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June 18, 2010
By PwningPenguin BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
PwningPenguin BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
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[size=20][u][b]Episode 1[/b][/u][/size]
"Welcome to this season of Survivor! Im your host Jeff Probst. Welcome to this seasons most exciting show. Survivor: The Backyard Drama!"
*crowd cheers*
"This years contestants are:
Chris O.- a young fan who has always wanted to be on the show, will his strategic ways get him far in the game?
Sean - the athlete of the group who has ran a mile in 5:10, will his athletic ability make him a threat?
Martha - one of the quiet ones, but will people not notice her as she slips by?
Ray - the youngest of the bunch, will some underestimate him?
Lauren - very easy going and funny, will this help her make friends, or even enemies?
Kathleen - the oldest of the group, will she be seen as a threat because of her knowledge?
Richie - Can be funny at times, but will his lack of self control be his downfall?
Diana - easily frustrated, will that hurt her majorly?
Francesca - not the most fit in the group, will her personality make up for her lack of strength?
Samantha - another younger one, will her pushy personality bring her down?
Sammy - a shy person, will that be her downfall?
Keith - a well-rounded individual, will that bring him far?
Jack - Cross country runner, will that endurance help him during the challenges?
Brandon - not the most social, will his lack of personality get him voted off?
Caitlin - one of the more athletic girls here, where will she end up?
Mike - best friends with Keith, will they help each other out?
Chris A. - an outgoing person, what will happen to him?
Corey - enemy of Richie, will he be able to work his way into people who may not be his biggest fans?
Emily - certain to bring drama to the game, but will she cause too much?
Kirin - best friend of Lauren, will this help her succeed?
J - another athletic one, but not the best with communication skills, will this hinder his performance?"

"What will these contestants have to bring to the table? Find out NOW!"
The contestants are all gathering around when Jeff walks out in front of them.
"Hello contestants! Are you ready for your first challenge?"


Okay here's what you have to do, run around the neighborhood three times and meet back here! GO!
*contestants look stunned, but then start running*

Announcer: "Looks like Ray has sprinted out of the pack! But he looks like he's tiring already! Poor little guy, he's being passed by almost everyone. Here come Jack, Sean, Keith, Lauren, and Kathleen, neck and neck, all trying to keep up with each other. Brandon and Chris O. following close behind. Ohhhh, looks like Lauren's slowing down a little! At the back of the pack Samantha, Francesca, and Diana are fighting for 2nd and 3rd to last! There goes Keith trying to make a move and get ahead of the pack. It looks like the others are going to let him wear himself out. It looks like they were right, Keith slowly fades back into the pack. That's the end of the first lap! Looks like Brandon, Lauren, and Chris O. are trying to pick up the pace! Lauren and Chris O. manage to get into the main pack, but Brandon cant seem to keep up.

[aside to camera]What is this!?!?! It seems Lauren and Chris O. have just made the first alliance of the season! How long will that last? Anyway back to the race.

It seems that Emily has come from the back and caught up to Brandon. And we're done with the 2nd lap! Emily and Brandon make a sprint to get caught up, but I dont know if they'll have enough energy to stay up there. Sean's making a run for it! He runs ahead of everyone! Will he be able to stay at that pace? It looks like Keith is trying to pass him! And here come Kathleen and Lauren! It's a mad dash to the finish line! Sean's in the lead! No Keith is! They're all running their hardest! And its a photo finish between Sean and Keith, getting first and second, and another between Lauren and Kathleen! Here come Jack, Chris O., Emily and Brandon in that order. Now it's a race for not last! Here come Caitlin, Kirin, J, Chris A., and Ray. Now, Martha, Richie, Mike, Sammy, and Corey. It's just Samantha, Franchesca, and Diana. Samantha finishes first! It's a sprint! Here's Diana, and bringing up the rear, Francesca.

