Degrassi: The Life of Taylor Brooks Episode-1- Wakened

July 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Mrs. Hatzilakos-Gavon Mason
*the crowd cheers and Spinner walks over to Mrs. Hatzilakos and shakes her hand and hugs her, then taking his diploma*
*He jumps at Jimmy hugging him almost knocking him off his balance*
Emma Nelson
*Emma rises from her chair and walks to Snake who hands her diploma to her**they shake hands and hug each other and Snake puts her tassel on the left side*
Manny Santos
*Manny shakes Mrs. Hatzilakos’ hand and takes her diploma as her tassel is moved to the left side**She high fives Emma and then stands next to her*
And Liberty Van Zandt
*Liberty takes her diploma and waves to her family as her tassel is moved to the left side*
Congratulations to the Degrassi Class of 2007!
*The graduates cheer and throw their hats into the air*
???- Even if I didn’t know it then all of my problems were about to start right after my brother Jimmy went off to college Things were thrown at me one after another but like Ashley said Degrassi is totally cursed
5 Min Later
Jimmy- Taylor
*Taylor hugs jimmy lightly*
Jimmy- At least you’re more careful then Spinner
Taylor-Yeah I saw that *sigh* things are going to be boring without you I mean I’ve realized all the fun I’ve had in my life has always been with you
*Taylor hugs Jimmy again squeezing him tightly*
Jimmy-*inhale* never do that again Taylor they’ll be plenty of things to do without me you’ll just have to find them out by yourself
Taylor-Yeah that’s the point by myself everybody hates me at my school because I’m smart
Jimmy-I bet you not everybody hates you and why don’t you skip grades dads been pushing you for years you’re smart enough that much I know
Taylor-Oh okay so even more people can hate me dude if I skip grades I’ll be in high school DEGRASSI’S high school to be exact and there’s a keyword “DAD”
Jimmy-It’s not as bad as you think and besides you’ll be in 8th grade next year you have to past even more tests just to go to 9th grade wouldn’t you rather SKIP all those tests
Taylor-If that’s your way of trying to get me to skip grades its working
*Spinner runs up to Taylor and gives him a noogie*
Spinner-Hey glad you could make it
Taylor-Spinner it’s a Saturday do you think I’m just gonna sit at my house and do nothing or see the only 2 people I’ve known since I was born besides my parents graduate
Spinner-That would make a lot more sense
Taylor-Which apparently you lack *chuckle*
*Spinner punches Taylor in the arm*
*Mr. Brooks walks up behind Spinner*
Mr. Brooks- Hello Gavin it’s nice to see you
Spinner-Oh hey Mr. Brooks how’s your day been
Mr. Brooks-Despite my son being in a wheelchair fine thank you very much
Jimmy-Dad not here please
*Taylor glares at his dad*
Taylor-sorry we were just leaving
Mr. Brooks-Yes we were come on
Taylor- *sigh* bye Jimmy see you at the house
Jimmy- Alright see ya
*Taylor and his dad walk out of the front doors and to the car*
Mr. Brooks- You know I don’t like you being around him it’s bad enough with Jimmy
Taylor-Why he’s my friend I already forgave him and so has Jimmy why can’t you
Mr. Brooks- Why can’t I…? Because I used to have a son with a future and thanks to him that’s over now
Mr. Brooks- Get in the car NOW this is not the place to talk about this and don’t you EVER take that tone of voice with me
Taylor-Well it’s hard not to when it’s the only way you’ll listen to me
Mr. Brooks- Boy if you don’t shut the fuck up I won’t hesitate to snap your neck
*Taylor rolls his eyes and gets in the back seat*
Yeah that’s what I thought
*They drive home and enter the house* *Taylor runs into his bedroom and opens his laptop*
Taylor-If you want a son with a future then how ‘bout one that skips up grades maybe that’ll shut you up GOD
Mr. Brooks- What did you say?
Taylor- Nothing (ugh the pressure is on now that Jimmy’s leaving they’ll be no one here to defend me from “him”)
Mr. Brooks- No I heard you say something
*Taylor hears quick footsteps coming up the stairs**His dad bursts through door*
Mr. Brooks- I’m gonna give you one more chance if you make another smart remark you know what’s coming for you
Taylor- Yeah I will because apparently everything I do in my life is a mistake in your eyes oh why’d you sign up for the soccer team without my permission soccer ain’t gonna take you anywhere oh why’d you pick a cello to play if you were smart you would’ve picked a violin
*His dad lunges at him and pins him on his bed*
Mr. Brooks- I told you in the bible it says
Taylor- Kids who aren’t respectful to their parents get their life span shortened yeah I know but it doesn’t say anything about a BAD parent now does it
*His dad slaps him across the face*
*He slaps Taylor again*
