19 Years Later – Albus, James and Lily's Story

May 24, 2010
By clairebearpwns SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
clairebearpwns SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
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19 Years Later – Chapter 2

*Disclaimer I do not own any of these characters, nor am I trying to claim ownership, and they all belong to J.K. Rowling, along with the settings and names. Also I am aware the beginning is very similar to the epilogue in the Deathly Hallows, but I am only using it as an entrance (in case of the first chapter).*

***Author’s note: This chapter will take place at Hogwarts with Albus and James. The last chapter was at home with Harry, Ginny and Lily. I will be doing every other chapter home/Hogwarts from now on.***

Albus awoke quite suddenly in the Gryffindor first year’s common room. He lay there thinking of all the events that had happened in the past few weeks. The days here at Hogwarts just seemed to fly by. When he first arrived he had met Hagrid (who was turning out to be a great friend), he made the Gryffindor House Quidditch team as the youngest seeker since his dad, been in a fantastic duel in the halls with Scorpius and had proved to be great at potions with Professor Wenetoga. Now he could finally understand what his dad meant, Hogwarts was the best.

He met James in the common room to leave for breakfast together. “Oi! James come on!” James strode down the second years stair case accompanied by the one and only Teddy Lupin. “Took you long enough.” Albus said with frustration in his voice. “Calm down little bro, Lupin and I had business to take care of.” They all headed down to the Great Hall together, where Albus met up with Rose and sat down. “So what’s our schedule today Rosie?” Albus asked. “Double Herbology with the Hufflepuffs, Potions with the Slytherins and, Oh and a new class called Mythical Creatures with the Ravenclaws.” “Who teaches that?” “Guess” Rose said giggling. “Hmm… could it be Loony Lovegood?” “Albus!” “What?” “That’s mean! You know your mum and mine are both really good friends with her. My mum said she’s really nice.”

Albus and Rose ended up having to race to Mythical Creatures just to make it on time. “Oh hello” Professor Lovegood, said serenely. “Um hi” they said nervously. “Today we’re going to talk about the wrackspurt.” The dreamy voice said. “They fly in your brain and make all your thoughts go fuzzy.” For the rest of the class everyone took notes on the Wrackspurt.

“That class was a complete waste of time!” Rose said indignantly. “I think it’s kind of funny” said Albus, who had been chuckling all the way outside the classroom until now. “Yes, well I’m sure our time could have better been used studying something useful” Rose argued back. “Whatever” Albus said. “The important thing is that it’s the weekend and we have a Quidditch game!” Rose muttered something under her breath that sounded oddly like “Boys and Quidditch”.

The next morning just as Albus was finishing his breakfast, and getting ready to go to Hagrid’s, he saw his snowy owl, Tonks, swooping down towards him. He untied the letter from Tonk’s leg, and immediately recognized the messy scrawl as his father’s. He opened the letter and read-

Dear Al,

Your father and I got your letter. We are so proud! Don’t let Scorpius or James get you down. You’ll have to use a school broom for the first match but I think your father has a surprise for you, hang on I’ll bet he’d like to tell you himself.

Albus you did it! I knew you could make the Quidditch team! I’m sending you a little gift if you can guess what it is. Also you might just be seeing me sooner than Christmas. If Scorpius trys to curse you again, try the Bat Bogey Hex (your mum can help you with that). As for James, don’t worry I’m sure with two Potters on the team you’ll be unbeatable, (he won’t be jealous for long). Hang in there, I know first Quidditch match nerves are harsh, but I’m sure you’ll be great!

Love, Mum and Dad
P.S. Lily sends her love and wishes you well in the Quidditch match.

The letter made Albus feel loads better, but he still felt like he had phoenixes in his stomach swooping around. He decided going to Hagrid’s would help take his mind off the upcoming game.

“Hullo Al” Hagrid said as Albus walked in the door. “Blimey Hagrid! What’d you do to your beard?” Hagrid’s beard had been braided into one little twist, and looked extremely odd. “I uh just thought I’d try something new.” “Hagrid, I’m so nervous about the match tomorrow.” “You’ll do fine! Yer dad was the best seeker in his time, I’m sure you’ll be to.” “An’ anyways you still got the Halloween feast to enjoy.” Albus couldn’t believe he had forgotten it. “You’re right Hagrid, I completely forgot.” For the rest of the visit Albus and Hagrid talked of Quidditch strategies, school and Hagrid’s pumpkins for the feast.

The Halloween feast was spectacular. Along with Hagrid’s pumpkins, there was the usual bewitched candles (now orange) and delicious Halloween desserts. Once everyone had eaten as much as possible, they turned around to watch the ghost show. James told Albus that usually Headmistress McGonagall got all the house ghosts to put on a skit or hired a wizard band to play. However the school poltergeist had different ideas. Peeves jumped out of the wall just as the other ghosts were about to start their skit, and sang loudly “Peevesy wrecked the show! Peevesy wrecked the show!” until Professor McGonagall threatened loudly about banishing him from the castle. Just as everyone settled down a second time, to finally watch the skit (Peeves excluded) Filch, the caretaker ran in. “Stop- the- show! There’s- been –a –poisoning- in- the- castle!”

“ROSIE!” Albus rushed to her side. Who could have done this, Albus thought to himself. Then he spotted someone looking rather smug, leaning on the wall across from him. “SCORPIUS! You little- But then he was stopped. Scorpius had fallen flat on the floor. James stepped into sight, as Albus looked at him with a shocked expression. “T-t-thanks” Albus stammered. “No problem bro, but you probably shouldn’t hang around this little git anymore.” “Come on, let’s get Rose up to the Hospital wing, and I bet her parents would like a letter.” The two brothers carried Rose together up the staircase to the Hospital wing.
Maybe James isn’t all bad Albus, thought to himself, and a small smile spread across his face.

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