

“Tomorrow we are going to start reading the book Dracula. And you need to be listening enough to fill out this worksheet. We are also going to be determining all the things we know about these mythological creatures called Vampires.” She continued talking but I couldn’t get those last words out of my head. I slowly turned my head to Vlad . He was staring into space apparently scared out of him mind. And now it wasn’t only his life in danger, but it could also be mine.

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