*He lifts himself off of Taylor and walks out the door locking it behind him*
*Taylor sits up and his eyes water*
Taylor-(Ugh don’t cry)
*A tear trickles down his cheek*
Taylor-(Okay who are you kidding)
*He sticks his face in a pillow and screams and cries at the same time*
Taylor-(and Jimmy’s leaving it just makes me think what’s gonna happen without him)
Jimmy-Taylor wake up
*Jimmy shakes Taylor*
Taylor- Oh you’re back finally
*Taylor sits up in his bed*
Jimmy- What happened
Taylor- I don’t know what you mean
Jimmy- You were asleep with your face in a pillow the pillow is wet and you fell asleep at 9PM last night there is no way you could have taken a nap
Taylor- Okay okay something did happen but it’s nothing really
Jimmy- Don’t hide things like this from me you’ll only end up hurting yourself
Taylor- Why does it matter after this summer you’ll be gone I’m gonna have to start fending for myself some day
Jimmy- well today is not some day so tell me
Taylor-. . .
Jimmy- Until I leave I’m going to keep fending for you whether you like it or not you’re gonna have to tell me everything right down to the day I leave for college so spill it . . . please
Taylor- Okay we got into a whole fight about futures and . . . he kind of hit me
Jimmy-You know that’s old news be more specific
Taylor- Okay he slapped me . . . twice
Jimmy-Why couldn’t you tell me this earlier is it really that hard if he hurt you then tell me
Taylor-It’s just I was afraid if he found out or something what he’d do
Jimmy- YOU’RE NOT A LITTLE KID ANYMORE you shouldn’t be scared of stuff like that no matter what I’ll always be here to protect and even if your immature mind takes this in a weird way I love you you’re my brother
*Jimmy leans out of his chair and hugs Taylor*
Taylor- Hooray for the first time in my life I feel loved
Jimmy- Don’t joke like that ya know they just don’t look for smarts in a kid to skip grades you have to be mature
Taylor-I’m 13 years-old I don’t even know what mature means
Jimmy-ha-ha very funny but all you have to do is act like you have some sense
Taylor- Well I do have sense
Jimmy- Then show it don’t hide it
Taylor- Do you want people to hate me ugh at my school it’s be a retarded and an insolent fool or be hated
Jimmy- Then be hated
Taylor- . . . Did you really just say that
Jimmy- Yeah I did maybe if those “fools” had a model to look at
Taylor- Oh please I bet you they don’t even know what model means
Jimmy- Did you think about that
Taylor-Think about what
Jimmy- Maybe you’re a little too insulting
Taylor-uhhh okay but its true
Jimmy- yeah it may be but there is a time and a place for even truth
Taylor- . . . Why do I feel like I just got several life lessons in one day
Jimmy- because you did that’s what “good” brothers do
Taylor- And you tell me not to be insulting . . . but thank you I mean . . . really I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t in my life
*Taylor hugs Jimmy*
Jimmy- Well get some rest or not considering you were asleep for so long but hey . . .
*Jimmy leans in towards Taylor*
Taylor- What talk about personal space gosh
Jimmy- do you wanna see 12 nations tomorrow
Taylor- 12 NATIONS
Jimmy- Shush
Taylor- You mean the movie about 12 ninja nations each having a cosmic element and all of them going to war but there is one person who can’t control any element and tries to stop the war *pant*
Jimmy-uhhh yeah
Taylor-then yes
Jimmy- okay Spinners gonna pick us up be ready by 2 o’clock okay
Taylor- okay thanks for even thinking about me
Jimmy- ugh you might think nobody thinks about you but I at least do
*Jimmy wheels out of his room and closes the door behind him*
Taylor-(ugh I do love him but gosh why is it so easy for him to tell me but it be so hard for me to return it)
*he pulls his laptop to his lap and opens it back up*
(I hate making this immature disposition but I just don’t think it’s a good idea to be me)
*he types in prentice hall in Google and clicks on the first link*
Taylor-*gasp* full access to all text books
*he tries to click on a science book*
. . . $2,000 A MONTH . . . It couldn’t hurt
*he types in his dad’s debit card number*
Good thing I know it by heart *chuckle*

The author's comments:
Okay im a huge degrassi fan, so i thought why not make my own character. Taylor is me in everyway.Everything he does and says, I do and say. Anything he can do, I can do. It's not written with proper grammar purposely. It's kind of written like a script,and I find it easier to describe actions this way. The first few eps might be a little rusty because originally i never even made this ep, so I have to write basically past episodes. I hope you enjoy the episode it's my first post here so i'm a little nervous.

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