Twilight Child; Chapter Seven- Moment of Truth

July 5, 2010
By WinterMoon GOLD, Waynesburg, Kentucky
WinterMoon GOLD, Waynesburg, Kentucky
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life is hard, but it could be harder
Suicide is for people who are too weak for the real world.
Those who dance are thought to be crazy by those who don’t hear the music.
People change, things go wrong. Just remember, life goes on.
What you feed your mind is what it gives back to you!
Be conscious of your subconscious mind. It’s the storage area for all the things you don’t pay attention to. It will eventually yield and even take over your conscious mind.
Life is all about challenges. To become an over comer, you don’t have to allow obstacles to become an impediment, but rather a stepping stone to your goals.
I have failed over and over in my life and that is why I succeed.
Imitation is Limitation.
Life is like a novel with the end ripped out.
Life is like a game of baseball
You’ll never know if you make the home run
Life is about creating yourself, not finding yourself!
There could be many options in your life, but before this life you had no option. So live with it
Life is like a dream. There’s good times and there’s nightmares. Life will only last so long, but your dreams will go on forever.
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about dancing in the rain..!”
“Enjoy what you can, endure what you must”
Love never ends, but life does.
Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out
Love is like a rainbow: the more you see it, the more you realize what a miracle it really is.
Life is about falling – Living is about getting backup.
never have regrets, because at one point everything you did in life was exactly what you wanted
“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
Dreams are like stars…one blows up and another one gets brighter
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.
You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.
God, if I can’t have what I want, let me want what I have.
Life is like an onion: You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.

Every thought seemed to make me feel like I was drowning. I looked around for the door, a door to somewhere. I saw the main office building, just the place I needed to go. I almost started to run, but caught myself for the second time this morning. I was beginning to realize how much I relied on my abilities in life. I slowly walked towards the door, my mind had almost started to relax when the blond boy I saw earlier was chasing after me. I had a feeling he would get used to this. His thoughts were vulgar, like his friends I saw in his mind, Tyler and Eric. They had all seen me, and discussed who would talk to me first. After a grave game of rock, paper, scissors, and some more arguing, the blond boy-whose name seemed to be Mike Newton- was now chasing me. He was at my side quickly, when his elbow touched mine, I took a step to the left, putting a couple feet of space between us.
Gee, didn’t she realize I was chasing her? I guess she’s not that smart. I don’t care. She doesn’t have to be smart for me to see she’s the finest thing I’ve ever seen, and I watch a lot of reality TV. Great, this is exactly what I needed, a pervert who can sit next to me in class having fantasies about me. He looked at me and lost his train of thought for a moment, and so he just sated at me for a moment. He finally came around, with a lot to say.
“Oh, sorry. Hi, my name’s Mike. I just thought id be the first to introduce myself, before every one else gets to you first.” He held out his hand, wanting me to shake it, but I just pretended not to see it and kept looking into his baby blue eyes. Maybe she doesn’t see my hand; maybe I should just grab hers. No, bad idea. I will find a way to touch her later; her skin just looks so soft. I wonder if she likes my eyes, she has been looking into them for a long time.
I swiftly looked away, towards the building to see if we were almost there, we were. Just a few more steps. I wanted to reach over and rip this boys head off, but that might not be the best idea. I fumbled for something to say to him, coming up with nothing. I wasn’t used to talking to anyone but Renée and Charlie, because none of the kids at school really ever talked to me.
“Hello. My name is Bella Swan. Didn’t anyone ever teach you not to talk to strangers?” I asked him. He burst out into laughter, trying a bit too hard to make what I said funny. I really just wanted him to walk away, but I had a bad feeling that I better get used to it; unfortunately, he didn’t seem like the type to give up easily. So... she’s funny, even better.
“Wow. Umm…You’re funny, really funny.” She’s more hot than funny, but I’ll take both. She sorta reminds me of the Cullens, the way she’s so perfect. When Mike thought about the Cullens, I got a mental image of all five of them. It was true, they were all vampires. There eyes were gold, animals was their diet then. They did seem to appear human, average, except for the overly expensive clothes. I got a run down on there past, their names and gossip from Mike’s mind. I stopped dead when I saw the Cullen whose name was Edward. He was the boy I had nearly killed yesterday in the forest. I was met with that same face, and it hit me the same. His face had been in my head since the moment I saw him, and I was sure it was permanently burned into my brain. I started walking just as quickly as I had stopped, so Mike didn’t notice my hesitation at all. I smoothed my face into an expression of amusement.
