Sondeo Chapter 3

June 7, 2010
Ryo slowly progressed ahead of the others into the jungle. He was at least a mile away now. “Me, and my bright ideas.” He wished he hadn’t offered to go ahead and spy. I feel like a lackey. Maybe Hitomi was right, I am a bit, HUH? He heard machines coming his way. He quickly hopped his fully geared mech to a treetop. “And so it begins.” Ryo said to himself. He saw a fleet of robots being followed by some kind of strange new machine. “Guess the robots got cocky.” Ryo marked places where the robots went around, which meant that a trap was set there. He continued to do this. “These dumb robots have no idea. HUH?” BEEP BEEEP BEEP! BEEP! Ryo clicked on his radio. It was a distress signal. “Help. Somebody, I trapped in the encampment. There is no way out of here! Hey-what are you...ZZZRAK!BLUUURUUKARTRCH! Static ended the message. “That sounded like Vic!” Ryo said.

Hitomi walked into her room. Exhausted from battle, she undressed and took a brief shower. She opened the door and reached for the robe hanging over the curtain, and put it on. “GAH!” she yelled. The robe was soaking wet. “Oh that’s right. I didn’t move it when I cut the water on.” So, she slipped on her bikini and went for a tan. Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, Ha-Ya-To was basking in his hot tub. “Man, that seat twisted my back all up.” he said. After twelve consecutive hours of fighting robots with no break, he felt like ice cream melting in the sun. “Whew. It’s getting steamy in here. Better open the balcony door.” Ha-Ya-To said. He opened it went to the edge of the balcony. Down below Hitomi was tanning in the sun. “Oh, this should be fun.” Ha-Ya-To said. He went inside and came out with a cup of ice-cold water. “Bombs away.” He poured the water off the balcony. It splashed all over Hitomi. “Wha-WOOOW!” Hitomi opened her eyes, and saw Ha-Ya-To laughing his head off. “WHY YOU!” He stopped laughing. “Uh-oh.” She got up and started walking.

“You found him? Cool. Were on our way.” Axel put down his radio. “Hey captain. Ryo found him. But there is also about fifteen dozen robots heading our way.” “Alright. Everyone. Lets move out.” They started to progress and loaded their guns. The sun was out and bright. It was becoming a hot day. Axel had already gotten sunburn three times this month so he stayed to the shade. “Hey, wait! I hear something.” Everyone stopped. It was like a whirl. “Huh?” Everybody looked around. “Its getting louder.” someone said. SHOOOOOOO! A large whir. Then, silence. A few people got scared. Axel looked around the jungle canopy. FITZFITZSHOOO! ZRRRK! ZRRRRK! “UP THERE! THROUGH THE TREES!” THEIR COMING FROM THE SKY. AAAAAUGGH! A pilot was killed. ZRRRK! ZRRRRK! “What are they?” ZRRRK! ZRRRK! Axel began to fire on one. It started coming towards HIM! “Oh boy.”

SHOOO! The door opened. Vic was startled but swiftly put away his radio. Two robots walked in with two more prisoners. “In here humans.” They looked like HABATO! And who is that with him? “Habato!” Habato looked over at Vic. “I followed the movement Vic, then I get captured, and now I am stuck in this cell!” Habato yelled. “The robot raised its gun. “No need to worry human. You will meet your death.” the robot said. It shoved Habato and the other captive inside. “Activate the gas.” “What!” The other robot walked over to a panel and began to type an encryption code. “NOW HUMANS, YOU WILL DIE!” Vic panicked. “Well Vic, your about to be turned to swiss cheese. Any last words?” BOOOOOOM! “How ‘bout one. MOVE!” Ryo blasted through the wall. “Wha-wha. OH!” Vic fainted. “Geez, sorry. Just wanted to make an entrance. He blasted the force field. “Hey guys, wanna play?” “ANOTHER HUMAN BLAST IT!” ZRRRK ZRRK!

Takeshi walked to the barracks. “Why did I half to get on break last. Oh well. Guess I just play video games at Ha-Ya-To’s.” Takeshi said to himself. “Oh, boy. Shouldn’t have done that Ha-Ya-To. Your in trouble now.” Ha-Ya-To thought to himself in his room. He still had on his bathing suit from the hot tub. CLANG! CLANG! “HA-YA-TO! OPEN UP! I KNOW YOUR IN THERE!” So, he walked up to the door and prepared for the worst. The door slid open. Their stood a Hitomi in her bikini drenched from head down. “I never felt such a combination of dying of laughter, and feminine amazement.” he thought to himself. “Oh, uh. Hitomi…Hitomi…uh. She cracked her knuckles and closed the door behind her. “WOOOW! AAAAUGH! OOOW! STOP! I WAS ONLY JOK OWWW!” Hitomi was beating the tar out of Ha-Ya-To, when no later Takeshi walks in to find them both on the floor in the bathing suits. “Uuhhhh. I am just gonna leave and uh.” Takeshi ran out the door infuriated. “NO WAIT! TAKESHI! It isn’t what you think!” Ha-Ya-To said. Hitomi was stunned. She ran out the door.

