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Family Guy One Act Play

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Peter is at the newly built Mc. Donald’s in Quahog with Lois and Stewy
Stewy: Mommy, I want to have a happy meal.
Lois: Okay Stewy. Wait till we get to the front of the line.
Peter: **laughing*
Peter: Lois, Get me a Triple Cheese Burger with fourteen orders of French fries, *umm* . Seven Mc. Flurries, and get me one of those things.
Random Customer is holding the infamous human toe found in Mc. Donald’s chicken tenders.
Lois: **Yells** Peter, You can NOT eat that much food, besides *cradles Stewy* do you know how those are made?
Peter: *sighs* No
Stewy: Mommy, I want my happy meal nowww. I want to open to prize Mommy.
Lois: Be quiet Stewy.
Peter: *points finger at Stewy*
Stewy: Oh really fat man?! And to think I was going to allow you to exist as my jester once I enslave the planet.
Peter: *yells*
Peter: Time to eat, time to eat, I hope I don’t find spit on the cheeseburger meat.
Teenage Clerk: **coughs** Here you go sir, enjoy.
Peter: *Sherlock Holmes Monocle on*
Peter: Is there any spit in here?!
Teenage Clerk: No *fwahahaha*.
Peter: You b******.
**Peter, Lois, and Stewy walk over to an empty table.
**Peter points
Peter: Hey Lois, check out the look on that guy’s face. He looks like a big fat chicken.
Chicken: Oh, so you think it’s funny to laugh at me because I’m a different species huh?
**Chicken raises his fists
Peter: Hey tough guy, take it easy. I’m just saying that you look like a BIG
Peter *pause
Peter: FAT
*Chicken circles his fist in the air
Lois: Peter, let’s just go.
Peter: CHICKEN!!!!!!
**Chicken punches peter in the mouth.
Peter: You b******.
**Peter throws cheese burger at Chicken
*Chicken tackles Peter out the side of the Mc. Donald’s window
** Peter and chicken exchange punches
Stewy: Well, it seems as if he is taken care of.
*Stewy sips his soda.
Chicken: You’re dead fatty.
Chicken picks up broken glass and puts it up to Peter’s face.
** Peter flips chicken into a choke hold.
*Stewy claps
Chicken: I, cant-----------
*Peter releases choke hold.
*chicken gasps for air
*Peter gets distracted Michael Jackson in a Ronald Mc. Donald clown suit.
MJ clown: Hey little boy, you wanna come to a ranch?!
Stewy: Oooh that sounds nice..!
*Stewy looks at Lois
Stewy: Mommy can I go, PLEASEEEEE?
*Chicken and Peter both tackle and beat MJ clown.


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