Sondeo Chapter 5

June 7, 2010
SHOOOOOO! Takeshi was punching a robot when he saw a sleek, silver craft exit the hanger and head for the woods. It completely disappeared from sight as it hit the first branch. He turned around. Another squad of robots coming on to the bridge. He shoved his way through the meter high shrapnel and activated his cannon. Even more than he thought. More waves came through. ZRRRK! ZRRRRK! He buzzed the first two. Then Ha-Ya-To and Hikaru met up beside him. “Hello there.” Ha-Ya-To said. Takeshi was still too mad and all to heartbroken at him and Hitomi to speak. Instead he took his rage out on the machines. ZRRRK! SHOOOO! ZAAAAP! ZR-ZR-ZR WEEEEEEOWWEOEW!
“NOO!” It had all been a blur to him, but somehow he had been caught and held by to Fire Vultures. The others were too busy to notice when a small group of strange battle machines emerged from the forest. “IT’S THE MARX SQUAD!!!” he yelled. One of them shot over to Takeshi. “Hi, name’s Axel. Need some help, I think you do.” The stranger’s machine ripped apart the Fire Vultures. Takeshi had never seen a member of Marx squad and here he was ripping mechanical limbs alongside one.

Axel had a some of the spikiest hair imaginable with hair that appeared to be dancing flames as he and his mech worked as one fending off robots. The other Marx scouts helped out anybody and everybody. The literally destroyed the robots on that bridge in a blink of any eye. Takeshi was dumbfounded as he saw the complicated maneuvers some of these guys were pulling off. This one guy actually caught the blade of a Sonic Phantom’s jet and reversed the polarity on itself. The thing spun itself apart. His gaze was interrupted by Axel saying, “Get on my head.” “Wha-what?!” “Just do it.” Takeshi did so. Then Axel’s battle machine started to morph and change. Suddenly a funny light showed up on his control panel and Takeshi’s own mech started to shift as well. The gears, and parts started to intertwine each other, and the cockpit shifted. “Hey, were fusing together!” Takeshi said. Axel turned around, “Yep, you ready for a little double time?” he asked. His own cockpit suddenly placed itself next to Takeshi’s and then the walls opened up, revealing Axel’s emerald eyes. “Oh this is so cool.” Takeshi said.

“WHAT!” Sun heard it again. She turned around. The small beast ran away. Caught in the light of her glow rod, the cave was illuminated and showed the somewhat draggy coat of the beast. She had never seen it like this before. It in fact, was stalking her. She always kept he blade ready, but was that enough? The beast never attacked, but instead followed her. Just a few steps out of earshot. Her thoughts were interrupted by a rumble. Cave-ins. They were common, and Sun was always ready for them. She remembered a while back when she first entered the cave. How that cave-in nearly killed her. Then when all hope was lost, a tight firm hand had pulled her through some kind of tunnel. Faster Faster, something was pulling her. She could feel the adrenaline. The stalagmites were a blur. Then, it was over. No cave in, no hand no nothing. Sun bounced back into reality. It was a day-dream that haunted her often.

Inside, the Sentai Foretress, deep in the barracks, Ryo and Habato were pushing Vic’s holocart into his room. “Hey man. I hope you feel better soon.” Ryo said. “You heard the doc. Two weeks tops.” Habato said. “Okay, see you guys later.” KLUNK! The door shut. Vic lay his head back down on the pillow. “I wonder where this ‘Sondeo’ tribe is.” He had asked Flint quite a few times before he left but he couldn’t help but went to know. Ryo and Habato weren’t really all that into learning where the sacred tribe was located, so it fell upon Vic’s hands. He turned on his laptop. And searched the word “Sondeo” in the Exo-Force data files. BEEP! Insufficient Search it read. So, nothing. But their had to be. He went on to the HoloNet World Wide Search. He typed it in and- KNOCK! KNOCK! The door flew open. It was Sensei Keiken. Vic quickly closed his computer and sat up. “Hey there Ries.” his bold voice said. “Nice to see you too Sensei.” Vic said a little annoyed for the sudden barging in here. “I just wanted to see if you were okay young one.” “What have you got there?” Before Vic could react Sensei swept up the laptop in amazing speed. He opened it up and then his eyebrow raised.

Sun put the raw meat over to the edge of her campsite. It was to be for the small beast. She would be doing this for the 25th time now. But this time, she wasn’t going to let the beast leave free handed. This time she had some questions. So she set up a small but not painful cage trap. And sure enough, it fell for it. SHOOO! The beast howled, and gaggled. Sun looked at it with a keen sense of determination and assurance. It now knew she was not trying to kill it. Immediately what appeared to be a he settled down and began to eat the raw meat. Sun took her own cooked piece out of the flames and onto a makeshift platter. “So who are you?” she asked. The creature didn’t respond. “I said who are you. This time persisting her hand towards her knife.” “Duh, uh. Coklyoppo” “Ok Coklyoppo, are you the one that saved me from that cave-in. It nodded it’s head. “Well that’s nice.” she said. Suddenly the tiny rope holding the cage snapped. And the beast was free. But I didn’t run. Instead, it literally stripped itself of it’s furry cloak. Revealing stunningly handsome man in a brown shirt and pants. Sun couldn’t keep her mouth from dropping.

