Twilight Child; Chapter Two: Running

June 16, 2010
By WinterMoon GOLD, Waynesburg, Kentucky
WinterMoon GOLD, Waynesburg, Kentucky
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He continued to star into my eyes and I did the same. I didn’t know what he was looking for, but after a few minutes he began to straighten up into a more casual posture, I did the same not taking my eyes off of his for one second. I was half expecting him to say hello or introduce himself, but he just continued to scrutinize me.
When I looked into his eyes, looking for answers, I saw the only thing that I need to tell me that he was not meant to be my enemy: Fear. It was plain in his dark eyes, but he kept up a calm charade. I felt that I could see into his eyes for miles, and that’s when I realized that I couldn’t read his mind. I tried harder to read him, to get anything, but nothing. I could still hear Renee and Charlie’s minds, and they had to be ten miles away, but nothing from the boy in standing right in front of me. I had never been unable to hear another’s mind, never in my three hundred twenty two years, but I can’t say that anymore.
My curiosity flared, and so did my temper. I figured I should get out of hear before a fight breaks out. I couldn’t afford to kill any vampires today, not him. I kept my gaze locked on his as I took a step back. He didn’t react, but I saw his eyes flicker down to my foot. Systematically, I slowly backed away from the beautiful boy, not knowing where it would lead me in the end. After I had put roughly thirty feet between us, I turned on my toes, and shot through the forest at lightening speed. I realized that I was heading in the right direction, leaving me no excuse to turn around and see the boy again.
I couldn’t let Renee or Charlie know that I had encountered another vampire, they would insist on hunting him or moving immediately, neither of which I want. The chances of him being alone are good, considering that from what I know, vampires are nomads for the most part, but I didn’t want to take any unnecessary chances. If Charlie or Renee got hurt, I would have to live the rest of my much too long life knowing that it was my fault entirely. I couldn’t take that chance; I just couldn’t bring myself to. Besides, the little encounter isn’t going to affect Charlie and Renee, as they say- No harm, no foul.
Knowing I needed to collect myself, I slumped against a large tree and sank to the frozen ground, waiting for my heart rate to return to normal.
While I attempted to slow my erratic heart rate, I found myself searching everything around me, second-guessing every thing I did, waiting for the boy to pounce on me. I am just paranoid. I live comfortably with vampires, probably more dangerous than him, yet I am suddenly terrified. Why do I sit here and wait for him? If he really wanted to kill me, or wanted the blood running through my veins, he would have tried to attack already, which would have failed him miserably. He was probably shocked into immobility, not knowing what he was looking at. It seems quite unlikely that he would have run across another of my kind, unless I had come across him another time that I don’t recall of.
If I had ever seen him, I wouldn’t have been able to forget it, just as I’ll never forget this day. Part of me, the intelligent part of me, wanted to never see the boy again, not even in my memories; But the other half of me, the part that knows the way I truly feel deep down inside wanted to go back, to go back and get to know him better, and uncover all of his secrets in his mind that I couldn’t hear.
I hardly ever used my extra hearing for anything other than distraction, or to save myself from embarrassment when called on in class to answer a question I didn’t know the answer to. I wasn’t dependent on it, half of the time I found myself wishing that I had never known of such a power, of such a life as this. I truly did not have a life at all, and it was completely dreadful for me to have to endure a more tedious day that the last, knowing that this would never end. And, it won’t, of that I’m sure.
I honestly couldn’t tell myself the reason for my not wanting to die, for why I would try to fight the boy. I could try to tell myself it was for my family, so they wouldn’t have to grieve, but it would be a lie. Maybe it was really an instinctual thing, something that comes to me naturally. Why shouldn’t my life be ended? It was not as if I lived for any particular reason, besides just to be. I am nothing more than a freak that shouldn’t exist at all.
I am something that God, I am sure, never intended to create, if he even created me at all. I am sure he would abolish my very existence. I have no soul. I am nothing but a monster.
And I proudly hate myself for it. Nothing great or life- changing has ever come from the beast inside of me, and not a single thing ever will. The monster in me only takes, never giving anything in return. Surly the term “Twilight Child” must translate into something that means monster. I am sure of the fact that my creator decide to name what I am
“Twilight Child”- as some sort of curse or jinx, with warning in mind.
Nevertheless, like all myths, it faded over time. Now, what I am is told as a myth or fairytale even to mythical creatures. Every one, regardless of what they are, knows the legends of the Twilight Child, even if never meeting “it” themselves. Rewards are offered to anyone who can capture me, and bring me to the Volturi. When I tell immortal individuals what I am, they suddenly drop the ground and treat me as some queen. I never liked attention, which is why I mostly stay away from the things my parents associate with, not even wanting other creatures that ate fabled to know what, or who I am.
