Fire & Water Chapter 1 An Avatar Celebration

July 3, 2010
By EmilineBridges BRONZE, Homer, Alaska
EmilineBridges BRONZE, Homer, Alaska
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When I was a little girl my parents told me that I would be the greatest Firebender our nation had ever seen. They were so proud of me, that I couldn't bear to tell them the truth. I, a blood born citizen to the Fire nation; and a "fallower" of lord Ozi. Was afraid of Fire.

I know it seems unruly and very much unbleivable for someone from the fire nation to be afraid of fire. Beacause saying you're afraid of fire is like saying you're afraid of yourself. Maybe I am, but I have a right to be.

My name is Tania I am the daughter of Mikio the son of the famous General Irhio brother to Ozi our nations emporior. Father always taught me to be responsible with my "gift" and to always make sure I only used it if I really needed to. I was only eight years old then, but I knew the risks. Earlier in my youth my mother Tania, Whom I was named after; was killed for using her firebending for defense against a fire nation troop. I learned then and there what we could do; and I also learned that if the Fire Nation ever decided to expand their world, there would be no stopping them.

Not shortly after my father along with my uncle and a few other members of our family were called to the front lines to help and take over the stubborn city of "Bae Sing Sea". Not longer after they were called into battle, my father was killed adn I was branded an orphin; until my uncle returend to clam me. However I didn't wait for his return, for only a few days after my fathers death did I run away. Traveling on foot I learned to blend into my serounding as well as learn to steal for money to buy food and new clothes.

Years have past and I now 15 years old and have now befriended many from all four nations. I never expected for my life to change so drastically but once again like the day my father died it did. I had been traveling for several days, trying to reach The Earth Kingdoms; so I could rest, gather supllies and be on my way again. Howver when I entered the kingdom, life had changed as I know it. I had been scaling the market for cheaper prices when suddenly a flying lemur landed on my head adn nearly knocked me down. Moments laster I found myself face to face with a group of kids. Two of which were about my age and one that looked to be a bit younger.

"Sorry" The youngest I presume said. He was bald, and had light blue arrows running down his arms and legs, as well as a giant one in the middle of his forehead.

"You must be and air nomade." I replied

"My names Tania."

"Hi Tania, My names Aang, This is Katara, and Sokka. And this little guy here"
He said taking the lumear off my head...
"Is MoMo"

"Well nice to meet you, and you too Mo Mo" I said patting the White Lemear on the head.

"So what are you guys doing here? Are you here for the celibration?"

"Celebration?" Aanng asked cocking his head slightly.

"Yeah the celebration of the return of the Avatar?"

"There's a celebration?"

"Yes" I replied when I saw all three of their suprised faces.

"It's been going on ever sence the begining of the are you guys staying or not?"

Looking back at his friends Aang replied


The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this peice was "Avatar the last airbender" I have been watching for quite sometime and have wanted to write a story for awhile. I have pertaken in Sakko which got me to wondering why not write a story about him and include a new charecter into the twist.

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