SHOOO! CRUNCH! The newly morphed battle machine flew over and literally crushed an entire Bridge Walker. “WOW! I HAD NO IDEA I COULD DO THAT!” Takeshi said. “Just takes a little skill.” Axel said. “And I’m sure your wondering what the big red button does.” Axel said as he pointed to a big red button on the side of the panel. “Uh, ya sure.” Takeshi said. “Well it fires the biggest cannon the battlefield that happens to be in our mech. “Wait, wait wait! How come nobody else in your squad is morphing battle machines, and why did you pick me to morph with?” Takeshi asked. “Because I am the only one who has the Trivium 001 model designed by Ryo. It is a prototype. And I picked you because your mech looked like the best one to morph with.” Axel said. “You mean that Trivium 001 can morph with any battle machine?” Takeshi asked. “Yep, even if the latter battle machine wasn’t designed for it. It’s new technology man.” Axel said. “Oh ya. I can see that.” Takeshi said. As the stomped on another fifty robots.

“Who…who are you?” Sun asked, stunned. “Ore.” he said. It gestured toward a corridor in the cave. “Hold on. Let me finish-“ It stopped her in sentence as it looked at her with a quick sneer and then gestured back to the passageway. “Okay, Ore.” Sun said. She packed up her stuff and put out the fire. Ore jumped ahead and started to walk through the tunnel. Sun had to fast walk to keep up. They continued walking for about an hour, then two. “Ore,…gasp, how much…..longer do we have to go!?” She said through gasping breath. The beast simply ignored her and continued walking. She stopped and sat down on the cavern floor. It took about an instant for Ore to recognize this. He spun around, and gave Sun the coldest sneer she could have imagined. Startled, she began walking without a single complaint.

It seemed to keep her in check for the next two hours or walking. As she ate a small fruit bar, Sun wondered: “How does this bozo know where he is going? He probably doesn’t. I bet if I turned around right now I would stumble over my camp, we are going in circles!” As if reading her thoughts, Ore’s peace turned to rage. He turned around and picked out a ball out of his pouch. “You are not yet ready.” he said. He threw the ball on the ground
and a cloud of smoke enveloped her. Instantly she was back at her camp and the fire was burning. “Oh….” She collapsed to the ground, exhausted. Then, she saw the familiar creature jump out of the shadow’s. “Ore, I.” It didn’t respond. It simply grabbed her food and headed for the cave’s. “Ore!” It turned around and made some unintelligible squeaking noise. That’s not Ore. It suddenly dawned on her. She realized that Ore had abandoned her. For what reason or how long she did now know.

CHICKA! CHICKA CHICKA! The carbine cannon on the big battle machine blared violently as it tore apart battle machines. Takeshi and Axel were having a great time sitting at the controls of the monstrosity. “Hey, watch this.” Axel said to Takeshi. He pulled back his lever and flipped a switch, as another wave of Thunder Furies rolled in from the robot hangers. The bottom of Axel and Takeshi’s big mech opened up, feet and all, to reveal a large spinning wheel of sharp blades. Suddenly a bar shot out of Takeshi’s control panel. It took Takeshi a moment to realize. “This is a lawn mower!” he said. “Here they come.” Axel pointed at the robots. Takeshi pushed the bar hard. The spinning blades literally mowed down and tore apart the whole wave of robots. “That’ll show those weeds.” Axel joked and Takeshi couldn’t help from laughing.

“What is this?” Sensei asked holding Vic’s laptop. Vic was frozen tense on his holo cart. “It’s uh. Simple studies of a local tribe somewhere in the jungle.” Vic said hesistantly. He knew that Sensei was going to bust him. Flint said the his Sondeo tribe have disrespect for Exo-Force… “Who is this Sondeo? And why are you so tense?” Sensei said in a calm voice. In his mind Vic though, “What!? He doesn’t know.” Vic’s inner consciousness breathed a huge sigh of relief. He settled back down into his bed on the cart. “A local tribe?” Sensei set the laptop down. “Oh well. That’s our Vic, studying up on everything he can get his hand’s on” Sensei said with reassurance. Vic was so relieved he was stunned. Sensei NEVER knows nothing about anything on this PLANET. Let alone this base. He just hoped that Sensei wasn’t bluffing him.

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