Sondeo Chapter 6

June 7, 2010
By welcome2lolzville SILVER, Taylors, South Carolina
welcome2lolzville SILVER, Taylors, South Carolina
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Somewhere in another part of the barracks… Hitomi was itching for her shift to begin. She wanted to go outside, and battle. No, she thought. She wanted to go outside and see Takeshi. She was almost sure that he would be shooting Ha-Ya-To by the time she got out there. It was 11:53 and her shift started ar 12:30. It really put her on the fritz. “What to do, what to do.” she said walking around her room like a mad cow. “I know. I’ll go tan for a little while.” she said. She had tanned earlier today only to be cut short by that event with Takeshi and Ha-Ya-To. “What it he…” she quickly brushed off the thought, and grabbed her tanning stuff. She ran out the room as if leaving it will leave behind the thought as well. She stripped down to her bikini and layed out in the sun. Quickly she fell asleep.

In her dreams Hitomi was fighting alongside Sensei in his mysterious battle machine, the next instant, though he was destroyed, then Takeshi. Everybody. More robots were coming. The machines were on fire, it was getting hotter, hotter hot…. Hitomi woke up on a medical table. She wondered why she wasn’t on her tanning bed but that question was quickly answered as pain set in when she saw her dark ashy skin. “I fell asleep? For how long?” she asked herself. “Four hours.” a voiced boomed over her. She tilted her head just enough to see a doctor writing on a clip board. Hitomi looked at her own body, and was disgusted to see pus, and cracked skin everywhere. “OOOOH! GOSH!” “Good thing too. If your friend wouldn’t have found ya when he did, you would have been fried worse that grilled Kabasi.” the doctor said. “What friend?” she asked. Then Shak-Mia, Hitomi sister stepped forward.

For what seemed like months every “day” Sun would see the familiar creature come to her at her camp. “I am ready now.” she would tell it. But it just stared at her inquisitively everytime. Had Ore really abandoned her? One day she was walking through the cave when all of a sudden, she heard the tremor of another cave-in. Quickly she started for the camp but was cut short by a loud bang as a rock slammed in front of her. It was closer than she thought. She worked her way around it but more rocks came and then she started running. Rocks following her everywhere. She ran and ran. The rocks never stopping. She didn’t either. She ran for almost four hours. Not knowing where to go. THUMP! She ran into a wall. Rocks closing in all around her. But when she leaned back against the wall it tilted. She leaned and it tilted some more.

Curiously, Sun turned around and began pushing on the rock. She began to see fragmentations of what she wanted most. “SUNLIGHT!” She pushed harder and harder, until the rock spun up carrying Sun with it. The revolving stone pushed Sun onto a lush jungle floor, and closed behind her. She sat up. Dazed she looked up. The Sun. She sat there for what seemed to be hours. Then she finally looked down in the new light, a village. “You are ready.” Sun got scared half to death to find Ore climb out of the stone door smiling at her. “Wha..what is this place?” Sun asked as she looked through the trees. “Sondeo.” Ore answered. He started walking down to the village. As they got closer Sun noticed four large orbs floating above the village. On was made of metal, one of jade crystal, one of pure fire, and one of water. They passed small villagers, and others. Then they approached a small temple and went inside. Inside were three figures squatted down on the floor talking to each other. “This is the Element. The heart of Sondeo.” Ore said. The three figures stood up. “Ore, what it this?” Asked the one cloaked in red. “No need to worry my brothers. Her name is Sun. She is a pilot for the Beings.” Ore said. The trio shot a horrible look at Ore.

“SHAK-MIA!!!” Hitomi was enraged. What was her demon sister doing at Exo-Force. “Thought I might stop by, sis.” she said with a sly smile. “You just got lucky that your big sis was there to save you from those awful UV rays.” She said with contempt in her voice. Shak-Mia embarrassed Hitomi every chance she got. She had died her hair black, and had a half-pound of make-up on. She was also wearing one of her disturbingly lowcut outfit. Nothing had changed. The same old Shak-Mia from five years ago. A little taller, for any difference. “Why did you even stop by.” Hitomi said. “To check on what problems you are causing at this over-your-league war.” Shak-Mia said. Hitomi clenched her teeth. Then a nurse walked in. “Miss, we will have to put you in a bath of special rejuvinants. Don’t worry, it might sting a little but after a couple of days you should be just fine.” she said. “Thank you.” Hitomi said. The doctor rolled Hitomi’s cart away as the two sisters exchanged sneers.

