The Only Girl On Tour

June 26, 2010
By lolzcats97 BRONZE, Corydon, Indiana
lolzcats97 BRONZE, Corydon, Indiana
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\"Girl, you keep my heat a beat-beat-be-be-bah-beating.\"- Stereo Skyline

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Life on tour, with only guys. Four bands, each having four member's, and I STILL am the only girl on tour. Why could not Paramore be here or something, I always get tired of the belching by day three. This is day 24 of 51 of the Glamour Kills US tour. Yay.

Can You detect my sarcasm? I hope so, I love what I do, do not get me wrong. I've almost culminated my ankle at a show, and I still finished the set without crying, though I did in the hospital. Nothing will stop Cassadee Pope from singing.

Except for the band we are bunking with on the tour. All Time Low. I've toured with them before, several times actually. Though I've never had to be on the same bus with them all. Being so out numbered is not fun, except for when I get own people in Rock Band, and Guitar Hero. *cough cough Zack Merrick* It get's worse, they never put shirts on, and walk around in boxers usually, AND they eat all the cereal. I am taking it amongst myself to get somehow some piece and quiet. Any ideas?

My first option was to sleep all day, but that did not really work. So, I sneaked my laptop, a box of cereal, my phone, and my iPod into my bunk and hid there until Jack came over and lifted the screen that kept the sun out. He then yelled "WE'VE GOT A HIDER!" Which, I guess happens a lot around All Time Low. THESE GUY'S ARE LIKE FERAL ANIMALS!!!

Suddenly, by four sets of hands, I was drug out of my second to the top of four bunks, to the ground, where Jack bound my hands and tried to Hog Tie me. I screamed, I mean literally, I thought I was going to get raped or molested or something! Before someone could find rope or a shoelace to hog tie me, Michael saved me by telling them that Ninja Warrior was back on. No Wonder.

Now, that I only could think of one other demeanor to get a day to myself, this had to work. I loved the guys, do not get me wrong, but some days they made me want to punch them all in the face. So, the final way to getting some peace and quiet was, The dreaded passenger seat.

It's dreaded because our bus driver must be crazy, but he likes to listen to static, and it's actually very easygoing up in the front, and I know for a fact that Alex, Jack, Zack, and Rian, are deathly afraid of that guy. His name is like Ron or something. That did work, until we got to our destination. Stupid, freaking, wait no. I am not saying anything bad about Portland.

Then as, we were going off the bus, I was tackled, by my own band thankfully. They ran off to the little boy's room, because someone had said that the bathroom was haunted or something, but who knows. Then Alex, the lead singer of All Time Low came up to me and said "Your not that bad, Pope. I thought I had already of been slapped around a few times." I rolled my eyes and said "yeah, 'cause being pulled to the floor, not cool by the way! Then almost being hogged tied was so much fun. Not the best day in mind." He then said something wonderful "We'll go easier on you."

And in the end, it did not really matter. It would not have, anyway. It seemed that everything we had done was lost like dust in the breeze.

The author's comments:
Saturday for my birthday we went to the Cincinatti Bamboozle roadshow. I saw All time low, and wondered how the girls on tour put up with them all the time.

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on Jul. 13 2010 at 10:45 pm
lolzcats97 BRONZE, Corydon, Indiana
2 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
\"Girl, you keep my heat a beat-beat-be-be-bah-beating.\"- Stereo Skyline

\"Ravenclaw!\"- Hayden *wink wink*

Thanks! I am!

on Jul. 10 2010 at 7:25 am
JustAnotherOwl SILVER, Unknown, New York
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I love it! :) Keep writing! :D

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