Final Results
1. Sean
2. Keith
3. Kathleen
4. Lauren
5. Jack
6. Chris O.
7. Emily
8. Brandon
9. Caitlin
10. Kirin
11. J
12. Chris A.
13. Ray
14. Martha
15. Richie
16. Mike
17. Sammy
18. Corey
19. Samantha
20. Diana
21. Francesca

Host: " Okay, here's the twist. Sean, Keith and Kathleen please step up here. Sean step on the blue mat, Keith step on the yellow, and Kathleen on the red. Sean, please pick one contestant to be on your tribe.
Sean: "Oh errrrr....... I pick..... ummm.. Chris O.
Host: Okay, Chris O., join Sean on the blue mat. Keith your pick!
Keith: I'll pick Caitlin.
Kathleen: I'll pick Lauren!!!
*Lauren and Chris look at each other, disappointed.*
Sean: I choose Ray, I guess.
Keith: I'll pick Kirin. :)
Kathleen: Hmmmm..... *deliberates with Lauren* I pick Jack!
Sean: I pick Brandon.
Keith: I'll choose Emily then.
Kathleen: I pick J!
Sean: Richie, come over here.
Keith: I'll pick Mike.
Kathleen: I pick Martha!
Sean: I'll have Corey.
Keith: Chris Antonino
Kathleen: I choose Sammy!
Sean: I choose Diana.
Keith: Hmmmmm.....*hesitates* I guess I'll have Francesca.
Kathleen: Samantha, come here!
Host: And there are the tribes! Sean, your tribe is Wanatoga. Keith, you're Joviatto. Kathleen, you can be Covastami. Oh, and by the way, I'll see you all at Tribal Council in exactly 24 hours, Bye!

Wanatoga (Sean) [11.57 average for first challenge]
1. Sean
2. Chris O.
3. Ray
4. Brandon
5. Richie
6. Corey
7. Diana

Joviatto (Keith) [11 average for first challenge]
1. Keith
2. Caitlin
3. Kirin
4. Emily
5. Mike
6. Chris A.
7. Francesca

Covastami (Kathleen) [10.42 average for first challenge]
1. Kathleen
2. Lauren
3. Jack.
4. J
5. Martha
6. Sammy
7. Samantha

*Lauren, Martha, and Kathleen are shown getting water.*
Kathleen: Okay, I really want us 3 to make an alliance, but who's gonna be our fourth?
Lauren: I vote Jack!!
Martha: Okay.
Kathleen: Well, that was easy. *Kathleen goes to get Jack* Do you want to be in an alliance with us?
Jack: Sure!!!! But who should we vote off?
[i](Jack In Confessional: I'm glad that they asked me to be in their alliance, but hopefully they don't just pick me off if it's just us four.)[/i]
Lauren: I say..... Hmmmmmm? J?
Martha : I dont know isn't he pretty athletic?
Katheen: Yeah, but it all might go to his head.
Jack: I dont think it would.
Lauren: But Who else?
Kathleen: Samantha is the weakest I think.
Martha: Yeah Samantha is the weakest physically on our tribe.
Jack: I guess Samantha.
Lauren: Why not? Samantha's fine by me.
Kathleen: So we're all voting Samantha?
Lauren, Jack, and Martha: Yep!
*Samantha comes over* Did you get the water yet? What you guys talking about?
Lauren: Oh, just about how wonderful it is to be on your tribe!
*group holds in chuckles*
Samantha: Oh, well thanks! *Samantha leaves happily, Sammy walks towards group*
Kathleen: Hey Sammy! Come here! We're all voting Samantha, is that fine with you?
Sammy: As long as its not me, hehe.

*Mike and Keith are getting firewood*
Keith: Who do you want to vote off?
Mike: Francesca?
Keith: Okay, tell the others.
*others agree*

*Sean and Chris trying to start a fire.*
Sean: Hey Rich, come here. *He comes*
Richie: Yeah, what?
Chris: Wanna make an alliance with us?
Richie: Totally! Let's vote off Corey!
Sean: Hey, who put you in charge? Just kidding. Sounds good.
Chris: But isn't Corey kinda strong?
Sean: A little, but he doesn't have strength in the head if you know what I mean.
Richie: Yeah, what he said.
Chris: I don't know.......
Richie: PLEASE!
Chris: Fine.
*Chris leaves. He goes off to find Ray and Brandon building a shelter.*
Chris: Watcha guys up to?
Ray: Nothin'
Brandon: Do you know who the others are voting off?
Chris: I think Corey, but I don't want to.
Ray: Isn't he one of the strongest on the tribe?
Chris: That's what I said.
Brandon: I think we should vote Diana.
Ray: That sounds like a decent idea.
Chris: I'll think about it.
[i](Chris in confessional: This is a hard decision. While Diana seems like the more logical choice, I don't want Sean and Richie to be mad at me this early. It won't look good on my record if I betray my alliance the first week of the game. *chuckles* )
(Richie in Confessional: I'm gonna beat Corey! He's gonna be first voted off! Take that!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!)[/i]

