Sondeo Chapter 8

June 7, 2010
The battle was over. Only the Element had survived. Jade, Flint, Ore, and Aqua all began their march back to their village. All their shoulders heavy as they pushed the revolving discs in their cockpits. Not knowing what to say, Ore parked and jumped out of his mech. He headed to his chamber to meditate. The Hive had taken all the soldiers, and Sun too. There was no chance to destroy the Hive now. His village was defeated, ripe for the Hive destroy. He knew this was his fate. Unless… He sat up and activated a library cylinder. He typed in: “Location of the Beings.”

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! “Yes?”….”Your who now?”………”Oh….oh my.”………”Uh…wait!” BEEP! The connection was broken. Sensei stood there in a daze. He let the conversation flow back. “This is Ore, no questions.” “Your who now?” “I am afraid to inform you a horrible parasite has destroyed one of you Beings’. Sun, is her name.” “Oh….oh my.” It is heading in your direction. We are heading over there to assist, they will either be destroyed, or they will kill us all.” “Uh…wait!” BEEP!
Sun. Who was that? Sensei took a long hard moment to think. Nothing. Infuriated now. How could he not remember his own pilot?! CRASH! Glass shards flew everywhere. Through the broken glass Sensei saw the sky turn dark. Then, a grotesque spiked-back creature appeared to him face to face.

BLOOOP! BLOOOOP! All alarms were sounding. Pilots were running everywhere. Hikaru, Takeshi, and Hitomi ran out of Takeshi’s barracks. “WHAT THE BRICKS!” Hikaru said. He looked up to the skyplate window. The sky was horribly shaded. Then, he sprinted for the elevator, pulling out his laser shot. “COME ON!” He shouted to Hitomi, and Takeshi. They ran over and got inside. The door closed. Hikaru hit the button for the Overview. Just as the elevator began to ascend, the skyplate shattered. And the darkness suddenly enveloped the room. Just before the room was out of sight, looking out of the elevator, Takeshi saw pilots being pulled through the tiled floors to underground. Fear suddenly struck the trio.

SHOOOOOO! Ore, Jade, Aqua, and Flint all blasted across the forest. The foursome, was getting closer and closer. Jade looked behind her. The darkness was closing in fast. “HURRY!” she yelled. The jetted through tree after tree. No signs of Beings anywhere. The sky had gotten darker as they got closer. Was the Hive already there? Suddenly, they were clear. The Exo Base in front of them. And it was covered in the Hive. “GOOOO!” Ore screamed. Hive material was slowly building up around the base. It would surely block up all exits, and entrances for the pilots. They jetted to the Bridge. The material was progressing all over it. “STOP!” Flint yelled. And so they did. “Where are the beasts hiding?” Ore said. Although the brownish-tan material was gathering, the Hive themselves were nowhere in sight. “THERE!” Jade pointed up to a huge pane of glass with Hive pounding and ramming it.

CLUNK! The elevator finally stopped and opened. Hitomi, Takeshi, and Hikaru stepped out. The Overview was being attacked by the creatures. “What are they!!!” Takeshi asked franticly. Suddenly, Hikaru felt something. He bolted to Sensei’s quarters, and rammed open the door. Sensei was laying on the floor, one of the creatures on his stomach performing some kind of- ZRRRRK! Hikaru reacted almost instantly. Sensei then passed out. Seconds later Hitomi and Takeshi ran in. “We almost lost him.” Hikaru said blowing his barrel. Takeshi and Hitomi looked at Sensei, then at the newly roasted creature next to him. “We gotta get in our mechs!” Hitomi said. They heard a sloppy slime noise coming from the window. They looked over to see it being closed up a gross brownish-tan mass. “WE GOTTA HURRY!” Takeshi yelled. He ran for the door. CRRRAAAASSH! Suddenly, the Overview shattered. The giant chunks of glass were flung everywhere.

They made it into the elevator. Hitomi pushed the “Hanger” button. And the elevator responded. Pilots were running everywhere. As the door closed, creatures appeared out of nowhere. Then, the elevator spun down. All the shouts suddenly ceased. Everything got really quiet. The elevator opened. They were in the hanger. Green smoky mist enveloped everything. The brownish tan crust was also spreading. “HURRRY!” Hikaru yelled. The elevator suddenly went up from behind them. Leaving them stranded. “Other pilots must be trying to get down here.” Takeshi responded. Swiftly the trio ran over to their battle machines and powered up. The strange crust was almost ankle deep now. WOOOOW! The battle machines powered up no problem. The green mist suddenly deepened. Takeshi heard a noise. “Uh…ok guys. Open the door. Lets go, NOW.” Takeshi said franticly looking around. Hikaru hit the release switch. The hangers doors responded. But failed to open. Only a loud tremor was heard. That godforsaken crust is on the doors, and there is no way to blast through. Its too thick! It was made to be cannon proof against robots.” Hikaru said. “We have to try.” Hitomi said.