Trivium/Grand Titan finally came to a stop and walked over to the hanger. Takeshi and Axel got out. “Hey, does my battle machine have to stay like this or can I change it back.” Takeshi asked. “Oh, well do you wanna keep it like that?” Axel asked. “Not really. I mean not that this isn’t cool and all but I want to buzz some robots by myself, you know.” Takeshi replied. “Ok, just let me know if you wanna morph back.” Axel said as he flicked a switch on his pilot suit. The two battle machine began to morph back. And then finally went to their original designs. The two saw a foursome huddling together and talking about something. One of them peared over and saw Takeshi and Axel. He walked over and asked, “Did you guys see what happened to Hitomi?” “No what?” Takeshi asked a little scared. Did she their relationship was over? “Where is she?” He asked. “In the medlab.” the guy said. Takeshi started running. Axel followed him for no apparent reason. In his mind Takeshi thought, “What could be wrong?”

Takeshi and Axel jetted into the medlab. “Hitomi, where is she?” Takeshi asked out of breath. “Ok. Hold on lover boy. Let me check.” said the nurse as she searched her computer. “I am sorry. She is in a bath of rejuvinants, and will be for quite a few days.” the nurse said. Takeshi flat out fainted. He fell on the floor. Axel looked down. “Uh.” He slightly kicked Takeshi. “Sorry….about…that.” Axel said with a little humor in his voice, as he tried to wake Takeshi. “Ya, those two are like dating. He is really worried.” Axel said. The nurse had a laugh at that. “Well. Let me explain to you what happened so you can tell your friend here when he wakes up.” the nurse said. “Ya, okay.” Axel said.

“Ore, you know that punishment for allowing a Being to enter our sacred village.” the one cloaked in red said. Sun stood nervously at the temple entrance. Looking outside to see the beautiful Sondeo village. “Yes. I am ready to take it fully, and,” HAAAAAAAW! A loud, and distant horn interrupted Ore’s sentence. “THE ALARM!” Ore slipped his gray cloak on. Then he and the others ran outside. Sun followed. They fivesome ran to the edge of the village. They passed villagers who were putting on armor and weapons. Finally they reached a large door. SHOOOO! It opened revealing dozens of battle machines. The Element proceeded. “WAIT! What is happening?” Sun yelled over the crowd of villagers. Ore stopped and said, “The Hive.” he said without turning around. Then he began running again.

Habato ran over to Vic’s as fast as he could. He rammed through the door. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Oh. Hey, thanks for coming. Do you mind pushing me over to the Overview. I want to watch what’s happening on the bridge.” Vic asked, laying on his holocart. “Ya. Sure. Um. Was this really an emergency?” he asked. “No.” Vic said. “Oh. Okay.” Habato started to push Vic’s cart to the elevator. “Hey, how long did the doctor say you had to stay in this thing?” he asked. “Two weeks.” Vic said. “Well you are one lucky man, Ries.” Habato said. The elevator reached the Overview. A huge pane of glass revealed the battle below on the Tenchi Bridge. Sensei Keiken, along with a few other off duty pilots sat on benches watching. “Well, here we are.”

Takeshi woke up on his bed. “Morning sleeping beauty.” Takeshi heard Axel’s voice. Then he opened his eyes. Axel was leaning up on a post beside his bed. “Hey, man. What…happened?” He leaned up and realized he was bathed in sweat. “You’ve been dreaming. Nightmares really. All night you were tossing and turning, mumbling ‘Hitomi, Hitomi, Hitomi” Axel said. “Serious?” Takeshi asked. “Ya. Remember when you fainted in the medlab?” Axel asked. “Ya. Why?” Takeshi said. “Well Hitomi fell asleep on her tanning chair. Then she was toasted. Pus everywhere.” Axel said. “Geez. How’s she doing now?” Takeshi asked. “You are full of questions aren’t you.” Axel said. He gestured towards the door. “C’mon.”

Hikaru sliced through the air. He flew out of the hanger, and threw a grenade at a stack of robots. The Silent Strike then loomed up higher, and two circular machine guns popped out all around the sides of it’s wrists. Hikaru aimed down at the bridge. CHICKA! CHICKA! CHICKA! CHICKA! The guns spun at lightning speed. Shooting nine bullets per second each. Quickly Hikaru mowed down the robot forces, then flew next to their hanger. More and more robots poured out. He threw a charge in the hanger just before the doors closed. Then jetted away. A computer said. “Five…Four….Three….Two…..One” BOOOOOM! Hikaru saw the robot hanger explode. A large gap was created. Somehow the robots base was open thanks to Hikaru and he DIDN’T die. He called in a few other pilots and they proceeded through the gap.

The author's comments:

Sondeo was created by me in 2007 on the Lego EXO FORCE FAN FICS Message Boards. The names of certain persons, vehicles, and places etc. are the property of LEGO! THE EVENTS IN THIS STORY ARE COMPLETELY ORIGINAL, but once more, CERTAIN persons, vehicles, places, etc. have been named and copyrighted by LEGO.

Yeah, but anyways I wrote this a while ago, as stated. It was actually a bunch of posts I improvised into a story. This was the final product after I edited it in Word.

The events I created take place around the events in the main Exo Force storyline.

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