Tribal Council 1.1 Covastami
*Covastami tribe walks in*
Host: Hey guys! Welcome to your first tribal council. Please grab a torch behind you, and we can get started. First off, How's camp like Samantha?
Samantha: Well, it took the others an AWFUL long time to get water. They seem to talk a lot instead of working.
Lauren: Well I don't see you doing anything, missie!
Host: On that note, let's start the voting! Sammy you're up!
*everyone votes*
Host: Okay, here are the votes. Once they are read, the decision is final, and the person voted off will leave immeadiatly.

First vote: [b]Sammy.[/b]

Second Vote: [b]Samantha[/b]

Third vote: [b]Jack[/b]. That's one vote Sammy, one vote Jack and one vote Samantha.

Fourth Vote:.......


Fifth Vote:

[b]Samantha[/b]. Samantha just needs one more vote in order to be voted off.

Sixth vote: .....

[b]Samantha. [/b]

*Samantha is shocked.*

That's six votes. That's enough. Samantha, please bring me your torch.

Samantha: "You can't do this to me!!!!!"

Host: Samantha the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

Samantha: I will get REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise you!!!!! REEEEEEEEEVVVVEEEEEEEENNNNNGGGGGGGEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host: Well, that was wierd, anyway I hope you guys can be unified for our next challenge. Goodbye and good luck.

Tribal Council 1.2 Joviatto
Host: Welcome, Joviatto to you're first Tribal Council. Let's start this off. Please grab one of the torches behind you. Mike, is there any alliances or cliques in your tribe?
Mike: No, our tribe gets along very well. We all seem to work together, and know what's best for the tribe.
Host: That almost seems too good to be true. Anyway, since you guys are so perfect, lets just go to the voting.
*tribe votes*
Host: Alright, the votes have been cast.
First Vote: [b]Francesca[/b]

Second Vote: [b]Caitlin[/b]

Third Vote: [b]Francesca[/b]

Fourth Vote: [b]Francesca[/b]

Fifth Vote:

[b]Francesca[/b]. Four's enough. Francesca, please bring me your torch.

Francesca: Thanks for the oppurtunity.

Host: Francesca, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch* Well, I guess you guy were right, the vote was unanimous. You guys seem to work well together. Good luck at the next challenge.

Tribal Council 1.3 Wanatoga
Host: Welcome to your first Tribal Council Wanatoga. Please grab one of the torches behind you. Brandon, are there any alliances in your tribe yet?
Brandon: I don't know if there are alliances, but some people get along better than others. *everyone glares at Richie and Corey.*
Host: On that note, let's start the vote! Ray, You're up!
*everyone votes.*
Host: Okay, the votes are in. First vote,


Second vote


Third vote

[b]Richie[/b]. That's one vote for Diana Corey and Richie. Fourth Vote:


Fifth Vote:


Sixth vote:


The Seventh and final vote is for.............................................

[b]Diana[/b]. We have a tie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corey and Diana, please come up here. In the case of a tie, we usually go to the number of votes you have had in the past. However, since this is the first Tribal Council, there obviously are none. So, in that case, we go to a challenge. However, the production crew is too lazy to make up any more challenges. In that case, Diana, heads or tails? *Host throws coin in the air*

Diana: Tails!
Host: And it is......

Tails! Diana stays. Corey I'm sorry, but that tribe has spoken.*snuffs torch*
Richie: Haha!!!! Loser!!!
*Corey considers punching Richie in the face, but decides against it.*
Corey: Good luck, to some of you anyway.
Host: Well, you guys look pretty divided. Hopefully, you can pull it together for the next challenge. See you then!

The author's comments:
Survivor is my favorite show, I love the strategic aspects of it, so I decided to make my own with the people from my neighborhood. Enjoy!

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Haha this was really funny, nice job of making it your own, don't know if I'd want to live in your neighborhood!  Great job, though.  Keep writing!

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