“Yeah, I had a feeling you’d say that. What I mean is that aloof people think I’m funny.” I’m such an idiot. Why did I even try? I bet she’s had a thousand guys hit on her, and she probably is dating on of them, maybe more. I’m stupid. As Mike scolded himself, I smiled, trying not to laugh. He was right about one thing- he was stupid. I was just toying with Mike at this point. I knew how to get a guy to think you have interest in them, and I was using it. Maybe it was wrong for me to toy with Mike like this, okay, it was wrong. But it didn’t register with me at the time.
“Well, you are very funny. But, I like it. A lot.” I would love anything about her. She is perfect, better than the Cullens combined. I mean, sure Rosalie is hot, but she has nothing on Bella. None of them do. I bet that freak Edward will try to talk to her, and I bet she’ll just fall all over him. Great.
“Er, thanks.” I didn’t know what to say to that. Did he just give me a compliment? I wasn’t used to this. People never spoke to me, so no one ever said anything nice about me. Of course, they all thought very flattering things about me, but only in their minds. This was entirely new to me.
“Sure, and your cute, too.” Why did I just say that? I’m such a moron. I bet she’ll never wanna talk to me again now. I was leading Mike on, and it was just too much fun to put down, it distracted me from Edward and his siblings.
“Thanks again, your kind of sweet. I like it.” and I did. He was somewhat sweet, except for his impure thoughts. She likes it. Good, I could do this all day. It is going to be a breeze getting into her pants. I clenched my teeth together to drown out the anger. He locked eyes with me, but I didn’t see them. I just flashed him a dazzling smile instead if kicking him across the parking lot. She has a really pretty smile, the prettiest I’ve seen. So white, so strait, so even. I wonder if she’s a supermodel. No, I would have heard about her. I didn’t think that was as sweet as his comment before, due to his disgusting mind. I wish I could have hurled him across the parking lot.
“Anytime. Do you have your schedule yet? Maybe we’ll get some classes together.” I hope we do, we have to. What if we don’t? What will happen then? Will she stop talking to me? I’ll never get her to be my girlfriend if that happens. You couldn’t get me to be your girlfriend if we were joined at the hip. How could he even think about someone he doesn’t know this way? I didn’t want to deal with his little friends either, but I would have to later.
“Ah, no. I’m on my way to get it right now- the main office.” God, I didn’t even notice that’s were we were going. I would have walked to the edge of the world with her just to have her push me off. You have no idea how much that suggestion just keeps sounding better and better every time you open your mouth.
“Cool, would you mind if I walked you to your first class?” Please just say yes, please. What else was I supposed to say? He would probably follow me anyway.
“That sounds good.” See. She’s totally into me. It was a good thing I got to her first. I can’t wait to brag to Tyler and Eric later. Maybe she’ll sit by me at lunch. If you keep going at this pace, you’ll be dead by lunch. That reminded me that I would have to act sick to get out of eating. Fake a headache was my best idea.
We were at the office now. I opened the door, hoping that Mike would not follow me, but I had no such luck. He followed me like a lost dog all the way to my first period class. Our first period class- English. I had five out of seven classes with him. Including lunch.
First period with Mike, thankfully sitting on the opposite side of the room, went just as expected. Everyone stared when I came thought the door with mike. One of his friends, Tyler, immediately noticed me. Damn, he beat me to her. Wow she’s the hottest girl I’ve ever seen, way better than Rosalie Hale, didn’t think that was possible.
Everyone was planning to talk to me at some point. The teacher assigned me to a seat in the far corner in the class. However, everyone turned around in there seat and stared at me. I took out a notebook and started taking notes over whatever the teacher was talking about, the many types of verbs.
I ran over all the information I had got from Mike on the Cullen clan. They were vampires, it was obvious to me. But, the students here hardly noticed them at all anymore. They had grown used to their nature, and an unconscious part of them told them they were dangerous. Yet, no one seemed to be shy to me, they didn’t hold back the way they did with the Cullens.
While the teacher was going on about verb use in a sentence, I was multitasking between taking notes and searching for one of the Cullens minds. It didn’t take me long to find a vampires mental voice, it was located two classrooms down from me. It was the mind of Emmett Cullen.
That’s the second time he’s beat me this week! Damn, I’ll challenge him again as soon as we get home. He won’t beat me again; I’ll put him back in his place. How am I going to get Rose alone with those others coming over? Maybe they won’t stay long. Carlisle said the vampires have a daughter, she’s probably single if she still lives at home, I’ll have to bother Edward about her. He needs to get laid. His mind was amusing, until he started thinking about his brother and me. Edward probably wouldn’t like me at all. I looked for another vampire to read. Ahh… Alice Cullen. Who was currently worrying about our visit to their family home tonight.