ZRRRK! ZRRK! The battle began. The Hive had gathered on the bridge. The Element; Jade, Ore, Flint, and Aqua landed, and started the assault. ZRRRK! ZAAAP! Crust, smoke, and Hive debris flew everywhere. It was easy. “Uh, oh. LOOK!” Ore said. Suddenly, the crust formations began to mold together. It was forming barriers. Plus, the Hive was sending in bigger monsters. “OH CRUD!” Flint spat out. The new opponents were as high as the battle machines. One of them swung its arm at Flint’s mech. WOOOW! He maneuvered out of the way just in time. The giant arm slammed a crater into the ground. “RAAAOUR!” The beast grunted. ZRRRK! ZRRRK! More and more were pouring in around them. The Hive began to shoot the needles from their backs like a gun! ZZZZRK! ZRRRRK! Jade hotshot two of them. The sky got even darker. The Hive circled around them. ZRRRK! ZRRRK! The Hive material was everywhere now. “WHERE ARE THOSE BEINGS!!!” Ore yelled.

KAAAABOOOOOM! The hanger door exploded. Shrapnel flew everywhere. Ore turned around. Out of the smoky clearing, three figures swooped into view. “PILOTS!” he shouted. ZRRRK! ZZZRK! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! ZRRRRRRK! ZREK! The Hive was suddenly rained on by blasterfire. Destroying them all on the spot. Then, through the darkness and green mist, Ore could see the barrels aim at them. “NOO! DON’T SHOOT!” he yelled. “Lower your weapons.” he ordered the others. So they did. Then, after a moment, the trio of Beings cautiously swooped in. They landed next to them. “Who are you?” One of them asked sternly. “I am Ore of the Element.” Ore said. “And this is Jade, Aqua, and Flint; the other members of the Element.” Ore said. “Don’t listen, just shoot.” one of the other Beings said. So, the Beings charged their weapons. The Element was going to be killed. Then, at the last second- “WAIT!!!!” Somebody called. Then, Ryo, Vic, Habato, and Axel stepped out of the fog from the Hanger in their own battle machine. “Did you say your name was Flint?” Ryo asked.

“Yes, it is. You must be Ryo. The man who aided me at my visit here.” Flint called out. Habato, and Vic looked at the other three. “So this is the Element you were talking about?” Vic asked. “Yes, we are the leaders of our people in Sondeo.” “And who are these bozos breaking into every window they can find?” Axel suddenly said. “That is the Hive. They have destroyed Sondeo, and are now here.” Flint said. “Oh, and I guess you came here for help against them?” Habato asked. “Yes. They have killed our people. Since the birth of our tribe, we have always despised you Beings. But now, we realize that we must put our technological differences aside and join together. You are our last hope.” Flint said. With that, Axel, Ryo, Hitomi, Habato, Vic, Hikaru, and Takeshi walked over to the Element and said, “We will fight!” After a few seconds, Habato said, “Hey, where’s” Then a distant but unmistakable yell came into hearing. It got louder, and louder. It was coming from under the bridge. “haaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAA-YA!!!” Ha-Ya-To suddenly flew up from under and sliced a Hive in half. “Come on, guys. Lets show this roadkill gang who’s boss!!!!” “ALRIGHT!” Hikaru spun up in the air, the Silent Strike went full power. Everybody powered up. Then, armies of the Hive appeared from nowhere. They covered everything. The greatest pilots of Exo-Force, and the Element charged their cannons. And with the robots gone, they all knew this would be the last battle.

ZRRRRRRRRK! All of their cannon shots combined and hit a group of Hives dissolving them instantly. The sky was almost pitch black now. The Sun was fully visible but had no shine. The gray ball stared down at the base that put an uneasy edge on everybody. Then…the Hive was on them. ZRRRK! ZRRRRK! AAAAUGH! ZZZRK! ZRRRK! ZAAAP! ZZAAAP! ZRRRK! SHOOOO! SHOOOO! ZRRK! ZRRRK! ZAAAAAP! SHOOOOOOOOOOOO! BOOOOM! ZRRRK!...

Sensei stood on a podium. His back to the orange glow of the sunset. “Today, we have suffered extreme losses, and embraced victory. The Robots, and The Hive have been destroyed.” He stopped for a moment. “There are those who have entered the howling darkness but did not return. Today, we shall honor those who have died for us, for Exo-Force, FOR PLANET EXO!” Sensei said. “Today we will regard Zakuso, Hitomi, Gage, Vic, Axel, Habato, Jan, Takeshi, Hikaru, Targ, Ergek, Takori, Musaki, Ha-Ya-To, Ryo, Sun, the Element, and the people of Sondeo.” Sensei said. We shall leave the destroyed foretress, the jungle and everything else behind now. We will go to a new destination, to help others. Planet Exo can now heal itself from the scars we have left on it.” Sensei said. Then he stepped down from the podium. He walked off the monument. The last pilots of Exo-Force walked over the barren and into the Frontier, Sensei’s private space transport. Sensei entered last. The Frontier’s pilot prepped the engines. Sensei took one last look at the demolished foretress before the door closed. The Frontier lifted off, and jetted into space, away from Exo for the last time...

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