“OOH! MAN! Takeshi is gonna kill me.” Ha-Ya-To said still sprawled on the floor. “Hitomi really punches like a guy!” he said. He put on a shirt and sat down to think. “He must be heartbroken. Those to have been dating for almost a year now. And I have to go and screw it up by ticking off Hitomi.” he said. Ha-Ya-To felt like shooting himself in the foot. In another part of the barracks, Takeshi teary-eyed was storming back to his room. “TAKESHI WAIT!” Hitomi was following him. “Oh so now you put on a shirt!” he said. “No it’s not what you think. While I was tanning he.” “OH! WHILE YOU WERE TANNING EVEN BETTER!” “Takeshi. Just give me a chance. Ha-Ya-To.” “You know what, I THINK I’LL JUST LEAVE YOU AND HA-YA-TO ALONE!” CLUMP! He slammed his door shut in her face. She felt emotional pain all over. Takeshi was sulking in his room. “Hitomi, how could you get yourself so easily ticked? This is all my fault.” She said to herself and walked into her room and closed the door.

“C’mon man wake up!” Ryo was holding Vic’s limp body in the machine. Habato and the other captive were squeezed in the back behind his seat. “Habato. How can wake sleeping beauty up here?” Ryo asked. “Your asking me? You’re the one the shocked him.” Ryo looked at Vic. “Ryo he has been with Exo-Force probably longer than any of us. I don’t wanna lose him now.” Habato said. So Ryo kicked it into high gear. Pretty soon, he caught up with the robot armada. “GET OUTTA MY WAY!” ZRRRK! ZRRK! SHRAASH! Ryo blasted robots, set traps against them, and smashed his way through the defenses. “Here they come.” Axel yelled back at the squad. He charged his guns and so did everyone else. “I can hear their feet.” KLUNK! KLUNK! KLUNK! Axel aimed when the noise was right behind the bush. “FIRE!” ZRRRK! ZZZZRK! ZRRRK! Ryo’s battle machine swiftly ran by. “Wha..wait! HOLD YOUR FIRE!” ZRRRK! “HOLD YOUR FIRE.” Ryo stopped. “gasp, gasp, robots, gasp, coming!” He said. Then he took off again.

Ryo bolted through the jungle. “C’’mon Vic. Hang in there.” Trees, bushes, trees. “AHA!” He found the entrance to Exo-Force. Ryo, Habato, and that other guy all jumped out of the mech. Then Ryo picked up Vic. He ran over and started to pound on the elevator switch. TIIING! The trio ran inside. “Just like a lollipop in a Christmas tree. I am feeling real jittery. Slap on the knee of.” The elevator music lyrics were horrible. TIIING! The door opened up. “WE GOT A SITUATION! THIS MAN IS IN SHOCK!” All the nurses and doctors turned around. Quickly one of them rolled over a medical cart. “Name?” “Oh, Ryo.” The nurse looked up at Ryo. “Oh, sorry Vic Ries. He said still gasping for air. “Age?” the nurse then asked as she checked Vic’s pulse. “Fifty-three.” Habato said. “Okay, I am just going to ask you to wait over there. “Doctor.” she said, and then a doctor and two other nurses followed her into a pale room with a curtained up window. BOOP! The “IN USE” Light turned on above the door. “Think he’ll be okay?” The captive whose name we don’t know asked. “Ya. Definitely.” Habato said with determination. I hope. He thought.

BOOOOOM! Hikaru jetted up and did a 360 in the air. Then he got faster and faster. ZRRRRK! ZRRRRK! ZRRRRRK! He shot his lasers. They went in all directions below him and destroyed a whole platoon of robots. “Ya. That’s what I’m talking about.” He slowed to a stop. Then jetted down with the other pilots. SHIIING! His mech’s wrist blades popped out. Then Hikaru switched his jets to horizontal mode. The mech went horizontal and then he spread out his arms. With the blades at the ends. “Look out fellas. HERE COMES TROUBLE!” SHOOOOOOO! His jets propelled him at full speed across the bridge. The blades sliced almost every robot. The ones in the middle got destroyed by the sheer force of speed. “YES!” Then nothing was left. Just scrapped metal and some happy pilots at the end of the bridge. He went back to vertical. “Yaaa….dang it.” Sonic Vultures flew in from the skies. “NO YOU DON’T”! He flew up and began slicing left and right. He sliced behind him and then his blasters slid out and shot in front of him.

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