19 Years Later – Quidditch and Malfoys

May 24, 2010
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"What in the name of Merlin's most baggiest Y fronts was that about?" -Ron Weasley {by:JK Rowling}

19 Years Later – Chapter 3

*Disclaimer I do not own any of these characters, nor am I trying to claim ownership, and they all belong to J.K. Rowling, along with the settings and names. Also I am aware the beginning is very similar to the epilogue in the Deathly Hallows, but I am only using it as an entrance (in case of the first chapter).*

At the Potter house everyone was rushing around. “Where’s my jumper Mum?” a hurried Lily asked. “It’s in the laundry room, Lily dear”. “Come on Ginny we’re going to be late!” “Harry, where’s the portkey again?” “Right here Gin, it’s this old drink can”. “Okay I’m ready, let’s go.” Everyone touched the portkey at the same time. For Harry and Ginny the sensation of having a hook pulled behind their navel was familiar, but for Lily it was very new, and exciting. “Wow that was brilliant!” Lily cried as she brushed herself off. “Yeah, it beats Floo Powder” Harry said.

The Potters were meeting the Weasleys at Hogwarts in order to see the first Quidditch game. Normally parents weren’t invited, but the Potters were allowed, due to Albus’s first game, and the Weasleys were already at Hogwarts because of visiting Rose after her poisoning, and were invited to stay for the game. Ginny, Lily, Ron, Hermione and Hugo all found seats in the stands, while Harry went down to the changing rooms to see Albus. “Dad!” Albus said with happiness all over his face. “Hey Al.” “What are you doing here?” Albus managed to ask finally. “You didn’t think I’d miss your big game did you?” Harry said trying and failing to hide a grin. “You’re the best!” “Go on, I’m sure the team is waiting for you. Your mum and I, Lily and the Weasleys will be cheering for you.”

The crowd roared as the Gryffindor team walked out onto the pitch. “And we have Lupin, Finnegan, Thomas, Creevey, Sanders, Potter and Potter!” the commentator, Charlie Jordan, yelled. The other team, Slytherin consisted of Malfoy, Evanders, Smith, Wellington, Sullivan, Flint and Grindert. There was an ear-splitting cheer from the crowd, as the players kicked off the ground and flew into the air.
Harry followed his sons’ movements play by play his eyes never leaving them. As he watched James score a goal, his attention was attracted over to a sudden movement on the right side of the pitch. It was Albus pulling into a Wronskei Feint. Wow, Harry thought to himself, he’s fantastic. Later on in the game while Harry was watching Albus, it looked as though he was pulling into another Feint, but suddenly changed tack just like that. He flew up and down, finally swerving into a kind of side dive and reached out and grabbed something right as he touched down on the ground. “THE SNITCH! HE’S GOT THE SNITCH!” Jordan yelled.
Harry, Ginny, Lily, Ron, Hermione and Hugo all ran down to Albus at the same time. “You’ve done it!” Lily sang. “I knew you could Al” Harry told him. “I think we ought to have a party” Ron said thoughtfully, “Maybe at Hagrid’s?” And so off they marched to Hagrid’s, the Gryffindor team carrying Albus on their shoulders.
“Three Cheers fer Albus Otter”, said a very drunken Hagrid. The party had gone on for three hours straight, and was only just now winding down. Harry took his chance now to pull Albus to side, while everyone else was cleaning up. “Hey Al” Harry called motioning him over. “You were fantastic out there Albus.” Albus blushed slightly, but looked pleased all the same. “This is a gift from your mum and I” Harry said, holding out a large, bulky parcel. Albus ripped it open, and cried out in pleasure. “Gee Dad a real Firebolt 3001, Thanks!” “Ah, it’s nothing, the flier is what makes it good and you’re the best.” Albus caught his mother’s eye and she grinned at him. “Well go on try it out!” Harry told him. “Come on everyone gets a turn.” For the rest of the evening The Potter’s and the Weasley’s, along with quite a few Gryffindor students took turns trying Albus’s new broomstick. Blimey, Albus thought to himself, this may well be the best day of my life!

Finally, when everyone was getting ready to go back home, Ginny pulled James aside. “James” Ginny said quietly, “I heard about Scorpius.” “Oh that” James said looking down at his feet. “James, I just wanted to thank you.” James looked up surprised. “You mean you’re not going to tell me off for jinxing Malfoy?” “Nah, I hexed his father once or twice in my days at Hogwarts. Heck, Hermione even punched him in the face once.” Ginny said now laughing. “But that’s not the point. I wanted to thank you for standing up for Albus, it really meant a lot to him.” “You’re welcome” James told her, “But are you sure about Hermione? I can’t believe she would have punched Malfoy’s dad.” “Yeah, but don’t mention it to her, you know how she is” Ginny said winking at James.

“See you mum, dad” James said, as they were getting ready to take the portkey home. “Bye!” Albus called. The hook-behind-navel sensation began again, and before they knew it they were home again. “Ronald!” Hermione yelled, as she brushed her bushy mane out of her eyes. “You nearly crushed me!” “Sorry ‘Mione, you know I never really got the hang of portkey landing” Ron replied. “Oh, just be more careful next time” Hermione said. “We’ll just go now” Hermione told Harry and Ginny. “Hang on I want a word with Harry, before we go” Ron said. “We can talk in the kitchen” Harry told Ron.

“What’s wrong mate?” “It’s Scorpius” Ron started, “You don’t reckon we ought to go over and talk to Draco do you?” “I dunno, that poisoning thing gave Al a right scare, not to mention Lily”. “I’ll mention it to Ginny, and talk to you tomorrow.” “Okay” Ron said, “I just hope Scorpius doesn’t have more serious things on his mind.”

“Ginny?” Harry asked as they settled down to bed that night. “Yes Harry.” “Wait; is this about what you and Ron were talking about earlier?” “Yeah” Harry said. “Hold on you didn’t- “Don’t blame me it’s Fred and George’s idea.” ‘You used Extendable Ears on me!” “I was just curious, I only wanted to know- “Well you know now” Harry said, with a hint of coolness is his voice. When he saw Ginny’s hurt face, he quickly added “But it’s alright, I was going to tell you anyways.” “I’m just as worried as you two” Ginny said, “Hermione and I were thinking about doing the same thing.” “Do you thing we should all go over there then? Harry asked tentatively. “Yeah, yeah I do”. “Okay then I’ll tell Ron first thing tomorrow at work.” “Good” Ginny said, “I don’t like to worry about Albus”. “Hopefully by tomorrow we won’t have to” Harry added. They both fell asleep with thoughts of the upcoming Malfoy meeting.

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