My breathing was calm by now, but I was hesitant to get to my feet. However, I knew that I needed to get home to wish Charlie good luck, and to keep Renée uninformed of my little walk. It was growing dark; the sun would be setting if I could see it. I missed the sun; it was always there to keep me company. Now, I have no company, just clouds and the rain droplets that just began to hit my head. I started running home at such a speed that the rain wouldn’t even hit me, it couldn’t see me. If I was caught, I didn’t want to be caught in wet clothes, leaving me no room for an excuse.
Before long, I was in my little paddock, wanting to stop and sit in the middle of it, but I kept moving towards the window. I was more than a little more than surprised to remember that I must have forgotten to shut the window before leaving, but even more surprised to find it closed. Had I closed it? I could have sworn that I forgot, but maybe I didn’t… On the other hand, maybe someone came up to check on me and found me gone. I was really hoping that I had just shut it myself, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.
I hoped back up to the balcony with ease, and wondered briefly what vision of the future will visit me in my sleep tonight, probably nothing much considering where I am. I was relived to find the door unlocked and not even closed all the way; maybe the wind had shut it. I made sure I closed it this time, locking the big brass deadbolt. I stared around my new room; it was large with plain white walls. I automatically protested when Renée insisted on decorating my room a couple weeks ago, not wanting anything elaborate. Renée never did anything halfway, and if I let her have her way, right now I would standing in the middle of a room fit for the Queen of Eurasia.
I had brought my own things in and placed them in the most normal arrangement I could think of. Since I had been old enough to distinguish the difference between me and humans, I never wanted to stand out. I would rather keep things old-fashioned, which is the reason why everything in my room-with the exception of my clothes- was well over two hundred years old.
The large quilt that lay on my bed had been given to me on the very day of my birth, now the color in it had faded, but the memories never did. It had been sewn by my great, great, great grandmother’s hands, and had since been passed down to me from my mother. As I walked by the old wooden bed I ran my slender fingers over it, knowing I was not the first to touch it. It was the only belonging I had when I was set in Renée’s arms as a newborn, the only thing I had brought with me.
There was an old cedar chest I had found in a previous, abandoned home we had lived in for a short time. When I saw it I had to have it, it was so old and timeless, still smelling of cedar. Now the time worn chest was filled with my most precious and valuable things. The things in the chest where not all expensive, but all very important to me. If I brought them to an auction I probably wouldn’t get a dime for and of them, but they all had such sentimental value that I couldn’t let them collect dust on a shelf or case. The hand-carved, mahogany rocker in the farthest corner from my bed was probably the most recent item to join my collection of ancient things, given to me by Charlie when I was five years old.
Speaking of Charlie, I really needed to wish him luck for tonight; he would be leaving in just over fifteen minutes. As I opened the door, and shut it behind me, I considered telling Charlie about the other vampire. He may only be a nomad, but it would be our, or rather my luck that he would belong to a hefty sized coven three times as big as ours. If that was the case then we would have no choice but to leave immediately. But, Charlie was a smart man, and I’m sure he’ll find out on his own in time, needing no help from me.
I found myself wishing to see the boy again all way down the long hallway, causing me to nearly slap myself silly, but when I failed to do that I almost broke one of Renée’s favorite flower pots- that would not go over well.
It had been exactly five minutes and 42, 43, 44 seconds since I ran away from this vampire boy, yet why do I feel like there’s more behind the cold, black stare he gave me relentlessly? I shouldn’t feel this way. I shouldn’t want to be near him. I shouldn’t, but I do. The stair case that led to the second floor was lined with pictures of beautiful places, and people who I had known since I was a baby, people of the supernatural world; Vampires no less. There were more pictures of me than anyone else, I had begged Renée not to put them up but she insisted. I didn’t really stick around when these people came around dew to the fact the ask me never ending questions.
The door to Charlie’s study was open a bit, so I figured it must be okay to come in. I slowly pushed the door open, he was sitting at his desk going over some paper work, and He looked up eagerly when I had fully entered.

The author's comments:
This is the next chapter in The Twilight Child series. Chapter 2! Read 1 before reading this. Read and Review please!

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on Jun. 28 2010 at 6:56 pm
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Grab life by the balls. -Slobberknocker
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I agree, great beginning to the story, just a couple spelling mistakes.

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"I may be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it." - Maya Angelou

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just a couple of spelling mistakes, but other than that this is a really awesome beginning of a story. I hope there is many more to come.

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