Birthday of DOOM

June 4, 2010
By Benson Ratsamee BRONZE, Tukwila WA, Washington
Benson Ratsamee BRONZE, Tukwila WA, Washington
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There once was a boy named Bob. He grew up in a city where there were no dangers, crime, or zombie attacks. That all changed on his 18th birthday. The day he turned 18 a meteor struck near his city. The meteor contained chemicals substance that made you all violent, brain dead, and hunger for human meat. A farmer found the meteor and poked the rock. The chemicals got into him and then he mutated into a zombie.

Only a matter of hours the zombie invasion has begun. Bob lived near the farms, and when he came home from a party he wasn't aware of what was at his house. His house looked like it was broken into and raided. He ran to check on his mom and dad and they were asleep in a red blanket. He went to check up on them and the parents were dead.

Bob cried for hours and his parents awoke. He thought they were normal and he hugged them. His parents were not normal and took a bite off of his shoulder. His parents devoured their son and the whole city was infected.

A week later the whole state was in a state of emergency. A month later the U.S blocked all transportation in and out of a state. When it was Bobs 19th birthday, the whole human race was almost extinct.

The End

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Its aight

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