Sondeo Chapter 7

June 7, 2010
Sun was forced to put on heavy armor and mount up in a battle machine. She, Ore, and the other members of the Element all chose strong battle machines. The controls were stone. There were no buttons. Just engravings. Sun looked over to Ore. “HOW DO YOU WORK THIS THING?” she yelled. Ore pointed to the middle of her panel. “Put your hand right there.” he said. So she did. Nothing happened. Then the stone got warm and the engravings lit up. Two revolving disks popped up. They had four holes in each. Sun put her fingers in them. “What’s to shoot?” she asked. “Push hard on the disk.” Ore replied. Then he got into his own mech. “Ok.” She pushed hard on the left disk. A huge rusty blade came out. Then she hit the right disk. Two cannons formed from the stone. “THIS IS COOL!”

The fivesome marched out in front of a small army of soldiers. Sun was behind the woman cloaked in green. “What is the Hive?” Sun asked. Everybody was silent for a minute as they walked. “A great plague, a horrible parasite.” Ore said. “They come at you from nowhere, pull you down to the ground, into their nests. There you will never be seen again.” Sun was scared now. “They look like giant insects. With six legs, a ghastly cloak, a horrible spiked back, and a face split in half.” Ore finished. And with that there was silence. Then, as they approached the jungle, Sun heard a ghostly call from deep within it. “They are coming.” Ore said. “GO!’ Everybodies battle machines went into a dash. Sun had her hands twisted all the way forward as she went full throttle on the flat, revolving disks.

Hikaru swooshed in and dodged blasterfire. Robots were everywhere. “Ignore them and go to the source.” he ordered to his fellow pilots behind them. They swerved, looped and dodged their way through the robot base. Hikaru was going straight for Meca One. Suddenly two huge turbolasers came down out of the roof. ZOOOOW! ZOOOOOW! ZOW! ZOOOOW! The guns shot massive blasts at the squad. Hikaru dodged them with ease. “I’m hit!!!” Somebody yelled. Then he saw a fiery explosion behind him and realized that he just lost one of his pilots. “NO!” They continued on through the tunnels. “HEY GUYS! WE’RE HERE!” Hikaru yelled. In front of them was a large pillar. It was stock full of all kinds of machinery. In the center however, was a large green field. Hikaru shot at it.

The forest was quite. Then they heard the ghostly cries again. “They are here. Don’t let them trick you.” Ore said. The battle machines stopped. Ore suddenly swung his battle machines war axe. SHIIING! It sliced through the air. “What are you doing?” SLICE! A being appeared out of nowhere. It fell to the ground in two. “The Hive.” Ore said. Sun looked at it. It had a cape with six legs protruding out the sides. It appeared to be half invisible. “They will become fully visible once their blood dries. They do that a lot. To kill them you must hear them. Feel them.” Ore said. Then they heard dozens of squeals and cries. The forest suddenly turned dark in Sun’s eyes. “AAAAAUGH! GET IT OFF OF ME!” Somebody in the back screamed. One of the villagers began to mutate. “NOOOO!” Sun screamed. The skin turned a grotesque color. His back shot out spikes. Then, he vanished. The Hive had taken him.

KABOOOOM! Hikaru was being chased by a giant fire ball. “ALMOST THERE!” he said. His other co pilots were long gone. The entrance was ahead. The flames began to envelop him. “ALMOST!” SHOOO! The Silent Strike exited the hanger. And a mile long fire cloud came after. Hikaru turned around.
Then….up in the Overview. Sensei, Habato, Vic, and others watched as the robot’s base begin to implode. Flames erupted everywhere. Then a large blinding light covered everything….
It was gone. Everybody started in awe and amazement. The robot fortress was nothing not but ashes. Unfortunately the Tenchi Bridge was gone as well, along with five others. “The day has come.” Sensei said. He threw down his cane and ran for his office.

Their were dozens of fireworks, shooting through the air. Everybody was having fun watching them in the hanger. Hikaru came over to Vic and Takeshi with cake and drinks. “Hey, look! Here he comes.” Vic said. “Hey man!” Takeshi shouted. “So how the bricks did you manage to blow that place up without getting killed?” he asked. “Aw, it was nothing. You could have done it in your sleep.” Hikaru said. Up on the new stage Sensei was talking on the mike about past battles and victories. All pilots and personnel were there having a good time. All except Sun, who was kilometers away fighting a suicidal battle deep in the jungle…

As they slowly tore through the beasts of the Hive, Sun, the Element, and the village soldiers began to lose hope. The Hive just kept coming. Already the whole village troupe was almost gone, destroyed by the Hive. SHIIING! ZRRRRRRK! Ore powered up his saw and sliced two beasts. Suddenly, one jumped onto Sun’s cockpit, but this time she couldn’t shake it. “I NEED HELP!” She yelled. The Hive began to stare deeply into her. Sun felt her skin literally crawl. “NOOO!” Ore yelled. But it was too late. Sun lost her senses, then her mouth split in two and spikes shot out her back. She felt more energized than ever before, but now had a desire to kill.

Sun was gone. Ore couldn’t believe it. As he stared through his cockpit, he saw he long time cave-mate become a hideous Hive beast. And then, she was gone. Her battle machine went cold and collapsed on the ground pilotless. Suddenly, the darkness of the forest began to gather together into a deep cluster. The strange phenomenon lifted up and then bolted through the forest. The battle was over. The Sun became visible just as Ore began to cry.

“…and now I would like to recognize the heroic pilot that has been there with us through the beginning to the end. A man who was always dedicated to not Exo-Force but to helping others for a greater cause. Hikaru, please step forward.” Sensei announced. As Hikaru stood-up water-eyed, a loud applause roared all over the hanger. All eyes were looking at him as he stepped up to the podium. “I don’t know what to say….. (Sniffle) I just…did my duty and that was all.” He stepped away. And was met with another thunderous applause. He had never felt better in his life.

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