Egguardo and the Watch

May 29, 2010
“Egguardo, come on it's time for eggscuela,” Egguardo's mom, Mrs. Benedict called from the kitchen as she prepared breakfast.
“I'm coming!” Egguardo called back. As Egguardo came downstairs his father stopped him.
“Egguardo, I've been working on this for two years,” Mr. Benedict said as he handed Egguardo the pure gold watch he had made with his own two hands. He slipped the magnificent watch on to Egguardo's wrist.
“Wow Dad! This is the best gift ever!” Egguardo exclaimed, “Dad, you didn't have to do this for me.”
“Well you aren't a little egg anymore. You're almost a full yolk now. You deserve this. And besides, every young Egguadorian yolk deserves a special gift,” Egguardo's father explained.
Egguardo was so thankful to his dad for the watch. He couldn't wait to go to eggscuela and show off his new golden watch. Boy would those yolks be green with envy! As Egguardo stepped outside he caught a glimpse of the eggspress bus turning the corner on its way to eggscuela. Oh no I missed the bus again! Ms. Shelly is going to kill me if I'm late to class one more time!
Not wanting to get a detention for being late to eggscuela (yet again), Egguardo decided to run to school. He was making record timing when he slipped on a yolk. Saving himself from completely crashing Egguardo landed on his hands. Thank god I'm alright Egguardo thought to himself; these days eggs were always cracking in the streets. Luckily they could be rushed to the eggmergency room and have a new yolk pumped in.
As Egguardo got up he realized that his watch had fallen into the puddle of yolk. Unfortunately it wasn't yolk proof and the watch was broken.
* * *
When Egguardo got home he ran up to his room. Quickly he stashed the watch in an old shoe box under his bed. Egguardo threw on an old sweatshirt his friend Eggsteban had left in his room figuring if his parents couldn't see his wrist they wouldn't notice that he wasn't wearing the watch and came downstairs.
“Egguardo what are you wearing?” Mrs. Benedict asked as she put down her book, Escape from the Frying Pan.
“Well, I'm cold. I mean really it's like Antarctica in here.”
“Honey, we live in Egguador for goodness sake. It’s 85 degrees out. What is going on?”
“Nothing Mom, I just felt like wearing a sweatshirt,” Egguardo said. After grabbing his backpack Egguardo left and went to his friend Sunny's house.
“Hi Sunny!” Egguardo exclaimed as Sunny opened the front door to her house.
“Hey Egguardo what's up?” Sunny asked as Egguardo stepped inside.
“I have a bit of a problem,” Egguardo explained, “my dad made me this eggcelent watch but I dropped it in some yolk this morning and it's ruined.”
“So what are you going to do?”
“I'm not going to tell my dad. I think that if I just wear long sleeves all the time he'll never notice.”
“Sounds good to me,” Sunny said as she and Egguardo went into the kitchen to have some ice cream.
Egguardo set his plan into action. Every day he wore a long sleeve shirt. Sure he was dying of heat, but at least he didn't have to face his father. Then one day Ecuador’s mother was cleaning his room.
“Oh boy Egguardo's room a mess!” She exclaimed when she walked inside. Egguardo's mom picked up all the shirts that were scattered across the room. Then she started to clean under his bed. Hmm what's this she thought to herself when she found a box under her son's bed. Boy was she surprised when she found the broken watch inside the box. Oh no! How could he break the watch and not tell us!

That night when the Benedicts were at dinner Mrs. Benedict brought the box to the table. “Is there something you would like to tell your father Egguardo?”
“The day you gave me the watch I was on my way to school when I slipped on a yolk puddle. The watch fell off my hand and landed in the yolk. It broke. I didn't want to tell you because I knew I'd get in trouble.”
“Well you're right about that mister,” Mr. Benedict scolded, “you’re grounded for a month. But not for breaking the watch, for not telling me. I can't believe that you would hide this from me. Of course I'm upset, but it was an accident. However you hiding it from me wasn’t an accident.”
“You're right Dad, I'm sorry. I should have told you when it happened,” Egguardo apoligized. From then on whenever Egguardo did something he shouldn't have he always told his parents.

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Jun. 9, 2010 at 2:10 pm
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