I hope everything goes well. Carlisle was so excited when he came home this morning. And Charlie and Renée have a daughter, sixteen years old! It will be so nice to finally meet my future best friend! Future best friend? What? I saw some images that she had of me. I realized that she had the ability to see the future. Like what do in my sleep, but anytime she wants. I could see how we could become friends. I didn’t know her yet, but I wanted her visions to come true. Then her thoughts caught me off guard. I wonder if Edward will like her. It would be so great to see Edward with someone- my best friend! My sister in law and best friend. I have never had a best friend, or a friend really. I can’t wait until lunch, so I can see her. I wonder… maybe I can go talk to her! Jasper won’t allow me to. He’ll ruin my fun and say it’s too dangerous. Ughhh! He is so overprotective.
Is his entire family going to try to set him up with me? I hoped not. Maybe I shouldn’t go tonight; I could probably say I need to study. I didn’t look for anymore of the Cullens “voices” for the rest of the period. At the end of the class a talkative girl named Jessica came up to me. She had the most annoying voice- mental and verbal- I had ever heard. She sounded like she was straight from the valley.
I have to talk to the new girl. She’s drop dead gorgeous! Not normal, like weird not normal. Lauren won’t be happy once she gets an eyeful of her. But, everyone will be looking at me today, so I don’t care.
“Hi, I’m Jessica. You can just call me Jess. Ummm…let’s go. I’ll walk you to your next class.” I’m ready for my debut; I wonder how many guys will ask me out today once they see me with her. I followed Jessica out of the class, going along as if I had no idea what her real motive was. I decided I should introduce myself.
“Oh…By the way, my name is Isabella Swan, but you can call me Bella.” I said it in a happy tone, trying to be friendly. Wow, she is actually really nice; Mike said she was funny, too. Maybe we could really be friends. Lauren won’t like that either. I saw that she was infatuated with Mike, and that she used to like Edward. We were almost to our math plus class when someone I recognized from Mike thoughts, came up from behind me and snapped a picture of me, Eric.
Great pic. I’m keeping this one for myself. She’s as hot as Mike said, better. I can ask her to the dance, who cares if it is girls choice? Mike had his chance, I gave it to him, and he wasted it. “Hi! I’m Eric, who are you?” he stuck out his hand, trying to be friendly, so I reached out and took it. She’s a little warm, does she have a fever? Her hand wasn’t sweaty; maybe it just matches her looks- hot.
“Hello Eric. I’m Bella. What‘s with the camera?” Oh God. Her voice is so sexy. Swoon. Ummm… I had forgotten to make my voice sound friendly, making if fall into a seductive tone. He had better not do what Jessica was thinking, putting it in the newspaper. He was.
“I was going to put it in the Forks paper. If it’s okay with you.” This will be big news. Front page baby! I’ll have to ask her some questions about her life back in Oregon for the article. No, it wasn’t okay with me. The last thing I needed was more attention. But, what was I supposed to say? If I told him no, then he would surely be more suspicious. So, I put on a huge dazzling smile and looked at him.
“Gee, thanks a lot Eric, but you don’t have to do that. But, if you want to, it’s fine with me.” He had barely heard what I said. He was staring at me with the biggest look of amazement I had ever seen. He looked like he had just seen an angle, he thought he had. So…beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous. Striking. That’s the prettiest smile I have ever seen, just… perfect, nothing could make her look better. She’s so pretty, but not in an obvious way. I didn’t notice how beautiful she was until she smiled at me. Look at her lips; she’s just what the doctor ordered. I wonder who created her. It must have been the master of perfection, because she’s flawless in every way. He finally came around, after Mike, trying to catch up to us, shoved Eric away from me.
“Hey Babe! I was looking everywhere for you, Mr. Varner held me after class to finish some assignment, but I’m back now. Did you miss me?” Probably not, not with Mr. Girlfriend stealer talking her up. Babe? I wanted to irritate Mike. I actually liked Eric; he was nice, and not arrogant like Mike. I wish I could have thrown him through the wall when he pushed Eric out of the way.
“Actually, I completely forgot all about you once Eric introduced himself.” I looked over at Eric and smiled, he smiled back. Mike was confused at first, trying to determine if I was kidding. So I looked back to Mike and said. “Really”. He was planning to kill Eric later, but I could see that he wouldn’t do anything. Is she kidding, I mean, look at him! Look at me! Is she blind!? I wanted to kill him, really wanted to kill him. If he would have said that out loud I would have defended Eric, stuck up for him like a true friend would have.
“I was just going to say to Bella that I wouldn’t mind putting her picture in the paper, that it would be my pleasure. But, you rudely interrupted.” I grinned at Eric, and winked. He thought that was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Oh my god! Did she just wink at me? Me? She probably didn’t mean anything by it; I mean she is way out of my league. I smiled at his thoughts, he was wrong. He deserved happiness way more that I did, he was way out of my league. Mike didn’t respond to that, he didn’t talk to me much at all until lunch. The day had gone smoothly up until that point. Lunch was a different story.

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